L'Oreal Paris Beauty Countdown Contest

It is that season again.
A season of giving joy and bringing laughter to the ones you love.

As you are no Santa Claus (obviously), giving joy and bringing laughter might cost you a little.
But, how can it compares to the gratitude expression on your loved ones faces when they see their present right?
L'Oreal Paris Beauty Countdown Contest
Fret not, ladies and gentlemen.
L'Oreal Paris is giving away goodies for 10 weeks, until the end of the year (31 December 2014).

L'Oreal Paris Beauty Countdown - The prizes waiting for you!
Do not worry.
L'Oreal Paris has prepared a hamper worth RM100 waiting for you daily.
I want this L'Oreal Paris products!
And on weekly basis for 10 weeks, L'Oreal Paris has also prepared wonderful gifts for you too!
Oh greedy me. I also want these amazing weekly prizes too
And, there is a car worth more RM100,000 waiting for you too!!
What the h**l! I also want the sweet RM100,000 ride too! (the beautiful girl is not included)
Owh, you wanna how to win all these presents from  L'Oreal Paris

  1. Firstly, spend a minimum of RM20 on L'Oreal Paris Products
  2. Register yourself on this L'Oreal Paris website
  3. Upload the photo of your receipt
  4. Don't forget to answer the questions asked on the L'Oreal Paris website
  5. In you want more chances to win, shop more and enter a few (hundred) times
Simple eh?

Wanna try your luck and bring laughter to your loved ones too?

Just click on the link below.


Haiqal Rawlins
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