Bad Boys For Life [Movie Review]

I grew up to the movie Bad Boys and I have always loved the combination of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.
Bad Boys For Life, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Action, Comedy, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Vanessa Hudgens
So, it is by default that I have to watch its latest installment - Bad Boys For Life (also I have been reading rave reviews of this one).

Bad boys, bad boys
Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
When they come for you

Bad Boys For Life Trivia
  • Directed by: Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah
  • Produced by: Jerry Bruckheimer, Will Smith, Doug Belgrad
  • Production companies: Columbia Pictures, 2.0 Entertainment, Don Simpson/ Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Overbrook Entertainment
  • Distributed by: Sony Pictures Releasing
  • Running time: 124 minutes
  • Rating: R (For strong bloody violence, language throughout, sexual references and brief drug use))
  • This sequel was first announced in 2013 but there were delays.
  • Both directors make cameos: Bilall is the guy seducing Paola in the club and Adil is the one gets pulled out of the Jeep by Will Smith in front of the club.
  • This is the first Bad Boys not directed by Michael Bay. But he will be directing the next one - so hold on guys!
  • Budget: $90 million
  • Box-Office: $134.5 million
  • Tomatometer: 78%
  • Metascore:59
  • IMDb: 7.4/ 10
The movie starts with the two riding fast across town (and the beach too) - just to get to the hospital and see Marcus' grandson. Then he tells Mike that he will be retiring (as he had in the past movies) and to find Mike's love and live life. 

Meanwhile, in Mexico, Isabel Aretas escapes from the prison with the assistance of her son, Armando. From there on, Isabel tells Armando of her plan to conquer the world, first by eliminating people who have wronged her and her late husband before. And among those are Mike Lowrey.
Bad Boys For Life, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Action, Comedy, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Vanessa Hudgens
After Marcus' retirement party, Mike was gunned down right in front of the bar by Armando, despite his mother's advice to kill him last. He didn't die but was hospitalized for the next six months. During those six months, Armando goes around town and kills those who have wronged his family.

When he wakes up, Mike determines to find the killer and asks for assistance from Marcus and Capt. Howard. Nobody wants to help him as Marcus has vowed to never hurt anyone again if Mike survives his deadly ordeal and Capt. Howard doesn't want to answer to the higher-ups every time Mike goes around town, killing people and destroying facilities along his way in capturing the criminals. 
Bad Boys For Life, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Action, Comedy, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Vanessa Hudgens
As he was very persistent, Capt. Howard agrees to let Mike consult the Advanced Miami Metro Operations (AMMO) team, led by Mike's ex-gf, Rita. And Mike goes as Mike does, he will never sit well just consulting - he needs action. And he wants the killer to die, by his hands!

Marcus finally agrees to assist Mike in his quest to look for the killer when Capt. Howard was gunned down and killed. 

Will the team finally find the killer?
Why is Aresta so fixated in killing Mike the last?
Bad Boys For Life, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Action, Comedy, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Vanessa Hudgens

Plot: 5.0./ 5.0 Oh my Gucci! I would say that this one is the best one! And when you finally know the truth at the end of the movie - that was da'bomb! The action sequence was great. Will and Martin has certainly aged and they play that factor nicely in the movie - it is so funny!

Cast: 5.0/5.0 Really Rawlins? Full marks? OF COURSE! Call me bias but I certainly love this one - as I loved the past Bad Boys.

Will I watch it again: YES. I don't mind watching it again. 
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  1. Eh dulu kte suka sangat cte bad boy sebab mmg best wei heheh ni kalo dah kembali lagi ni wajib tengok la kan

  2. Wowww kalau dah review Rawlins macamtu, semestinya memang best lee..Sis tak tengok lagi ni..tapi lagu dia Sis tau hehehe..

  3. Bad Boys ni gandingan kedua dua pelakon memang menjadikan. Lawak ada.. Suspen pun ada tapi memang more pada lawak. Tapi tak berkempatan lagi nak tengok movie ni.

  4. tak pernah tengok lagi franchise Bad Boys ni tapi dilema diorang sama dengan dilema The Incredibles lah bila gov malas nak cara sebab banyak property damaged bila kejar villain

  5. Amboi full mark! I know your taste on movies is really high. Reading this, I bet this movie is superb.

  6. kalau movie mcm ni.. gandingan pelakonnya memang cun.. jalan cerita menarik.. ada chemistry kata orang..

  7. Sukalah pelakon nih, semua movie ada dia watak lakonannmya menjadi! suka tengok lakonannya free-free nak pergi tengolah movie nih

  8. rawlins tak ajak pun tgok citer ni.. hehe btw tak pernah lagi layan bad boys ni. okay lepas ni nak cari, lepas tu tgok sorang2 :)

  9. Hampir-hampir nak tengok movie ni. tapi disebabkan masa tak sempat. nanti nak p tengok la. tinggi jugak rate rawlins bagi tu.

  10. suka giler kalau both will smith dan martin ni berlakon.sebab mesti tak kering gusi dan tergelak tak hinggat punya. wow!!! bila tgk rawlin bagi 5/5 tu memang kena pergi tengok ni.

  11. I baru tengok smlm... Best gila kannnmmmmnnn.... Memang tak menghampakan betuiiii.... But xleh blah betul connection between mike dengan aretas tu.. Hahahah

  12. Looking forward to watch this. Cerita legend kot wajib kena tonton 5/5 perggh

  13. Alaaa.. x sempat tengok lagi. Bila tengok rating yg rawlins bagi lagi la membuak2 rasa nak pi tengok sebab siri sebelum ni dah tengok. memang best kan. Hope sempat la catch up kat wayang nanti

  14. Yeahhh... Masa remaja dolu memang layan bad boys ni. Nak ajak husband pi tonton nanti. Sure dia pun tak sabar

  15. wah ade cerita diaorang ke..suka sanagt dia dorang ni..ingt lagi diaorang jadi polis juga..bestlaa..

  16. This two guys klu berlakon mmg best.Cerita yang die berlakon sebagai perempuan tu.Allahu terhibur kite. Nak kena tengok ni.huhuhu

  17. minat dengan will smith dari zaman bel air lagi. lakonan selamba tapi penuh emosi. mesti best citer ni

  18. I remember the first time I watched Bad Boys brother we were around 8-10 years old and we became big fans of the movie, Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. It's an incredibly good movie, full of action, explosions and humor, that's why everyone loves this film. Then after a few years we watched the 2nd part and our love increased even more. I can't even say how many times I've watched 2 parts of Bad Boys with my brother now waiting for bad boys 4. I will always associate Bad Boys with the amazing childhood I spent with my twin brother, and Mike and Marcus with the best duo of cops. Now, finally, we have three parts, which everyone has been waiting for so long. Bad Boys for life is also amazing, full of action, explosions and humor, I'm glad it was created. It was worth waiting.


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