All I Want For CNY

Terima kasih +Mira Cikcit sebab mengingatkan saya bahawa contest dari Shopcoupons bersama Lazada nie dah hampir ke penghujungnya.

Sebenarnya saya dah agak lama jadi pelanggan Lazada nie.
Pembelian terbaru saya adalah Jawbone Up
Ye lah apabila dalam proses #SayaNakKurus nie, dengan adanya Jawbone Up nie memang banyak membantu saya memantau tahap kecergasan diri.
Thanks Lazada for the lightning-fast service
Lagipun, jika dibandingkan dengan yang ada di luar sana, berikut adalah sebab kenapa saya memilih untuk membeli dari Lazada.
  1. Harga lebih murah daripada yang lain
  2. Penghantaran yang percuma dan pantas (biasanya dalam 3 hari saya dah dapat barang)
  3. Lazada adalah portal yang boleh dipercayai dari segi perkhidmatan dan kualiti barangannya (I actually went through a few portals and yes the price is much cheaper but when I read the reviews on their services, I decided on Lazada on the spot)
Anyway, all I want for this CNY adalah seperti berikut :

The first item is Jabra ROX Wireless Bluetooh Headset (Black).
My first wish
Why do I want this?
I am in the middle of making myself a more fit human being. So I will need all the help.
And I do not necessarily love running/ walking.
I love dancing ie I love hearing music while working out.
But since our body is easily accustomed to one type of training and will eventually brings no impact to your weight loss, so I have to vary my types of training.
I will have to do not only cardio exercises but also the weight training and others too.
And to motivate myself doing all the other trainings, I must have music with me.
And this headset is the most perfect gadget for me as I can do all sorts of movement without having worry of getting entangled with the wires.
I can bring it anywhere and all is need is my handphone as I can easily sync it to my favorite playlist.

My second wish is Gopro Hero 4 Silver set.
With this, one can become a Guru in photo-taking!
Why do I want this?

The correct question is - WHO DOESN'T?
I love travelling and bringing a huge DSLR just to get the best composure for pictures is not only troublesome, it is heavy!
And DSLR is not easy to handle, especially for taking selfie!
Imagine connecting your DSLR to a pole (selfie stick) and use it for taking selfie.
So, with this set, all I need is my phone to act as its remote and I am ready to a photographer.
This set is also handy for taking a wide selfie too!
And the quality of the pictures are also as good as professional's.
*The free items are very much appreciated bonus - the Pole and Memory Card*

The third in the list is Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Core i5 set.
Come to daddy!
Again, who doesn't need a mobile laptop?
I know there are lots of other models that are also mobile and user-friendly.

So why do I want this particular amazing item?
With its weigh just 800 g and at 10 mm thin, the Surface is the best to take wherever I go.
Being am online GLAMpreneur (GLAM members + entrepreneur) and a blogger, I need to be on my toes all the time.
There are thousands of things to update and information to disseminate every minute. As its battery could last up to 9 hours, I do not have to bring the power cord during the day.
And as its performance is of equal to a desktop, I could almost do anything on this baby (except making my favorite coffee. Hey, I can just order mine from the website)
Having the 5MP front and back camera on the Surface is just an added bonus too.

The fourth on my wishlist is Philips Senso Touch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver RQ1258.
Hair problem? Not anymore.
As I have mentioned, being a GLAMpreneur and a blogger, I also need to be at my best, almost all the time.
Imagine having meeting client looking like an ape! I am sure that not only you will not close any deal, you might end up in a zoo.
So, having this electric shaver will help me with the hair department (walaupun takde la nak berbulu sangat).

And the last item in my list is GMP Hard Cover Travel Luggage - Gold some more.
As I love travelling, I think having a good and sturdy luggage is one of the must have.
Since this baby comes in a set of 3, and it is in GOLD, my eyes were quickly drawn to it!
3 sizes for different types of travelling - small for a 3 day journey, medium for a week stay and large for 8 days or more trip.
Or perhaps I could bring all three as back-up during the boxing day sale in Leicester?

There you go Shopcoupons & Lazada.
So, when can I get my wishes?

You can check out the products at Lazada.
This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCoupons.
Lazada voucher sponsored by Lazada Malaysia.
Haiqal Rawlins
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