Walking and Its Benefits

Walking and Its Benefits | Since I will only be joining the gym in the middle of July (hopefully), until then, I will be walking at Taman Tasik Cempaka and Putrajaya (among other places). And I will try to do it daily (after work during weekdays and early mornings during the weekend.
Walking, Rawlins Exercises, New Normal, PKPP, Health by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Health benefits
As I have mentioned in a post earlier (Should I Stretch Before Walking?), walking is an underrated exercise. And I've set my smartwatch to 10,000 steps daily that I have to complete - which I've neglected during the 3-month MCO hahaha. 
Walking, Rawlins Exercises, New Normal, PKPP, Health by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Health benefits
So, why walk? Here are some reasons why walking is great (Thanks MyFitnessPal Blog).

  1. It gets me moving. According to the article in MyFitnessPal blog, sitting for long periods of time increases the likelihood of illness and even early death. Walking can counteract the negative effects of sitting, even just 10 minutes a day can get the blood flowing for positive health effects.
  2. A great way to lose weight. So far, I noticed that I will burn around 200 - 230 calories by just walking for 30 - 40 minutes. And yes, I do lose some weight, albeit a bit slow - but who's complaining? Every single gram is a joy to lose. Haha.
  3. It's easy on joints. I have been having some issues with my knees, after a sudden and rigorous activity that I joined last year. Thus, I chose to walk more now as walking is low-impact and with minimal risk of injury. 
  4. It helps to stay healthy as one age. It is said that a daily walk helps to ward off some health issues such as dementia, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and breast cancer. And I'm in my 40s now. So, keep it moving! Haha.
  5. Walking improves my mood. I will be coming home happier after each walk. 
  6. Walking is easy to progress. I remembered when I first started, I only managed to walk 3 km in 50 minutes. Now, I managed to walk for 5 km in 55 minutes. Next, I will be carrying some light weights while walking, in my bit to build some muscle hahaha. 
  7. It is cheap. All I need a pair of good walking shoes. 
  8. I get my required dose of Vitamin D. As Vit D promotes a strong immune system and essential for gut and bone health, I get my dose of Vit D for free, daily now.
  9. I get to enjoy nature. I change my walking scenery on the weekend - so I get to enjoy a different nature during my walks. And I enjoy my walk more when I walk paths that are away from vehicle traffic and closer to the greens. More greenery has been linked to lower anxiety levels and a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes.
  10. Walking makes me sleep better. I noticed that I have been sleeping better and more relaxed after I started walking now. Now I wake up brighter and fresher - ready to face the day with so much positivity.
  11. Walking supports brain health and aids the immune system. Walking increases blood flow to the brain, which lessens the risk of cognitive illness such as Alzheimer's and supports overall brain health. And some research shows that brisk walking increases white blood cell count which is important in fighting off infections. 
  12. Walking improves balance. A daily walk helps to keep glutes, hips, quadriceps, and hamstrings strong and improves balance, thus making a fall less likely.
Walking, Rawlins Exercises, New Normal, PKPP, Health by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Health benefits
Walking, Rawlins Exercises, New Normal, PKPP, Health by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Health benefits
Let us all start walking guys. But remember, practice social distancing ok. And those with kids, please watch your kids closely. I've watched some parents who were so into their mobile phones that they just let their kids run around. What if some accidents were to happen? Or someone took your kids?

Be safe guys.

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  1. I will become happier if after walking I get my food hahaha jk I love walking at park or forest somewhere close to nature

  2. Yep. Walking is the best exercise. When I was studying in Manchester, I used to walk everyday. Badan pun slim giler time tu. Now my body weight dah masuk dlm top secret file. Uhuys!

  3. Betul, walking membg snagat bagus. Berjalan lebih seribu langkah.. Sihatvtubuh badan. Tak smeestinya kene berlari

  4. Xsabar nak jogging dan fast walklepas my confinment.. actually there is 1 japanese doctor said, walking atau fast walking lebih berkesan utk menurunkan berat badan

  5. Lama betul tak senam berjalan gini, sebab rumah sekarang dah jauh dari taman..kalau dulu yaa, lepas hantar anak sekolah mesti singgah buat senaman berjalan pusing roundabout sampai 5/6 kali okay..sangat bagus, sebab tu dulu i kurus hahahahah...

  6. Kalau jalan-jalan window shopping tak terasa penat sangat kaki tu hee bila dah sarat ni kalau berjalan lama sikit rasa nak roboh perut yaya tapi Yaya memang suka berjalan dari jogging atau berlari

  7. Salah satu cara keluarkan peluh sy buat senaman ini, berjalan pelahan tapi set masa dan pedo meter di hand phone, target berapa langkah setiap hari.

  8. Good moved. Join gym mana nanti bro? Samalah mid july nak aktif balik alang2 gym dah buka. Stay in fit

  9. I suka jalan2 tapi kat mall.. sebab boleh cuci mata sekali.. heheh

  10. Yes! I agree with you too Rawlins, walking is indeed the best. From all the form of excericises I find walking and jogging is the most suitable for me. Even kerja pun I prefer the ones with a lot of walking, sitting at a desk too long tak best.

  11. baru je haritu baca pasal artikel mengenai ala ala ini juga. selalunya berjlan sekitar rumah saja hehe nak gi jalan jauh takleh

  12. Exercising is always good for us. But it is crucial to maintain a hygiene environment too especially during covid. Maintaining cleanliness in things that we used everyday such as mattress is not so easy. Therefore getting a professional mattress deep cleaning is essential.


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