R U Tough Enough: Man vs Woman

Man vs Woman - who has the toughest nails?
That is the question that no one has an answer to - except that we all know that the ladies certainly have more beautiful cuticles.
Who is tougher?
On 4 June 2016, Watsons Malaysia and KIX HD finally crown its victor after a series of physically demanding and emotionally enduring challenges at the grand finale with the winner walking away with the grand prize of RM30,000!
The 10 toughest men & women
The brand ambassadors, fitness enthusiast Ms Linora Low and movie start Mr Keith Foo lead their teams (#TeamLinora and #TeamKeith) through a 6-stage obstacles challenges.  
And man, the obstacles were really tough!
The arena
One of the obstacles
Not only the participants were challenged physically, their ability to think and act under extreme stress were also tested. For each obstacle, 10 seconds will be added if they did not follow the rule of the obstacle to the T. For example, you are supposed to walk on a very narrow beam while holding an exercise ball straight above your head. Should you fall from the beam, 10 seconds will be added to your total time. And for the stress obstacle, they were given 10 seconds to memorize the order of 4 items before carrying them well above their waist over the obstacles. After going through some tough obstacles, your mind will be playing tricks on you and you might get the order wrong.

I was impressed with the back stories of some of the contestants. Some were ridiculed and bullied when they were younger just because they were big-sized. Some even resorted to extreme dieting which leads her to suffer anorexia and has to be treated  for it. Through exercise and mental determination, they all made it and become among the toughest men and women in Malaysia.

The 10 finalists were selected from the audition round held in April 2016. The 10 finalists were Dayang, Michelle, Lily, Perima and Ying Ying for #TeamLinora and Benny, Derrick, Nash, Suphasan and Yusfi for #TeamKeith.

Apart from the grand prize, there were also subsidiary titles where the winner wins RM500 worth of Watsons VIP points each. 

Benny was announced as the winner after he defeated Michelle in a head-to-head battle where both finalists went through another series of obstacles.
R U Tough Enough? is brought to you by Watsons, co-sponsored by Fisherman's Friend and KPJ Group of Hospitals, with the official partner Astro, the venue partner Sunway Pyramid and the gym partner, Celebrity Fitness.
Haiqal Rawlins

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