A Trip Home That Changes The Country

That is some dramatic title, right?
Well, the write up actually is in some ways.
Remember when #MalaysiaMemilih?
Yes, I went back to my hometown in Sibu, Sarawak and did my part for my beloved country. And apparently, Malaysians all over the world did too.
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When I first heard about the rumours about the voting date, I rushed to my desktop and booked my air return tickets to my hometown via Malaysia airlines online booking. I know that if I buy the tickets at the eleventh hour, it will cost me more than my arms and legs. And true enough, I managed to get the tickets at much cheaper rates than my friends who bought their much later than mine. Some of my friends bought theirs via Traveloka and they managed to get a good deal too.  
The check-in went well, the flight was not delayed and in about 2 hour 30 minutes later, I was in Sibu, safely landed and in the arms of my parents and the young ones that I missed dearly. That trip was not only about my voting, but it was also my balik kampung as I will not be able to do so for Gawai and Hari Raya due to work commitment. So I took the whole two weeks off!
Traveloka, Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia Memilih, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Travels
Them love!
What I did when I was there?

First, I went back to my mum's hometown in Sarikei to visit my grandfather. 
Then I went back to my house in Sibu and did my usual routine of food hunting all around Sibu. I ate my favourites : bubur buang panas, laksa sarawak, mee kolok and kek lapis. But the food that I keep on missing no matter where is kasam ensabi, pucuk ubi goreng and all of my mum's cooking. But I assume everybody is like that too, missing their mum's cooking all the time, just like me right?

There was some drama happening too, in the evening before the voting day. Some poll-checking people were going around the housing area just to check and ensure that everybody's name was on the list and to our surprise, my parents' names were not on the list! Can you imagine the shock of my father who has been voting for his entire life and has never missed a single one? 

'Whatever! I will still go and do my part tomorrow. I don't believe that young man's word, not a single one' he said.

True enough, when we send them to their voting location, their names were there and in they went to do their parts. I assumed the act by the poll-people were just some desperate act to disrupt the voting process. My siblings and I were voting at a different location, which was around 10 minutes away from my parents'.

Did we stayed up that night and waited for the count?
No, we did not. Hahaha.

When I woke up in the morning and read the news' headlines, I was somehow felt delighted with the results. We woke up, get ready and went for a huge breakfast at YS Cafe in Jalan Kampung Nangka. And the GE14 results were mainly the talk of every patron in the cafe that morning. Hehe.
It is true that time flies when you are having fun.
14 days went by unknowingly and it was time for me to fly back to KL.

During the flight home, I managed to capture an amazing view of Gunung Santubong when the aircraft was about to land in Kuching for a transit. 
Traveloka, Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia Memilih, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Travels
That's Gunung Santubong (I assume hahaha)
Thanks Malaysia Airlines for such a great trip to and fro and I was thankful that you have managed to bring me home safely and let me leave a mark in the history of Malaysia when #MalaysiaMemilih.
Rawlins GLAM

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  1. Malaysia Airlines, despite the incidents, has always been my choice when it came to flying. Of course, I have some other favourites as well, depending on their fares. LOL Glad that your flights were uneventful!

  2. Never been to sarawak.. really what to go there.. thanks for the flight info.. perhaps u can recommend nice place in sarawak for me as new beginner wanna go to sarawak.. thanks

  3. Best dapat balik kat kg halaman bertemu insan tersayang. Eh eh mee kolok I likeeeè.....ramai juga anak saudara Rawlins ya?.....comel2 belaka.

  4. Such a long time never flight with Malaysia Airlines. I miss Kampua from Sibu. Such a long time never visit Sibu . I miss the people and food.

  5. Love this post! This marks a beautiful history that we have changed in Malaysia forever!

  6. It is so frustrating when you are at your hometown but cannot celebrate Hari Gawai and Hari Raya with family. But nevermind, took two weeks off is brilliant :)

  7. Masa musim mengundi memang tanggungjawab yang besar untuk kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia. Yang jauh mcm Rawlins pun pulang. Amat lah rugi yg ada di Semenanjung tak hadir mengundi kan. 5 tahun sekali dan tahun ni tukar kerajaan. Hebat Rakyat.

  8. Terharu baca...
    Rugi tak dapat nk vote hari tu sebab clash dengan date travel...memang ralat gila la masa tau date election tu sebab semua da bayar..hotel..air bnb..kereta sewa...tapi nasib kawasan saya mukhriz wipe off easily..as expected

  9. Such a touching post, those feelings will forever be remembered. By the way, that mee looks delish! Sarawakians have really good taste!

  10. OMG you took a whole two weeks off??? I wish I could take that long leave too! And thank goodness you didn't fall for their trap! Good job on you and your family! Hahhaha I terlebih semangat and watched the news with full of frustration because of the delay. And what is kasam ensabi? It sounds very delicious.

  11. It's nice to get together with the family members. I have not been to Sibu yet. seems like a nice place. I would love to bring my family together there for holiday sometime. Will check the travel packages available and have fun there.

  12. Yes! and finally we took the courage to voice out and WE DID IT. So proud of Malaysians and 2 thumbs up to ourselves.

  13. Seronok mendengar rakan-rakan disebelah Borneo pulang walaupun sekejab untuk PRU14. Banyak perubahan berlalu selepas PRU tempoh hari...

    By the way... rasanya berbeza dengan pulang berhari raya.. Sebabnya semua ahli keluarga ada bersama disebabkan tanggungjawab kasih dan sayang mereka terhadap negara.

  14. Pucuk ubi goreng tu sama tak dengan rendang pucuk ubi di semenanjung? hahah...lari topik


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