The Meg [Movie Review]

Every now and then, we will see our friends tag us on their social media about needing more 'Vitamin Sea'.
Me included.
Will you still go into the sea after watching this?
But, after watching The Meg, I think it will be some time before I go diving or swimming in the open sea again. You will see me snorkeling and staying very near to the shore, just in case.
The movie started with Jonas and his team trying to rescue a group of people in a submarine. Later, Jonas has to make a huge decision of leaving his trapped fellow divers inside the sub after seeing the hub of the sub being rammed by an unknown creature. His action of the sudden leave causes the sub to explode and him being accused by Dr Heller as affected by pressure-induced psychosis.

Five years after, his service was again needed by a group of scientist on 'Mana One', an underwater research facility. He was to save a group of explorers trapped in a deeper section of the Mariana Trench, concealed by a thermocline cloud of hydrogen sulfide. And Jonas's ex-wife is among the trapped member of the expedition.
Excuse me, sir. Are you the dentist? I need to use braces so that I could smile better.
We're gonna need a much larger net to catch this one
Dr Suyin went first into the trench in the rescue expedition and was followed by Jonas. Suyin's sub was suddenly wrapped by a giant squid, which later was killed by a monstrous shark. And that huge shark proved Jonas's story about a monstrous creature that caused the sub to explode 5 years back.

Managed to save 2 out of 3 members of the trapped scientists, Jonas was about to let out a huge breathe of relief when the crew confirmed that the huge shark is, in fact, a megalodon (the largest shark and believed to be extinct for millions of years) and now has escaped to the surface. 

The group decides to track and poison the megalodon - and they succeed in doing so. And as Jonas and Suyin inspect the size of the teeth of the megalodon, a colossal megalodon emerges from the water and sinks their ship in its bid to eat the first and very much smaller megalodon.
Wow! So much plankton for dinner. Open wide!
How will the group kill the colossal megalodon?

Plot: 4.6/ 5.0. The second meg was certainly a heart-thumping and very unexpected twist to the movie. And of course, we all could predict the end of the movie but the action throughout the movie certainly had me jumpy and cringe at the thought of diving in a very near future.

Cast: 4.6/ 5.0. Everyone performed their part well. And I would say that everyone shared the screen equally, up until the little Meiying. 

Will I watch it again: Guess what? I did watch it twice, and the second time being on a D-Box seat, just to enhance the thrill.
Rawlins GLAM

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  1. Whoa. I ingatkan dengar tajuk dia macam boring je movie ni. But bila dah baca you punya review, macam nak pegi tengok malam nanti.

  2. Menarik ni. Suami pn dah ajak tgk dgn anak2. Dulu masa cerita the shallownpun seronok tonton seisi keluarga. Hihi. Thanks for the review ya

  3. Dah tengok 2nd time eh? Means The Meg is a good movie..tengok trailer pun macam best. Dayyan ada ajak gi tengok, but i think this movie is not for kids kan?

  4. I've heard a review from my friend that The Meg is simply boring. But after reading your reviews and that synosis, it change my mind! Gotta be hurry to catch this in cinema.

  5. My friend went to watch this. He said good to kill his time. Different people different view , right? Some said its spectacular.

  6. Eyqa dah tengok citer mie kat wayang. Memang best gilerrr!!! Rasa nak tengok lagi je. Besar giler ikan tu

  7. Ika tak tengok lagi. Tapi banyak review kata wajib tengok. Tak sabar nak tengok hujung minggu ni.

  8. dah lama tak tengok cerita pasal ikan jerung ni kan. Dulu kat tv selalu ada cerita menakutkan, sekarang ni dah kurang

  9. Ramai giler kata citer ni best. Nampak biasa rupanya hebat juga ya. Dah lama x tengok movie bolehlah bw anak melenjan tgk citer ni hehe

  10. Kurang minat tengok wayang terutama cerita yang menakut dan memeranjat kan orang, Hehe. Lemah jantung nak terkejutkan diri

  11. Nampak mcm best betul movie nie Rawlins. Rasa macam nak pergi tengok sekarang jugak. Suka tgok cerita2 suspend mcm nie drpd cerita cinta.

  12. Baca sinopsesnya aja udag greget banget pengen nonton. Larut dalam ceritanya dan makin bikin penasaran.

  13. This is making my heart pump! omg! sounds so scary yet I still wanna watch it, I'm filled with imaginations now thank god I can't swim lol so this won't happen to m right?

  14. Wah cam best jer movie ni. nak ajak suami layan movie ni la, suka genre movie camni. Hope tak fobia nak pergi laut lepas tengok cerita ni

  15. i dengar negative feedback pasal movie ni.rasa macam nak tengok sendiri baru tahu kan. lama tak tengok movie ni

  16. Cerita ikan jerung raksasa macam ni maznee tak minat sangat nak tengok. Dari dulu kurang suka. Haha.

  17. Cerita ni pun kalah dengan penangan hantu kak limau kan. Lagi angker hantu arwah akak tu sampai berjuta juta kutipan pecah panggung

  18. Kak xminat sgt cite Gini, tp tgk geng kak limah blakon kg best...meletop gitu HKL��

  19. I've seen this movie too! at first it doesnt really impressed me but then the story got more and more interesting! One of the best shark movies so far :D

  20. I've seen this movie too! at first it doesnt really impressed me but then the story got more and more interesting! One of the best shark movies so far.


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