Victor Frankenstein [Movie Review]

The movie makers are getting more imaginative and creative nowadays by making new movies based on the original ones - Maleficent, The Hobbit to name a few.
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Aptly as the poster says, the movie will unravel the story of Frankenstein's monster.
Thanks to +ChurpChurp  for the invitation to the Churpremiere of Victor Frankenstein.

Victor met a nameless hunchback clown in a circus and released him from the circus after he saw the brilliant mind Igor had while saving his love, Lorelei.
The nameless hunchback clown
Victor named the nameless clown as Igor, after his flatmate that was never home. He set up Igor's back and made him stand straight.

Feeling indebted to Victor's kindness, Igor put his knowledge and capable hands in helping Victor with his project without knowing what Victor was doing with all the body parts. Victor's dream was to bring back dead body parts to live again. Igor corrected the experiments whenever Victor did wrong and almost everytime, both of them managed to bring back the parts to live.

Igor, meet Gordon.
When Victor finally introduced Igor to Gordon, a creature created from various animals parts, Igor was a bit skeptical that they could bring Gordon to live. When the experiment succeeded, Igor was more than happy to help Victor in his presentation to the medical team in Victor's school. However, the experiment went haywire and Gordon became violent and chased both of them before finally killed by Victor.
The experiment
The monster
Eager to correct his wrong, even with Igor's opposition, Victor kept experimenting. More ever with the newly found monetary fund, he managed to get everything that he wanted and more.

Will Victor's dream to see death as a beginning of new life materializes?
At what cost?

Plot: 3.2/ 5.0. In the beginning, I was quite happy with the direction of the plot. After some time, it got quite fast that you could sense no character building. Then it bores me to my sleep. I also could not decide whether the movie is a comedy or a horror. Perhaps it was just me, but the cinematography was a bit shaky that made me lose interest in the movie way too early during the premiere.

The Actors:  4.2/ 5.0. James McAvoy did a very good job as a deranged and imaginative young doctor. His emotion portrayal was spot on. Whereas Daniel as Igor was just OK. We are so used to see him playing the lead that this character seems too small for him. 

Will I watch it again: Perhaps I will so that I can watch what I was missing (dozed off at some parts during the premiere). But again, perhaps not worth rewatching it.

Haiqal Rawlins
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  1. its a classic genre if i pun maybe doze off gak rawlins hahaha thanks for reviewing

  2. Haaa ye juga tu nak tanya, seram ke apa ni? Tengok karektor macam seram.. action ada juga ke? Uishh banyak tanya pulak, nanti nak try tengok..

  3. I rasa i pernah tengok movie ni before this zaman sekolah dulu2.. but no harm to watch it again to refresh my memory.. sound good tho!

  4. hmmm...I think I have watched this movie before. However not really reccalled it, I guess it's not too good hence it's not stay in my memory. thanks for sharing your review. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  5. nice sharing. owh awal2 citer ni slow ke sampai boleh tertidur tu. tak minat lah genre ni..jadi xtgk kot

  6. Wow this movie was back many years ago coz i remembered i watched it too. I dont mind watch it again thou.

  7. omgggg this one i cannot wait to watch! the cast is amazing and the story line is so good. and i honestly have not watched Daniel Radcliffe act in any other movie other than harry potter haha

  8. Baca review ni macam best je jalan cerita. Nanti nak kena tengok jugak ni. Dekat netflix ada ke?


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