I'm In Dilemma!

Your choice, fellas!
Ials akan pilih GIVE IT YOUR ALL
Hidup ini penuh dengan pilihan kan
Before making choices, fikirkan the pros and cons of your decision
Apa-apahal pun, now ials in dilema
Sebab 24 November nie ada special occasion and I do not think that I am ready
Not fully ready that is

So many choices!
Jangan ingat bila ada special occasion, hanya ladies je yang akan pening kepala memikirkan their outfit dan accessories
Guys too!
Especially if it YOUR SPECIAL DAY kan
Takkan nak ordinary je

First of all, ials have to decide on this matter?
It is going to be a red-carpet event and there will be an after-party afterwards
Memang glamourous event i tell you

With all the papparazi (*kau hadooo*) and flashes of cameras everywhere, ials need to decide on which way ials wanna go

If it is SMART CASUAL, should I go with any of the below?
Korean style hooded shirt
Double-breasted vest
Also winter-inspired
Pair with this creative pant from Dior?
Or, any of these for me, the daredevil?

 Or, if it is FORMAL WEAR, any of the below suits me?
Sherlock-inspired by Brioni

By Cavalli
All white by Fiorelli Genevie
Burberry Prorsum Winter Wear ! Loving the look!
Red by Prada!
Stripe and cap for me?
Or a 3-piece-suit?
So many choices

And all these just for the outfit

And I have not putting shoes and accessories to go with THE suit

Tu kena tulis an entire post just for shoes and accessories plak kan

Gimme a call/ message if you want to join in this GLAM- apparazzi craziness

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