Ava [Movie Review]

Ava [Movie Review] | MCO 2.0 has really got me going as I'm going all out to watching all the movies that I could find online. 

I have been wanting to watch this movie ever since I saw its trailer. 

Ava, Movie Review by Rawlins, Action, Crime, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle


Ava (2020) Trivia
  • Directed by: Tate Taylor
  • Produced by: Jessica Chastain, Kelly Carmichael, Nicolas Chartier, Dominic Rustam
  • Production companies: Voltage Pictures, Freckle Films
  • Distributed by: Vertical Entertainment
  • Release date: July 2, 2020
  • Running time: 97 minutes
  • Rating: R (for violence and language throughout, and brief sexual material)
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Box office: USD 3.3 million
  • Tomatometer: 17%
  • Metascore: 39
  • IMDb: 5.4/10
  • Original, Matthew Newton was to direct the movie. After he was critiqued for several scandals, he stepped down and Tate Tayloy was made director. 
  • During shooting, Ava's name was Eve. But to avoid confusion of a movie (Killing Eve), the studio decided to change the name to Ava. Thus affecting the movie's title and all scenes prior to the decision. 
  • I can't help but to compare this movie to Geena Davis' 'The Long Kiss Goodnight'. 
Ava, Movie Review by Rawlins, Action, Crime, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

The movie starts with Ava picking up an English businessman at the airport before bringing him to a secluded area. The man thought Ava wants to have fun with him. Instead, Ava was actually assigned to kill him. But Ava loves to talk and question her prey on what their wrongdoings are before killing her victims. 

And not far from the car, there was a girl on a powerbike eavesdropping on her conversation with the man. 

After the assignment is done, Ava returns to the States and directly goes to Boston to visit her mother who is hospitalised and whom she has not met for eight years. 

Ava, Movie Review by Rawlins, Action, Crime, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle
Ava, Movie Review by Rawlins, Action, Crime, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

Later, Ava was sent on another assignment in Saudi Arabia to kill a German general. Her handler, Duke reminds Ava not to 'play' with her enemy and directly kill them instead. But Ava still keeps to her routine, questioning the general as he was taking his last breathes. And then, the general's security guards come in and a fight ensues. Ava manages to flee the scene, leaving all men dead. She was given a time-off by Duke and she returns home. 

Duke met with Simon, his superior to explain about the almost-failed assignment. And it was actually Simon's daughter who was eavesdropping on Ava in France. Simon believes that Ava has become a liability and wants Ava to be 'removed' from the assignment list. 

An assassin was sent by Simon to kill Ava but Ava manages to subdue and kill the assassin. 

Duke knows about the assassination attempt on Ava and faces Simon. The men fights, resulting in Simon killing Duke. Simon sends the video of him killing Duke to Ava. 

Simon tries to kill Ava in her hotel room. And he fails. As he walks away, Ava races down after him. 

Who will win this time around?

Ava, Movie Review by Rawlins, Action, Crime, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle


Plot: 4.0/ 5.0 The plot is predictable. The spy is going against the normal protocol and the higher-ups want to take her out of the equation - no less end. Being an assassin herself, of course she fights back. 

The movie is entertaining, at its best. But again, you should watch The Long Kiss Goodnight and then you'll know why I compare this one to that movie. 

Cast: 4.5/ 5.0 There are A list actors here - their performance were superb. But then again, the plot kinda spoils the movie a bit.

Will I watch it again: I don't mind watching it again. 

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  1. need to watch this..something different from others movie.

  2. Great movie.. will watch later with my husband.. he likes this kind of movie. Thanks for the sinopsis

  3. dua2 I tak pernah tengok lagi. Maybe I boleh cari untuk layan masa weekend nanti sebab movie ni women-centric hehe

  4. menarik gak ni. cite bunuh2 ni memang best suspen sikit. tapi rawlins review plot predicted la pulakkk

  5. Menarik, kalau plot cite macam ni, Suami suka ni, nanti nak ajak Suami tengok sama..

  6. Okeh nampak macam best untuk ditonton, sy suka cerita macam ni, boleh masuk dalam list, weekend boleh tengok...

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  8. Jalan cerita menarik byk element suspen. Best ni tgk time pkp

  9. Fuh cerita bunuh2.. Pastu dia pulak nak kene bunuh.. Suspen sangat ni.. Suka tengok kalau permpuan ganas macam ni.. Hahahha

  10. I like movies with strong women who can fight, so I'd watch this because of that, even if the storyline isn't that great.

  11. Ok kalo women beraksi cmni sis suka. Dah tgk cite Anna? Kgb cia agent gitu kat Netflix.

  12. Suka movie genre action macam ni. Boleh ajak suami dating tengok cerita ni malam2

  13. ohh my....this definitely will be my to watch this weekend, action movie memang my fav, always love to read your movie review here. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  14. menarik juga baca review movie ni. thanks sharing tentang movie ni, boleh masuk list weekend movie time

  15. seems like such an exciting movie. you mentioned it was released last year, i wonder how i could have missed this!

  16. Thanks for sharing this! Would love to watch this when I the chance!! Netflix adaa?


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