Breakfast Challenge with Dutch Lady PureFarm Milk

Good morning lovely people.
What is your early morning routine like?
This has become a 'meal' plan nowadays - me too :(
Mine is as follows:
  • Wake up to the alarm
  • Switch off the alarm
  • Check the FB and IG's notifications on the smartphone
  • Head on to the bathroom
  • Prayer and get ready to work
  • Have breakfast with my smartphone in my left hand
I bet almost half of you reading this have the same routine as me, eating breakfast with your smartphone in your other hand.

A six-year study compared the mental and physical efficiency of a group of adults throughout the day, some of whom ate healthy nutritious breakfasts while others did not.
When compared to those who ate breakfast, the people who did not became less efficient as the day went on!
That is unacceptable as a working adult, right!

As such, I have a breakfast gang in my workplace.
How to get initiate into the gang?
You must breakfast with the gang, daily, during weekdays.

So, when Dutch Lady Malaysia challenged me to have a 7-day breakfast with Dutch Lady Purefarm Milk, it was challenge most welcome. 
I routinely incorporate milk into one my daily meals so having Dutch LadyPureFarm Milk is a delicious bonus.

Here are my 7 days of Dutch Lady PureFarm Milk Breakfast Challenge

Day 1
A happy me with my Dutch Lady PureFarm milk supply
Being a true Malaysia, Nasi Lemak with Dutch Lady PureFarm Milk

Day 2
This is a very fulfilling breakfast for me - a simple and fast one when you are on the go
Day 3
On the road and I need my breakfast fast - a packet of Nasi Lemak with Dutch Lady PureFarm Full Cream Milk
Day 4
A bun with Dutch Lady PureFarm Low Fat high Calcium Milk
Day 5
I try to eat healthy but at times (most of the times), I have my cheat days
Day 6
As it is pun boleh!
Day 7

This is my favourite diet meal!
Milk is typically consumed at breakfast but sadly, almost 50% of Malaysians have breakfast irregularly.

Eating breakfast helps with weight loss and long-term weight management.
Skipping breakfast will make one compensate later in the day with more carbohydrate and fats thus making a fatter you!
That is all I need to know about managing my weight!

People believe that drinking milk could assist in the weight management. 
Take the low fat version and it will work miracles on your body.

These amazing facts are mentioned in
  1. A study published in the August 2009 issue of the “Journal of the American Dietetic Association,” - the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise at VirginiaTech concluded that consuming at least three servings of low-fat dairy intake may help to improve the diet quality and weight management of young adults
  2. Curtin University in Australia performed a study comparing the weight and fat loss results of dieters eating three servings of dairy versus five servings of dairy daily. The results, released in October 2009, found that the higher amount of dairy, consumed as low-fat milk, cottage cheese and yogurt, yielded significantly greater amounts of weight and fat loss after 12 weeks.
So, lets keep on getting ourselves healthy and fit by planning our meals wisely.
Do not skip meals and take 'special' medications.

My secrets in my diet are as follow:
  • In the morning (at least 3 times a week) I take my oat with Dutch Lady Low Fat High Calcium PureFarm milk
  • Before I hit the sack, I take my Set Kurus Bajet which includes Min Kaffe, Garam Buluh Premiere Drink and BV Alfalfa to help cleanse the body.
More fun facts about having milk in your daily diet (LifeHack):
  1. Cleopatra gets beautiful complexion by bathing in milk - thanks to the many vitamins and nutrients that are essential to skin health. Now, don't go bathing in milk, drinking at least two glasses per day will provide you with such benefit too.
  2. Wanna smile with teeth when you are 60 years old without one missing? Keep on drinking milk as it is the motherlode of calcium that helps to develop strong bone and teeth
  3. As a working adult, now and then we need to take a time out to reduce stress. A glass of warm milk helps to relieve muscle tension and soothe nerves.
You want more ideas and variations for breakfast with milk?
Visit the following links or just google #SarapanDutchLady!

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  1. Great motivation from your post!

  2. The dutch lady milk very healthy drink in the morning, great post

  3. Not just milk taste so much good but the breakfast you had were tantalising, too!

  4. Dutch Lady has been a childhood favorite since I could remember Rawlins and there is certainly good nutrition upon having it. Love the layout that you did for the meals too, thumbs up!

  5. I miss all these Malaysian breakfasts :( good job on being healthy and drinking milk everyday!

  6. I drink dutch lady since i was young. now i keep on the tradition to my son

  7. Cereals is still the best for me and it'll definitely go with Dutch Lady milk!

  8. always good to have breakfast.. add in this milk and we are good to go!

  9. Milk is the easiest grab-and-go breakfast drink!

  10. Wow~ Love your meals!
    Breakfast is essential for us.

  11. healthy Rawlins! I should start eating breakfast everyday too

  12. I can see that you are eating my kind of breakfast! Simple yet delicious and filling. My, I am hungry already.

  13. hahhaha even the other day even I was drinking the dutch lady milk in my car, and the lorry driver next to me kept looking..hahhaha

  14. Must makan breakfast everyday to keep our energy on!! Love Dutch Lady milk too!

  15. i love dutch lady milk...big fan here!!

  16. Never know that Milk have so many goodness =D Definitely need to start drinking milk now!

  17. awesome blog and so informative thanks for sharing

  18. Even though i have not tried it but it seems a good option to try out.

  19. I like Dutch Lady milk too, been drinking it ever since the campaign :)

  20. I have been a huge fan of Dutch Lady since I was a baby... its the milk I trust... and I know how good it is too

  21. have been a fan of Dutch Lady Milk ever since I was a baby... and I know the nutritional value here

  22. My favorite Dutch lady milk! I drink this everyday ^^

  23. when this arrived at my doorstep it made me realised how much i missed drinking milk.

  24. Brand ni i lagi prefer minum as it is instead of dengan cereal atau makanan2 lain.. Ke arah healthy lifestyle!

  25. I also have my breakfast in the car because the jam is so slow sampai Nasi lemak also can finish lol

  26. Sedapnya breakfast! haha. Ducth Lady Milk has to be a great addition to your diet to achieve healthier bones


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