Cinderella - Movie Review

I remembered growing up reading all about the magical kingdoms - Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow White etc.
Being a nerd that I was growing up, I keep coming back for more and soon I started re-reading the fairy tales.

When Disney and all the big production houses in Hollywood started bringing the fairy tales to life (some even doing the other side of the story -Maleficent for instance), I got all excited.
Cinderella - life is as fragile as a glass shoe. And a beautiful one at that too!
Thanks to +ChurpChurp  for inviting me to the #Churpremiere of Cinderella.
Ella lives with her loving parents in their 200+ years old mansion. She grows up being thought to "Have Courage and Be Kind".
When her mother passed away, Ella lives on with her father until she becomes a beautiful young lady.
Lady Tremaine and the two daughters
When her father remarries to Lady Tremaine and moves in to the mansion with her two nosy and seemingly stupid daughters, Drizela and Anastasia, Ella embraces the new family whole-heartedly and with love.

But everything changes to the worst when Ella's father died during one of his business trips, leaving Ella to the hands of Lady Tremaine.
Cinderella becomes the help
Lady Tremaine starts to treat her as the help and works Ella to death. Lady Tremaine fires other help of the house and leave the chores of maintaining the house to Ella.
When Ella appears with face full of ash and smudges, the sisters starts to call her Cinderella.

Broken hearted with the remarks from the sisters and Lady Tremaine, Ella rides to the wood where she meets Prince Charming who identifies himself as "Kit", the apprentice.
Cinderella meets Kit
When Kit arrives at the palace, the King orders him to choose a bride before the King dies. And the bride has to be a princess of a bigger kingdom, in order to protect and prosper the kingdom.

Not wanting to disappoint the king and at the same time Kit does not want to disappoint his own heart and wants, he agrees to the idea of a ball but open the ball to all the maiden, may she be of royal blood or just plain maiden.

Ella was excited about the invitation just because she wants to meet with Kit the apprentice. But her step mother and the sisters are doubly excited because Lady Tremaine is certain that the prince will choose one of her daughters to be his bride.

On the day of the event, when Cinderella appears in her mother's dress, Lady Tremaine rips off the dress and leaves Cinderella crying.
The godmother changes to something more comfortable!
A beautiful floating dress
Cinderella meets an old lady wanting some food while she was crying in her garden. Afterwards she realizes that the old lady is her fairy godmother who magically turns everything around her to be her entourage - a pumpkin changes to her gold carriage, mice as her horses, goose and the drivers and lastly, the magical and beautiful glass shoes!
Off she goes to the ball and at the strike of 12 midnight, Cinderella runs back to her home, contended and happy and a shoe less!
Announcing Lady Tremaine
The mysterious beautiful girl 
Lady Tremaine was devastated that the Prince did not dances with any of her daughter and when Cinderella attends to her at home, she realizes that Cinderella moves and dances as the mysterious beautiful girl that dances with the Prince during the ball.

The King dies and the prince mourns and becomes King.
And he determines to find the owner of the glass shoe to be her bride.

Lady Tremaine discovers Cinderella little secret and smashes the one glass shoe that Cinderella hides in the attic.
Lady Tremaine then meets with the Grand Duke and promises to keep Cinderella from marrying the King if the Grand Duke grants her with the title Duchess and marries her daughters with some rich nobles.
Will there a happily ever after for these two?
Will Cinderella meets "Kit" the apprentice despite all the schemes by Lady Tremaine?
Will "Kit" the apprentice and Cinderella be able to accept the other half as they are?

Plot : 4.9/ 5.0. The plot sticks truly to its story, as told by the fairy tale books. Some funny acts in between brightens the plot. 

Penghayatan : 4.9/ 5.0. SUPERB! Everybody was so convincing, especially Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter! Lily James is so cute and pretty, especially with the cotton cloud blue dress!

Will I watch it again : Yes and I will buy the DVD!

Haiqal Rawlins
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