Mobile Legends Gamers Saving the World in '515 Unite Day'

Is there any Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) gamers here?

It is not a new game to the world of esports with over 500 million installs and 60 million monthly active users globally so no wonder that MLBB is in the top 10 grossing ranks. I am among the ones that contribute to the statistics.
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Developed by Moonton, the game is enlisted for a medal event at 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games scheduled for this November in the Philippines. In February, a collaboration with popular French football team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) was announced in which PSG unveiled its Mobile Legends team, PSG.RRQ.

Malaysia is among several countries to be simultaneously launching the month-long 515 Unite Day campaign. Moonton Regional Marketing Manager for Southeast Asia, Nelson Woon said, the campaign will serve to unite gamers and non-gamers to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game. "We are looking to gain new entries into the game and within the campaign, new game modes will be released as we strive to defeat an upcoming darkness."

Psst. Here are some teasers for the campaign. 
This year's campaign will consist of three phases while bearing the trend #515Unite and #MLBB. The first phase will involve piquing the curiosity of the public through various methods before Cosplayers are roped in on LED lit-trucks that will drive around the country in the second phase. The culmination and third phase will be from May 15 onwards where an 'in-game' the event will be held. This will feature all the MLBB heroes reuniting to save the world.

Among the teasers that one can expect are trailers screened in cinemas and outdoor or out-of-home (OOH) media, a 515 Unite theme song and a dance contest, giveaways consisting of figurines and merchandise, limited edition 515 Unite Touch 'N Go cards as well as free pizzas and thematic pizza offers by Domino's Pizza Malaysia.
Mobile Legends, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Esports, online gaming, Rawlins Tech, MLBB, 515 Unite Day, Rawlins GLAM, Paris Saint-Germain
Mobile Legends, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Esports, online gaming, Rawlins Tech, MLBB, 515 Unite Day, Rawlins GLAM, Paris Saint-Germain
Woon noted Malaysia's keenness in becoming an esports hub and this is boosted by the nation's five million active players on MLBB alone. "Esports is growing in Malaysia and following a discussion with the Youth and Sports Ministry, we acknowledge that the government is highly supportive of esports and is going to introduce the Esports Blueprint that will benefit Malaysia in terms of economy.”

"Even the Olympic Council Asia has realised that the global viewership and content value for esports has overtaken traditional sports, and what follows next will be the revenue (i.e. sponsorships, content and media rights, ticketing and merchandise). That is why we have esports as a medal event on par with traditional sports for Asian Games last year (2018) and SEA Games this year (2019)," Woon added.
Mobile Legends, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Esports, online gaming, Rawlins Tech, MLBB, 515 Unite Day, Rawlins GLAM, Paris Saint-Germain
Confident that in a span of a single year there would be more of an esports audience, rather than those watching typical sporting events, Woon cited PSG's partnership and the launch of ONE Esports by Singapore-based martial arts organisation ONE Championships as examples of eSports booming.

The 515 Unite campaign will kick off in Penang's Gurney Paragon Mall on April 21 before heading further north to Alor Setar on April 27, at the Menara Alor Setar-Aman Central. Ipoh hosts the third stop on May 1 at AEON Station 18 and then the campaign makes its way to Sunway Pyramid in Selangor on May 4. Domino's Pizza in Bandar Baru Uda, Johor Baru will host the second last stop on May 11 and on May 18, the 515 Unite Day campaign comes to a close at Fahrenheit 88, Kuala Lumpur.

Besides that, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia will be releasing the 515 Pizza Offer during the 515 Unite campaign period at all 238 stores nationwide with exciting contests and rewards.

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  1. Wow class rawlins main Mobile Legends ker hehehe takut kita awak hehehehe wakakakk kita tengok orang main pun dan macam orang gilerrr tapi sekarang e-suka ni banyak dah ada tournament besar seperti ni bagus... bagi anak muda lebih berkembang minda ..

  2. Wow! Memang Mobile Legend ni berhantu sungguh tau! Suami cx pon layan ML. Tapi pastikan bukan waktu peak dgn family la. Kalau tak, cx ngamok hahaha. Tp kena bagi suami baca ni. Dia kena tahu.

  3. Selalu tengok anak saudara yang main Mobile Legends ni. Memang 'ketagih' betul. hihi. Tapi, Ros memang tak pernah main pun game ni .
    wahh sampai dah ada kempen sebegini ya. suka benarlah mereka yang memang kaki game ni :)

  4. Wow ML pun dah ad competition mcm Dota. Memang ramai pun dh main ML ni Teringin pulak rasanya cuba try. Tkut terpengaruh pulak nnti.hehehe

  5. alamak..kita tak suka main game..tapi my hubby mmg hantu game..sambil berak pun boleh main game kahkahkah..kalau main game ni dapat makan pizza best sgt tu hihi

  6. Not a fan of playing games but what attract my attention is Dominos campaign. I heard they will be giving free pizza to all domino's account if malaysia win?

  7. Sekarang mmg trend kan main game perang2 nie. Seawal usia 6 tahun dah main game nie. Memang jadi satu fenomena betul ya. Sy x berapa minat game2 nie jd hanya mampu tengok je

  8. ni kalau anak aku tahu..mau die heret aku datang sini..seronok games ni tau..akau pernha main walapun banyak kalah tetapi tetap bangkit dan berjuang...bagus juga pengisian ni...blh jadi tarikan bacaan anak2 muda

  9. Mesti meriah ni nanti. Gang gang Mobile Legend berkumupul dan fight each other. Baru lah legend. At least gamers dapat manfaat dengan penganjuran besar besaran macam ni

  10. Lama betul tak degar khabar mengenai mobile legend ni. Maklumla kita. I bukan kaki game. Tapi tahula sikit2 untuk pengetahuan semasa kan. Btw memang best bila ada games besar2 camni.


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