Maximum Hydration With Bare Essentials by Althea

Bare Essentials, Althea Korea, Beauty by Rawlins, Pelembap muka, Pencuci muka, Toner, Produk Althea, Rawlins GLAM

Why is her skin so smooth?
Why is he not affected by pimples? 
Is he an alien?
Bare Essentials, Althea Korea, Beauty by Rawlins, Pelembap muka, Pencuci muka, Toner, Produk Althea, Rawlins GLAM
Everyone struggles with skin problems at one time or another, some might have them longer than the others (pointing at me).

So, I have been trying quite a few skincare products available online. Also, I have to mention that I have been trying out the traditional ones - as per strongly suggested by my mum, my aunties and cousins too.

And there were some success stories but as time and age catches on, I want a skincare regime and routine that wouldn't take too much of my time - and then works. But hey, nothing worth having comes easy right?

As you all know, I am an avid Althea-shopper and I have managed to rope in a few other Altheatics (Althea fanatics) to shop together because as Rupaul says 'the family that shops together, stays together'. Haha. We keep each other posted on whenever new products appears on Althea's website.
When Althea launches its latest magical creation - aptly named Bare Essentials - I was among the first to get my hands on the magical elixir. And I am still so thankful that Bare Essentials has only three items in the set - I want a simple and straight-forward skincare that works! I was so happy that it has pretty travel-friendly freebies too! Althea is just so thoughtful and always think of everything! Within the amazing pink Althea box, I received these amazing creations:
Contour Cleanser (150g) | Primer Water (200ml) | Fixer Cream (50g) | Althea Marble Coaster | Althea Hand-held Mirror | Samples
So, what's the T about the Bare Essentials? 
Bare Essentials, Althea Korea, Beauty by Rawlins, Pelembap muka, Pencuci muka, Toner, Produk Althea, Rawlins GLAM
1) Contour Cleanser (150 g) | RM23.00
When I first see this, it got me confused. 
What are you? 
A contour cream or a cleanser? 
Or will it contour my jawline and cheekbone whenever I cleanse my face? 

It is actually a cleanser that is densely filled with microcapsules that burst upon contact with water to gently cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify skin. The Contour Cleanser helps to promote blood circulation and reduces bloating and swelling for a defined, enviably slim face shape.

Does it work? My face feels cool and looks cleansed and refreshed everytime I use it - am super loving that effect.
Does it really contour? Well, I think it does, although not as prominent as I want it to be. Well, I also do not expect to have a perfectly V-shaped face just after two weeks of using it.
Bare Essentials, Althea Korea, Beauty by Rawlins, Pelembap muka, Pencuci muka, Toner, Produk Althea, Rawlins GLAM
2) Primer Water (200 ml) | RM43.00
And here is another product that couldn't decide on what it is supposed to be. 
A primer? 
A toner? 

As per its name Bare Essentials, Primer Water combines both into one bottle so that we should have only the essential skincare regime and drop the non-essential. The Primer Water contains patented dewdrop technology (Macro Fluidic Dispersion technology) that gently fills the gaps between pores and allows hydration to penetrate deep within the layers of the skin.

On one occasion where I have to make my face up (putting lots of makeup items - eyeshadows, foundation etc), I applied the Primer Water before putting on anything else and the makeup stays put throughout the event and when I cleanses my face afterwards, it literally cleanses every single item that I put on my face. So, yes, it does wonder as a primer on my skin as it prepares and plumps my skin to perfection for products to come.
Bare Essentials, Althea Korea, Beauty by Rawlins, Pelembap muka, Pencuci muka, Toner, Produk Althea, Rawlins GLAM
3) Fixer Cream (50 g) | RM 50.00
Just what will it fix, I wonder? Opening the bottle and applying it onto my face, I feel like I am jumping into water, every single time. The cream is highly moisturizing and I hit the jackpot with this as I have dry skin.

The secret behind the high moisture of the Fixer Cream? It harnesses the power of Trehalose, an ingredient found in the cactus plant that prevents its moisture loss.

Psst. It also rich in antioxidants derived from Camellia sinensis (green tea) seed oil and helps to promote collagen regeneration using Baobab Tree extracts.
It fixes my skin dryness and keeps it hydrated throughout the day. And I am super happy about it!
My T About The Bare Essentials
  • It helps to shorten the skincare regime for the on-the-go person
  • It hydrates the skin for a long time
  • It is lightweight too
  • If a 20 plus something guy (yes, I am 20+++++++++ years old) with dry skin problems and always in a hurry vouches for Bare Essentials, you should not worry about trying it out too.
Here's where you can get it all, from the Althea land of beauty.
Rawlins GLAM

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  1. wow good to try. New innovation skincare

  2. bare essentials...
    the bottle really catch my eyes, rawlins.
    cantik. seksi.
    now, byk dah korean product standard international kan.

