Katy Perry : Part of Me, The Review

Pernah dengar tak peribahasa "Never judge a book by its cover"

Mesti pernah kan

So, last week, Nuffnang and ChurpChurp bagi ials tiket untuk menonton wayang Katy Perry : Part of Me
Katy Perry with no make-up : Still pretty!
Well, since ials dah join the contest dan dapat plak tiket free, might as well pergi la kan
Free pun, so paling teruk pun ials akan keluar in the middle of the movie

Itu perancangan ials
Sebab ials rasa, mana-mana cerita yang menceritakan latar belakang artis nie sama je, self-centered and shallow
Ye la, dokumentari pasal individu itu, takkan dia nak feature orang lain plak kan

But was I wrong!

By the end of the movie, I came to realize that each song is based on a piece of her life story
And the movie was so wonderfully done and sculptured that I was able to feel how Katy really felt when she was happy or sad in the movie

Phrase yang paling ials suka adalah "Thank you for believing in my weirdness"

Katy is a fun and weird person 
And Katy suka jemput golongan kurang upaya ke back-stage party after each of her concert
*All together now "Awwwwwww*

Plot : 4.3/5.0. It is a documentary, so takde plot sangat la kan tapi susunan dan garapan memang teratur
Penghayatan : 4.6/5.0. Since it is a documentary, maka semua bukan lakonan la kan but still, meletup!
Will I watch it again : In DVD yes.

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    1. Selamat hari raya msred

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