Journey To The South With The Passat

During the weekend of Labor's Day, my friends (Anggerek and Jae) and I went to Johor and Malacca, just to spend some quality time together.
The trio
All ready for the road
Also, a major factor because I was given a Passat to test drive and one minor fact that Anggerek has never been to Johor Premium Outlet (JPO). About the test drive, I wouldn't be explaining about the Passat technically as I am as blind as a bat about cars, I only know how to drive a car and complain when I feel that there is something lacking or missing.

The first thing that I did when I received The Passat was to check its trunk. I want to know how much junk can I put into its trunk because I am not a light traveler. That was the reason why I bought my current car - for its trunk! 

Guess what! The trunk was deep enough and big enough that it could fit Jae and Anggerek at one time. And if I squeeze in real tight, the trunk could fit the three of us. 
Are you expecting to see my friends and I in the trunk?
Jae even mentioned, "You could put someone into that trunk and nobody would even realize it at the police checkpoint".

So, early Saturday morning, we started our journey to the south. Jae and Anggerek each brought a bag and yours truly had to have two bags (told you that I am not a light traveler).  Into the trunk they go! 

The traffic was amazingly clear and smooth. We reached JPO exactly 4 hours after we started the journey. We made two stops along the way as we needed the toilet break and also to freshen the face. 

I couldn't drive more than 110 km/ hr - I would have if not for Jae's constant reminder about being summoned for driving past the speed limit. Truth be told, the Passat was so quiet and easy on the pedal (due to its DSG 7-speed direct shift gearbox and 160PS turbocharged Direct Petrol Injection 4-cylinder engine) that you wouldn't notice that you were going almost 130 km/hr at times. The ride was so smooth that I think we have managed to record at least an album of 13 songs along the way. The video? Here are some of them.

We spent almost 6 hours at JPO and Anggerek was the biggest shopper of us all. She bought everything in sight and she was over the moon about it. She bought a watch, a backpack, a spectacle and she wanted to buy more if not for us reminding her not to do so. However, she keeps on saying that she might need all those things and it was better for her to buy them as they were on sale. Woman and shopping right!
I think we must be the earliest people at JPO that day
We started our journey to Malacca right after 4 pm as we want to shop at Jonker Street too. And we also have a movie (Captain America: Civil War) at 11:30 pm that night so we want to have ample time to shop around Jonker Street.

The journey back was not as forgiving as our down south trip. The road was so congested as it was raining heavily and due the long weekend too. Amazingly, the Passat reacted well to the nasty standstills along the way. We only reached our hotel for the night (Rama-Rama Designer Boutique Hotel) around 9 pm. 
The beautiful and comfy Rama-Rama
I was not that tired at all after the long, hard drive. The Passat also behaved and very helpful during the rain. The wipers were very intelligent (The Passat has rain sensor obviously), they wiped the screen as soon as they detected raindrops on it, so my full attention was on my driving. The brakes were great, they are anti-lock braking system ABS with brake assist BA after all.

After a bath, we left the hotel for Dataran Palawan and Jonker Street, which was just 15 minutes away from the hotel, dreaming of the items that we will buy around the Jonker Street. However, due to the development in the middle of Malacca, the roads were so congested and we only arrived at Dataran Palawan at 11 pm. So, there goes our imaginary shopping at Jonker Street. We went straight to the hotel right after the movie.

The morning after, we were too lazy to move around so we settled for a brunch at a coffee shop nearby the magnificent boutique hotel. From the hotel, we drove to Jonker Street and spend almost an hour there. Anggerek found her grilled squid and she was a happy woman.
Why so expensive one?
Because we are using fresh squids and all done by hand, no machines involved
From there, we decided we wanted to take some pictures at the beautiful white dunes along the Klebang Beach. We canceled the plan as there was no 'road' that allows The Passat to go through, only sandy road. Although the Passat is readily armed with 'Minneapolis' alloy wheels 7.5J x 17" tires 235/45 R17, we decided it was not worth it. We then headed towards the famous Kuih Keria Antarabangsa where we waited in line for almost one hour for the kuih. Thank God it was totally worth it!
The long line
From there, we drove to Freeport A'Famosa Outlet as Jae and Anggerek have never been there and it was along the way too. We stayed there until 9 pm and drove back to KL. The journey back was quiet, everybody was tired I guess. I was tempted to try the 'Rest Assist' function that can detect drowsiness of the driver but thought the better of it. Hehe. Too risky.

So, what's my thought about The Passat?
1) The oil consumption: I only filled RM100 worth of petrol for the whole trip (the whole trip was around 730 km) and I still got gas to send The Passat back to its headquarters. Probably because of its 1.8l TSI engine, which is synonymous with maximum power and minimized consumption.

2) Safety: The Passat has dual front airbags with front passenger airbag deactivation, dual front side airbags, 'Rest Assist' function, excellent Cruise Control, the amazing anti-lock braking system and the Rain Sensor.
Very comfy leather seats. And mine has memory function too!
3) The seats: Very comfortable 'Vienna' leather seat upholstery and the front seats are equipped with electric 12-way adjustments with memory function for driver's seat. Being 'vertically-challenged, the 12-way adjustments and memory function does keep me comfortable.
Park Distance Control in action
4) The parking assistance: The Passat is equipped with Park Distance Control that alerts you whenever there are obstacles/ objects beside/ in front/ at the back of The Passat. And all these can be viewed via the clear LED monitor on the center console.

Here are some other features of The Passat that might strike your fancy.
I love this compartment beside the steering - so convenient!

My honest opinion about The Passat?
It is worth every cent and more.
(I was actually thinking of getting The Passat as my second car after test-riding it. Actually, I still am thinking about it)
Haiqal Rawlins

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  1. Heard about Passat from bloggers lately! It has really good review and I'm thinking about getting a test drive too!

  2. Kereta ni nampak bagus lah.. Nak head south jugak school holiday ni..

    1. Memang best drive The Passat. Enjoy your holiday ye Kylie

  3. it's a great car for family. comfortable and nice to drive too

  4. Definitely suitable for small family car! BTW nice car and your camera taking very nice picture as well!

  5. The car trunk is huuugeeee. i bet girls gonna love this so they can put everything in their car hahahhaa

  6. I wish I can afford one... hehehe... it certainly looks super good and comfy

  7. This is a very spacious and comfortable car to for travelling.

  8. It's been a while since my last trip with friends, aww, miss those fun moments :)

  9. So envious that you get to give it a test drive. I have heard that it drives like a dream and I am convinced now with your review!


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