  3. Wow, dah ramai yang buat review product Althea ni.. tergoda pula nak try juga. Menarik.

  4. Banyak blogger yang mengulas keunggulan.produk Althea ni ya. Sepertinya
    A memang bagus tuh produknya ya.

  5. Bestnya..tengok ramai yang review althea ni. Teringin juga nak guna hehe..nampak macam best je

  6. Packaging dia cantik so minimalist i love it need to try this product too since all feedback looks good

  7. banyak dgr pasal Althea ni. bagus ye? macam nak try je

  8. Bestkan..packaging dia menarik nampak exclusive sangat...rasanya SA nak setia dengan BE ni je la..sebab sesuai dengan SA...

  9. TB pun guna juga set Bare Essential ni rawlin.. memang best kan.. TB paling suka sebab bila cuci muka dengan contour cleanser tak rasa pedih pun muka, bila guna primer water pun tak pedih muka, fixer cream dia sejuk kan.. bau pun best.. i likee

  10. Wow Rawlin, reading these details of each item really tempted me and makes me wanna try them as well! Not to mention, I do fall in love with their packaging, simple yet elegant. Nicee πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜Š

  11. Wow mmg best pun guna product ni.. I guna dia punye pencuci muka.. Muka rasa sangat bersih hilang smua minyak2 kat muka..

  12. I really enjoy this product, just changed my skincare to bare essentials lately and it's really affordable and it works well, my favorite is the toner!

  13. Product ni sesuai ngan rawlin.. Pasti tkmo tukar ke products lain kn.. Certain products tk brp ok dgn skin kn.. Ramai juga tgk yg review products ni.. Tq for sharing

  14. Dalam banyak-banyak review althea, AS baca review rawlin ni la yang betul-betul kuat mempengaruhi otak AS. Memang power la rawlin πŸ‘

  15. i cant wait to use this too. babe.. ur video best la.. i like to watch it so much and make me wanna go try the products as well..

  16. Laa Rawlins pun consumer Althea juga ye..ingatkan produk ni only for women..nampaknya kena give a try juga la..

  17. Waaa xlama lg makin flawless kulit Rawlins. The packaging dan harga pun murah. Sgt sesuai utk lelaki dan perempuan..

  18. This is my first time hearing these products called Contour Cleanser, Primer Water & Fixer Cream. Really good sharing and explanation of each of these products, so happens I am just starting to look into all these products, and these are really useful information for me! Thanks Rawlins!

  19. Bagi onie, packaging untuk bare essentials ni sangat nice! Harga pun not bad dan paling penting onie suka produk ni sebab di hidrasikan kulit muka. Weee :D

  20. saya berkena betul kalau produk tu packagingnya lawa. terus berkenan nak beli

  21. Wah sampai 2 video tu. Masa mandi pun shooting yer. Bella kena try dulu kalau skincare ni tgk sesuai atau tak. If sesuai akan mix je pki dgn produk lain sb mmg jenis tak stay 1 produk. Ada lebih bagila produk Althea kat kite tau. Hehe

  22. Padanlan Rawlin flawless !! Ini rupanya rahsia keflawlessan Rawlin. Boleh lah nk cuba produk nie. Dgr cerita primer althea sgt terbaik

  23. Wah produk bagus ni. Rawlins kena terus pakai tau sebab nanti kalau dah cantik kita dah stop pakai. hahahhaah. amalkan agar cantik sampai raya. haha. misi cantik 2018. gituhhh

  24. Woahhhhhhh....i would love to get thos products! Heard so much about this products lately...that contour cleanser is a must for a chubby person like me😁😁😁

  25. Yes this Bare Essentials is amazing. I like the power of moisture that it gives to my skins. My skin getting better.

  26. Hey video awak buat bestla..hehehw..memang best bare essential ni,muka nd jadi lembut dan glowing. Putih suci bersih gitu

  27. Haha no affected by pimples --> Aliens. If so, I really want to be an alien as well! Want to try and get that kind of glowing skin as well!! Argh!!!

  28. Ramai bagi good review to this product. Yela semua nak kulit cantik macam kpop harus cuba ni.


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