FREE Enya sanitary pads for all women

FREE Enya sanitary pads for all women | In modern times, most ladies (and some guys too) are more concern of their outer beauty than inner beauty. They don't mind buying expensive make up items and clothes just to be presentable but will try to save their money by buying the cheapest and most probably not the best inner health protection measures such as supplements and sanitary pad (for the ladies only hahaha).

Did you know that any chemical introduced to your vagina will be in the blood stream within 30 minutes after the point of introduction, ie after wearing your scented feminine pad/ sanitary pad, the chemicals inside the pad will travel directly into your blood stream.

And the first system that it will attack is your reproduction system ie your cervics?
And the worst fact is almost all conventional sanitary pad/ feminine pad contains Dioxin!

And why should you be very sensitive about DIOXIN?
Well, nothing much except that :-
Dioxin is linked with the following effects in the body:
Endometriosis , Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Breast cancer, Ovarian cancer, Birth defects in offspring, Immune system damage, Hormone dysfunction, Miscarriage, Impaired fertility, Lowered concentration ability, Diabetes, Impaired thyroid function
Well, did I get your attention now?
Good as I want to share with you about a brand that cares deeply about women and their health.
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About Enya: Enya is a pioneering digital period care company built to offer quality period products via monthly subscription. Enya also provides radical new ways to spark inclusive period conversations and create products that are suitable for all skin types. Enya’s period products are now available for subscription at Enya is launched as Malaysia’s first digital period care company to offer a monthly subscription service. The company’s core vision is to provide quality care to all women using tech-enabled convenience. ENYA first entered the market earlier this year in conjunction with International Women’s Day. It has quickly expanded across Singapore with many women and influencers following them. The company’s vision is to provide quality care to women everywhere starting with sanitary pads made with organic cotton. Enya has since captivated women’s loyalty with its millennial-courting aesthetics, no-fragrance organic cotton pads and recently - its free for life subscription model.
Fast-growing, female-founded ENYA has been at the forefront of female-focused self-care products since its launch in 2019 in Malaysia, with a line of certified-organic feminine care products. Now, in an effort to provide a holistic solution for the modern woman, the company has launched a brand-new line of organic cotton feminine products that is offered for FREE to customers.

During the launch, they also announced the arrival of ENYA Basics. It’s a free for life subscription package which delivers organic cotton sanitary pads to your doorstep. Subscribers will only have to pay a nominal fee of MYR 10 for shipping and handling.
Enya, sanitary pad, free sanitary pad, Malaysia on Movement Control Order, Movement Control Order, Covid 19, Health by Rawlins,

"Many people reached out and asked how long does the promotion for ENYA Basics last. It is not a one-off marketing campaign to get people hooked but a permanent feature of our company. Women deserve affordable and healthier period care options," Elaine chuckled as she explains her ideology of driving women empowerment through personal care.

Amidst the ‘ Movement Control Order ‘ in Malaysia, this femtech company has stepped up and made full use of their online platform to shout out to their followers that their period products are being made available for Free as a part of Enya's initiative and support towards providing quality organic feminine products to all women.

As sanitary pads stock deplete in grocery stores and everyone does their part as a community to restrict their movements, Enya wants to remind everyone that they are fulfilling and delivering your essentials every single day safely [read more about this initiative here].
Enya, sanitary pad, free sanitary pad, Malaysia on Movement Control Order, Movement Control Order, Covid 19, Health by Rawlins,
Enya, sanitary pad, free sanitary pad, Malaysia on Movement Control Order, Movement Control Order, Covid 19, Health by Rawlins,
“Enya Basics” Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads: Monthly sanitary pads subscription delivered to your doorstep hassle free. When you subscribe to Enya, your card will be auto-renewed based on the delivery frequency (15 days, 30 days or 45 days) chosen. We will send a reminder email before we ship out your products. Alternatively, you are able to skip or cancel your subscription anytime, anywhere. The first pack is free, customers only need to pay MYR 10.00 for shipping and handling. Second pack onwards add on at MYR 8.00 )

“Enya Premium” Premium Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads: Organic cotton is more “ breathable ” and skin-friendly for your sensitive region, placing our period pads as one of the highly preferred conscious choices among women. One-off purchases available at MYR 18.00. Subscription option comes with a 17% savings, priced at MYR 14.90 )

Elaine Hong, the founder of ENYA had this to say, “We’ve learned so much about how periods are connected to our wellbeing, which is why we are going to work with our partners to create a community where women can talk about these things openly. We’re moving a step closer to making feminine care options even more accessible via ENYA Basics. We look forward to have more of you join us on this journey.”

Enya’s organic cotton sanitary pads features skin-friendly organic cotton topsheet that contains no fragrances and harsh chemicals. With its ultra-thin, fast absorption feature, it leaves you almost forgetting that you had worn a pad throughout the day. 

Here are their social media accounts for you to know more about the products and their initiatives.
Enya, sanitary pad, free sanitary pad, Malaysia on Movement Control Order, Movement Control Order, Covid 19, Health by Rawlins,
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  1. Wow! Rawlins talking about sanitary pad... thats interesting... anyway good sharing.

  2. Bagusnya ada pad yg organik dan xbahayakan diri. Bolehlah suggestkn brand nie pd rakan2 pompuan kita nanti

  3. Nama dia comel sangat, nama siapalah tu kan...bagi FREE macam ni bagus, sebagai marketing untuk perkenalkan produk, sebab terlalu banyakkan di mencuba sesuatu yang baru tak salah pun, kalau Sis jumpa, Sis pun beli...ada banyak tak? Kasi Sis free meh hahahahaa

  4. Thanks for sharing! I am so going to subscribe now! Thanks!
    I love the packaging too!

  5. Wah. Look exclusive this enya. Want to get one for my wife . Free one 😅

  6. such a good products. First time jumpa organic pads. packaging pun menarik, esklusif sangat

  7. Exclusive sangat ni packaging nya. Kikiki. Organic pad bagus untuk wanita. Untuk dr segi penjagaan dan pemakaian. Harap nya harga berpatutan

  8. first place, the organic is good. any organic product is it. ya boleh cuba kot. since saya pun tak pernah tukar any pads before. maybe can try kot. thanks for sharing.

  9. Eloklah guna yg perempuan kena memilih sikit tentang pads nie..memandang bnyak yg ada campuran bahan yg kurang elok

  10. first of all , I LOVE THE PACKAGING !! So cute and shiny. haha the best is its organic cotton.. so no itchy2 or rashes from chemical packaging... good to know this !!

  11. Blm pernah lg tgk jenama ENYA ni baguslah utk wanita jaga kebersihatan mereka dan packaging pun comel

  12. Bagus usaha yang dilakukan oleh founder Enya untuk kongsikan pad percuma kepada kaum wanita di kala PKP ni. Yelah bila PKP ni kadang stok pad pun tak ada

  13. Packaging dia nampak very cute dan cantiklah. Tak sangka ini adalah sanitary pads. Hopefully all women can benefit from it

  14. Enya, sedap nama dia..firstime dgr ni..bgusla dia bagi free dulu untuk dicuba..banyak barand sekrg..kotak dia pun lawa


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