Bulbbul [Movie Review]

Bulbbul [Movie Review] | It has been quite some time since I watched a movie in the cinema (well, the whole world in fact hahaha). Well, I guess the wait will be over come 1 July, soon (in Malaysia, that is). 

Throughout MCO, I enjoyed a few movies online, on Netflix. And just yesterday, I realised there's a new Hindi movie available on Netflix. And the poster got me intrigued - a good horror movie was just what I needed.

Bulbbul, Horror Movie, Hindi movie, Movie Review by Rawlins, Netflix, Rawlins GLAM


Bulbbul Trivia
  • Directed by: Anvitaa Dutt
  • Produced by: Anushka Sharma, Karnesh Sharma
  • Production company: Clean Slate Films
  • Distributed by: Netflix
  • Running time: 94 minutes
  • Rating: PG 13 (For intense sequences of violence, some nudity and substance usage)
  • Most of the cast are Bengali actors except for Tripti Dimri and Avinash Tiwary.

  • IMDb: 6.7/10

The movie started with a 5-year old Bulbbul, getting readied to be married to a much older guy, Idranil. At first, Bulbbul assumed that she was getting married to Sayta, the youngest brother to Idranil. Idranil also have a twin brother, Mahendra who is mentally challenged and wanted to 'play' with Bulbbul while she waited for her husband in the bedroom. 

Satya was sent to London because Idranil was a bit insecured about the closeness between Bulbbul and Satya. When he discovered the pieces of diaries co-written by Bulbbul and Satya, he misinterpreted the pieces and hit her legs until she couldn't move on her own. Dr. Sudip was called in to treat her ' fallen of the stairs' incident. Then Idranil left the house, leaving Bulbbul in the hands of her sister-in-law, the wife of Mahendra who is super jealous that Indranil married Bulbbul and not her. 

Bulbbul, Horror Movie, Hindi movie, Movie Review by Rawlins, Netflix, Rawlins GLAM

While she was recuperating, with her legs tied up, Mahendra came inside the room and raped her. Bulbbul died in the middle of the act. When he realised that she was dead, Mahendra ran into his room, scared. Meanwhile, the moon turned red and suddenly, Bulbbul came back to live, with a sinister smile across her face. 

Later, Mahendra's wife came into Bulbbul's room and cleaned all the evidence of her husband's rape, while advising Bulbbul to keep her mouth shut about the incident. Dr. Sudip came to check on Bulbbul's condition and realised that she was raped. When asked about the incident, Bulbbul quickly shut him up and asked him to get his work done with and leave the manor. 

Bulbbul, Horror Movie, Hindi movie, Movie Review by Rawlins, Netflix, Rawlins GLAM

Bulbbul, Horror Movie, Hindi movie, Movie Review by Rawlins, Netflix, Rawlins GLAM

Twenty years later, Satya came back from London to find out that Mahendra was dead under mysterious circumstances and Idranil has left the home permanently for quite some time. He went to see Mahendra's widow and was told that Mahendra was killed by a witch based on reversed footprints that they found leading away from the body. Then more stories about the mysterious deaths of men in the village captured the interest of Satya.

Satya began his investigation of the deaths.

Will Satya discover the truth about the mysterious deaths in the village?

Bulbbul, Horror Movie, Hindi movie, Movie Review by Rawlins, Netflix, Rawlins GLAM
Bulbbul, Horror Movie, Hindi movie, Movie Review by Rawlins, Netflix, Rawlins GLAM


Plot: 4.5/ 5.0 The movie is in a throwback kinda flow. One has to be very attentive of the movie or you'll be confused about the storyline. I kinda guessed the ending of the movie - it was actually quite straight forward. 

I cringed a bit at the earlier part of the movie (the whole children marriage thing - I know it is a cultural thing but still I cringed at the thought of much older men slept with little girls) but then I kinda know where the movie was heading. 

Cast: 4.6/ 5.0 The cast was great - everyone played their part to the best! I hated Indranil and Mahendra. I despised the sister-in-law and I wanna slap Satya for being so stupid and oblivious to the things that were happening around him. 

Will I watch it again: I don't mind watching it again with the right companion. 

The pictures are taken from IMDb and other sources on the Internet. Thank you.

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  1. Buar betoi kahwin dalam usia 5 tahun? Agak confuse gak citer ni...mgkin flashback ke... apa pun menarik gak sinopsisnya.

  2. kesian Bulbbul kena kahwin dengan indranail. dia mati2 ingatkan dia kahwin dengan satya. Dah la kena physical abuse, kena rogol pulak masa sakit tu.

  3. Menarik hasil review Dr rawlins.. AM pun nak tgk gak citer bulbul nie..

  4. nampak jugak keluar tiap kali buka netflix, okay nanti nak tengoklah. macam menarik

  5. Kalau nengok gaya review semua orang, macam cite ni menyakitkan hati dan geram je ek..ni yang best nak nengok ni...okay masuk dalam tontonan harini...

  6. Dekat netflix ke. Banyak cerita menarik ye.. Nad dh ade smart tv bolehbtgk netflix.. Tapi belum decide nak byr bulan2.. Tapi baca review ni mcm best

  7. Siyes lah review ni buat kita geram plak. Kalau tengok confirm sakit hati. Mesti plot cerita menarik.

  8. prnah nampak filem ni kat netflix. tapi tak pernah berminat nak klik. lepas baca review, nampaknya kena usha nanti

  9. Tak kira..nak tgok gak lps ni. Bosan tahap gaban dah ni. Nak belajar tgok movie selalu..nak penuhkan masa terbuang gan tgok movie

  10. Sama! Sejak MCO, saya sign up Netflix... tapi setakat ni saya tak pernah tengok Hindi kat Netlix... Since Rawlins buat review Hindi ni macam nak kena cuba tengok ada movie hindi apa best kat Netflix.. last tengok Hindi, Film Dilwale...hahahaha...


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