Aquaman [Movie Review]

Have you watched Aquaman?
Aquaman, James Wan, Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Films, Superheroes, Atlantis, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Movie Review by Rawlins,
If you have not, you better go and watch it, pronto!
Well, I might be a bit biased because I love all superheroes movies, but yes, you should watch it as it is good!

Not forgetting that the actors are all great to the eyes too!

Aquaman Trivia
  • Directed by: James Wan
  • Produced by: Peter Safran, Rob Cowan
  • Production companies: Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Films, The Safran Company, Cruel and Unusual Films, Mad Ghost Productions
  • Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Running time: 143 minutes
  • Budget: $160 - 200 million
  • Box Office: $383.4 million
Thomas Curry, a lighthouse keeper saves Atlanna, the Atlantis princess during a storm. Eventually, they fall in love and have a son, Arthur. 

As abrupt as she enters the life of Thomas Curry, Atlanna has to leave her family to return to Atlantis to rule the kingdom.
Aquaman, James Wan, Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Films, Superheroes, Atlantis, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Movie Review by Rawlins,
As you can see, my mascara is very water-proof
Arthur learns that he can communicate with the marine lifeforms and being ridiculed about his ability. Growing up, under the supervision of Queen Atlanna's advisor, Vulko, Arthur trained until he becomes a skilled warrior. When Arthur tries to return to Atlantis, he was rejected for being a half-breed.

During a failed pirate attempt to hijack a nuclear submarine, the leader of Steppenwolf died after confronting Arthur, leaving the son, David Kane vows to avenge his father's death by killing Arthur. 

His revenge scheme starts to take form with the aid from Arthur's younger half-brother, Orm, whose aim to declare war on the surface - claiming that all mishaps happening around the world (Atlantis included) was due to the surface dwellers' doing. Orm seeks allegiance from the rest of the kingdoms in Atlantis in his bid to raise the army.
Aquaman, James Wan, Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Films, Superheroes, Atlantis, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Movie Review by Rawlins,
I love how everything glistens beautifully under the sea - thus the gold plates for armour
Aquaman, James Wan, Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Films, Superheroes, Atlantis, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Movie Review by Rawlins,
The jellyfish brightens my outfit, provides great lighting and also my weapons in the time of need. So be very careful around me.
Mera, the princess of King Nereus and also Orm's fiance, refuse to aid the war plan and seeks Arthur for help. Slowly earning Arthur's trust, the duo travels the world to find the Trident of Atlan - a magic artifact that will assist Arthur to claim his rightful place as the King of Atlantis. 

Orm captures Arthur in one of the journeys. Before he offers Arthur an opportunity to leave Atlantis forever, Orm shares a story about the death of their mother, who was executed for the crime of having a half-breed son. Orm blames Arthur for that. 

Mera saves Arthur during his duel with Orm. Again, the duo travels around the world in search of the trident.

Meanwhile, Orm provides David with Atlantean armour and weaponry to assist him in their bid to rid of Arthur. 
Aquaman, James Wan, Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Films, Superheroes, Atlantis, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Movie Review by Rawlins,
Where's the Meg in your time of need? These are small fishes as to compared to The Meg
Their search for the Trident brings the duo to the trident's destination where they were attacked by vicious creatures known for their monstrosity, The Trench. Managed to escape The Trench and transported to an uncharted sea at the center of the Earth via a wormhole, the duo was rescued by Atlanna, who was sacrificed to the Trench for her crime and survived.

In order to retrieve the trident, Arthur must first face the giant monster that guards the trident and prove he's worthy of the weapon. 
Aquaman, James Wan, Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Films, Superheroes, Atlantis, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Movie Review by Rawlins,
Will Arthur be able to prove his worth?


Plot: 4.9/ 5.0. I have no words that could explain how much I love the movie. Call me biased but I do love Aquaman. The plot is direct and yet complicated and at the same time, engaging. You'll never get bored!

Cast: 5.0/ 5.0 Bravo! Encore! 

Will I watch it again: Already did!

All pictures are taken from IMDb. Thank you.
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  1. Awesome review. I love the way you reviewed it. Now I can't wait to go watch this movie. Maybe I should go for it after my appointment today.

  2. So proud of James Wan! He went beyond many's expectation to produce such an epic movie! Though I'm not yet to watch this movie since I really struggling finding some free time, but I know this movie is dope from my friends' comments. Love this review so much! Keep it up, Rawlins!

  3. omg!!! i still haven't had the chance to watch it yet! having a toddler makes it a bit difficult.. but i did get one tip- to go and watch during his nap time!!- of course don't leave him at home... bring to cinema skali la.. but pray he sleep throughout! hahhaa

  4. already watch it and I really love the movie ! fall in love with all the cast especially Mera. I love her hair colour hahaha

  5. James Wan is the best, so proud of him kan! I love the movie a lot too! Planning to watch second time with my husband. Watched it at IMAX, memang best gila yeah!

  6. x aci tau Rawlins dah tengok..akak hari tu nak tengok Aquaman tapi pak encik tak nak plak..terus tukar tengok Bumblebee...kena pergi tengok jugak la ni kan sebab rata2 yang review semua kata best

  7. Love this movie walaupun kita tak tengok kat wayang tengok online jer wakakaka jahat tak tapi memang cerita ni best menarik dan juga tengok hero-hero dalam tu rasa kagum jap...

  8. my son enjoyed it so much! but... I pun suka jer hahahah

  9. Macam menarik juga cerita ni ye....Under DC kan? Ingatkan under Marvel so Stan Lee mesti ada. Tapi Aquaman tu nampak menakutkan pulak. Pelik2 la rupa yang pakai gold plated tu. Teringin juga nak menonton filem ni.

  10. Wahh... Sinopsis yang sangat detail. Bestnya dah tengok. Ramai yang kata cerita ni best. Nak kena pergi tengok juga ni nampaknya. ThankThanks for sharing Rawlins.

  11. Done! siri DC yg paling gempak. Boleh compete dgn Marvel haha

  12. Berderet list movie nak tengok ni tapi tak tahulah bila sempat nak tengok.hahahaha. review nampak best even ena bukanlah peminat cite epik sangat. Tapi mcam rugi pulak tak tengok kan sebab kaw2 nilai box office ni.

  13. Wow! 5 star for this movie.I'm not yet watch this movie but people said this one of good movie to watch. A good review from you too. Aquaman wait for me. hehehe

  14. Ramai kata movie ni best..nad tak dapat la tengok dekat wayang sebab ada budak kecik ni..mesti banyak aksi ni..wah ada ikan jerung tu...mesti best sangat ni

  15. My husband will enjoy this kind of movie but not me, i prefer to read book rather than watch superhero movies except for Superman etc. But since you give good rate for the movie, i think maybe i should consider to watch it ;)

  16. Agreed sangat apa yg rawlins mention.. AM pun dah tgk.. Sangat menakjubkan.. Nak nak bila tgk versi 3D.. Rasa woww memang membuak..

  17. Dah tengok masa gi genting baru2 ni..memang best ceeita dia. Sis yg sula tido dalam panggung sampai x tido dibuatnya..hehehe.

  18. Kita dah tengok gak. pergh lama sangat cite dia. semua dalam laut nak kena lawan. tapi hero dia hensem sangat. bergetar tulang rusuk sis!

  19. Still didn't had the chance to watch it up till now T_T OMG when will i have time to watch this movie!? I believe its an interesting story. Even you give it a full rating! :D


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