JTX AirTracker - The Testimony

Just wanna share the testimony from one my satisfied clients.
A happy JTX AirTracker user!

He installed, actually just affixed the JTX AirTracker stickers to the cover of his air filter on his much beloved MyVi.

He confessed to me that a car is a husband's second wife, so, taking care of the car is also a must to him.

After 15 minutes of affixing the stickers, I touched the exhaust of his car and it was not hot. 
He was shocked and tried it out for himself.
And he laughed when he felt that the exhaust was cold.
"I have been driving around for almost 30 minutes prior to affixing the stickers and the exhaust is nowhere near warm. It is amazing"

After 30 minutes, we noticed there were droplets of water started coming out from the exhaust.
Meaning, the fuel was completely and optimally utilized!

How does this amazing little sticker works?

JTX AirTracker transforms the air molecules, coming in from the air filter, into extremely smaller molecule structures. This structures enable the burning process of the fuel to be more optimal and complete.
This in return will allow the engine to be at its best thus giving a better performance with smoother psiton movements. 
All these optimum goodness will result in FUEL SAVINGS = More RM ie more saving for you!
And along the way, you help contributing a greener environment because fully burnt fuel emits less carbon monoxide ie lower carbon emission.

Other benefits?
  • Improves engine performance (smoother and less noise)
  • Reduces carbon monoxide emission
  • Saves fuel comsumption
  • Reduces sludge inside the engine
  • Improves fuel burning
  • Reduces raising temperature of engine
  • Prolongs lifespan of engine and parts

How to install the JTX AirTracker

Amazingly, the exhaust is touchable without having the burn mark on your hands

Wanna be a part of this amazing features?

Haiqal Rawlins
E-mail : rawlins.una@gmail.com | FB : rawlins.ichigo | IG : rawlins_glam

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