Rawlins' Style #IniCaraAku

How do you keep your appearance on track with your daily routine?
What is your style?
And, what is #IniCaraAku aka Rawlins GLAM’s Style?

First and foremost, professionally, as an international liaison officer, I always have to be presentable as there are meetings, presentations and delegates that I must attend to, every day. As such, I have to look and smell my best. And I must live to my name too (Rawlins GLAM) i.e. I must always be GLAM. That is my style @ #IniCaraAku.

So, how do you dress for a hectic day?
I choose the colour of my shirt accordingly – I love soft colours to brighten my mood.
I comb my hair nicely and last but not least, I spray my favourite perfume for the right occasion.

And my choice of perfume changes with time and occasions too.
Now, I am kinda addicted to the Ubermen EDT range.
Ubermen produces three types of EDT, namely Casual, Freedom and Freedom Extreme. As I cannot choose which is better than the other one, I decided to have all three in my collections.
Now I can pick and choose my perfume according to my mood and occasion.

Ubermen Casual EDT will be my daily perfume. I can use it to the office and for my business meetings. The scent is very subtle and refreshing. The subtle smell of citrus and marine stays with me for the whole 8 hours. And that elevates my confidence throughout the day too.
Fact: Joe Flizzow is the ambassador for Ubermen Style EDT Perfume 
Ubermen Freedom EDT is for me to spray on during outings with friends. That masculine smell lingers no matter what my activity is. 

My friend and I tend to do things on the go – with no plan and no direction – we just go with the flow. At times, when we hang out in Pavillion, suddenly one of us wants to go singing the karaoke and the others just follow suit. Suits it name, the perfume is my ally during the gatherings with friends.
And now, to be on the safe side, I have a bottle of Uberman in my office so that I can always be prepared for unnecessary/ untimely emergencies. One can never be too careful right. And it does pay to go that extra mile to be presentable too.
Nobody wants to deal with an unsightly and smelly person right?
Like my pictures here?

Go to http://www.ubermen.com.my/inicaraku.php and use the meme generator to edit your picture. Remember to share them too. Edit as many pictures as you like cos it is #IniCaraAku.

If you are the lucky one, you will win a customizeable t-shirt courtesy of Ubermen! 
Remember the #IniCaraAku

Embrace yourself and be a star!

Rawlins GLAM 

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  1. Yeap it's really important to keep yourself smelling fresh throughout the day!
    Ohh I didn't know that Joe Flizzo is the ambassador of Uberman!

  2. For you to add "smell my best", it cracked me up, seriously. So, now we know your secret tips already lah, what's your cara to look smart throughout the day.

  3. mula tadi ingat hang keluaq brand new untuk perfume... patut la wangi ja memanjang.. hehehe

  4. Keeping fresh all day (even sweaty) is a must, and a today head turner :) Thumbs up for your review and photos!

  5. Scent is such an important part of an overall look. I wish more people knew that!


  6. Wow~ memang look professional leh! Thanks for sharing the Rawlins style haha.

  7. You look so smart and fabulous Rawlins! We can simply use Ubermen in any occasion!

  8. bab wangi-wangi ni... mak suka noksss... sebabnya... kalau pakai minyak wangi ni mesti orang akan kata... mandi minyak wangi apa? ha ha ha...

    tapi macam menarik jer ubermen perfume ni? bolehlah iolsss ricky2 for husband... muahahaha...

  9. Setiap orang memang ada cara penampilan yang tersendiri, like your style thou.

  10. Thanks man for sharing such amazing styling tips for men!

  11. hellloooooooooooo

    this is superb

    nice one

  12. wow stylo... and you smell good too! :) i like it

  13. wa look so gaya oh. Like your style always

  14. wahhh caramu sungguh bergaya. haha. tergoda i ;p

  15. havent tried uberman. kena try ni. looks stylish

  16. You look so stylish and got the charisma !!!


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