Step Up Revolution : The Review

 Oh My Gucci!
I don't even know where to start on this review!

Should I start with the fact that the choreographs were all SOOOOOO GOOOD
Choreographs features Jamal Sims, Christopher Scott, Chuck Maldonado and Travis Wall

Should I talk about the actors aka SUPERB dancers
  • Kathryn McCormick as Emily Anderson from So You Think You Can Dance (Season 6)
  • Adam Sevani as Robert "Moose" Alexander III, he has been with Step Up since the first installment
  • Stephen "Twitch" Boss as Jason from So You Think You Can Dance (Season 7)
  • Misha Gabriel as Eddie. He is a choreographer and been with so many tours of great artistes such as Janet Jackson, Pussycat Dolls
  • Mia Michaels as Olivia. Well, she is the judge in So You Think You Can Dance.
Alright then
Let's just learn the plot

Emily Anderson is the daughter of a very wealthy businessman, arrives in Miami and wanting to prove to her father that she can go far in dancing. Her father is aiming to take hold of some of the neighbourhoods in Miami and turn it into a sophisticated and luxurious development project. The neighbourhoods that he has in mind belongs to the natives of Miami and the youngsters doesn't like the idea of being evicted from their own neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, Sean, a Miami native, has been living a double live as a waiter and a dance crew director called The Mob. The Mob has been performing their dances everywhere, starting from a very congested road to a restaurant. The Mob will broadcast their performance on the internet in order to get 1 million viewers and win an international contest which will get them a huge cash prize. As they perform illegally, the local media labelled them as terrorist and a menace to the public.
A very innovative way to capture audiences' attention by starting the movie with this mob!
Sean is a waiter in Emily's father hotel and they eventually meet up accidentally, without Sean knowing that Emily is the daughter of the man that is going to take away his neighbourhood. Emily joined The Mob to show her protest to her father's greedy way but eventually, the whole crew and Emily's father learn the truth and all hell break loose.
The best dance scene and so classy!
First appearance of Emily with The Mob, in a fine-dining restaurant!
Protest dance at Emily's father office
Due to a very  provoking move and dance performed by Eddie (co-director of The Mob) during Emily's father party, The Mob was disqualified from the contest and lose their chance of winning the cash. 
The steps are so mesmerizing!
Eventually, The Mob has to stand together as they need to have the native's voices heard. They managed to get hold of other dancers and then perform the biggest and most BAD A*S mob they have ever done just to protest the move of taking over the neighbourhoods!
Moose and his mob

The bad a*s mob ever!
My evaluation of the movie :
Plot : 4.7/5.0. It is just a typical dance movie but I love how they develop the scenes and the dances so well that it flows smoothly. I love the dance scenes so much! This installment serves you with so much dance scenes that lacks during the last installments. Good moves! Less love story, more dance scenes!

Characters : 4.8/5.0 Even though some of them are dancers, the actors managed to perform well. It maybe due to the fact that the love story scenes are next to minimal and the dance scenes took most of the film.

Will I watch it again : Of course! Next I will be seeing it in 3D!
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