The 1 Thing That Matters

If you were asked, what is the 1 thing that matters to you the most in this whole wide world, what would your answer be?

This is also a question ask by Allianz Malaysia Berhad - 1 Thing That Matters (

My immediate answer is FAMILY!

Yes, to me my family is the 1 and only thing that matters to me.

But to some other, the answers might vary.

It could be their health, their wealth, their friends, their basic necessities.
Some might even say the very air that they breath.
Of course air is important.

As to me, my family is the 1 thing that matters the most to me.

I come from a very big family.
My father has a siblings of 14 (now only 13 as one of my uncles has passed away) and my mother has 3 siblings (4 including her).
Now with everyone of my uncles and aunties has married and have children, the family is HUGE.

I am an Iban and we celebrate Gawai. 
And yes, we live in a concrete rumah panjang, complete with Astro, electricity and water supply.
Whenever my father's side is gathering, the whole family is enough to create merriment! Imagine a family of 13 times 4 children each (on average) are gathering!
This is only 1/5 of the whole big family from my father's side
And whenever I went back to mother's hometown, even though only 3 of them are left (one of my uncles has also passed away), my grandmother's siblings are living just beside us. 
So, me and my cousins are also a havoc bunch!
This is only 1/3 of the whole family from my mother's side
Having growing up in such a huge family, we learnt to appreciate each other and always try to help each other whenever we are in a dire situation.

Also, having working in Bangi, a long long way from home, I learnt to appreciate my family more.
And also, my family is the main reason why I join #GLAM, to provide more to my family.
What is #GLAM?
#GLAM stands for Green Leaders Academy Malaysia, a business community founded by a powerful couple, Hanis Haizi and Razali Zain.
#GLAM helped many thousands of young #GLAMpreneur (entrepreneur registered under #GLAM  to establish and to develop their business, even when the #GLAMpreneur are just doing it as their part-time job.
All trainings and personal coaching are provided FREE.
Do contact me if you want to provide more to your family too, #GLAM style!

Now, I have an added motivation in providing more to my family. 
These four little angels of mine are what motivates me to do more and better for my family.
My angels that keep me going on, stronger by each day
I would do anything for these little angels of mine.
Yes, anything.
They are also the main reason why I am a #GLAMpreneur
In health and in sickness, my family are always there for me.
My friends are also there too.

Being away from my family, my friends are my best support system.
My parents always taught me that my friends are also my family.
And now, I have extended families here in Semenanjung and they are also matter to me.

So, what about you?

What is your "1 Thing That Matters"?

Haiqal Rawlins
E-mail : | FB : rawlins.ichigo | IG : rawlins_glam

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  1. Miera Nadhirah TanSunday, 12 October, 2014

    wah... betul 2 one BIG happy family..... hehehe...


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