A Work - Life Balance

Kita semua dikurniakan 24 jam dalam sehari.
Tapi kenapa ada insan yang lebih berjaya berbanding yang lain?

Rahsianya adalah dengan menggandakan usaha dan juga menghargai setiap detik yang berlalu.

Saya terpanggil untuk berkongsi artikel ini berkenaan "Here's How You Can Strike A Work-Life Balance".

Kurangkan stres dalam bekerja.
Perbanyakkan perasaan suka dan bersyukur dalam melakukan apa jua kerja, maka kita tidak akan tension.

If you are loving your work, then it will become less stress to manage.
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Start your day with a relaxed morning

Here’s your daily weekday ritual: Hit the snooze button three times, wake up only to find that you’ve overslept, take a two-minute shower, iron your clothes in a frenzy, curse while you battle the morning rush to work, and finally arrive at the office 10 minutes late and hungry because you haven’t had your breakfast.
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What we suggest:
Banish that snooze button. Instead of rushing to the office, make it to your workplace 20 minutes earlier. But don’t head straight in — grab a seat at the cafe next door. Order a cup of café de crème, and savour it. Don’t take out your smartphone, don’t check your emails, don’t even check Facebook — just enjoy the moment, sip on your hot coffee, clear your mind, or even people-watch. It may only be 20 minutes, but it could be the most serene moment of your day.

Learn to say no

Most times, we find ourselves stressed out, overscheduled, and on the verge of burning out simply because we don’t know how to say ‘no’. Be it guilt, a people-pleasing complex or a misguided notion that we can be that guy who does it all, being a yes man all the time can be debilitating. Remember, nurturing yourself is a necessity. Just take a look at the French, who believe in enjoying life instead of inundating themselves with work obligations and ending up being cubicle slaves.
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What we suggest:

The word ‘no’ is the most liberating two-letter word in the dictionary, so learn to use it without feeling selfish, or ruining a relationship with a colleague or your boss. So how do you accomplish that? Firstly, you need to evaluate the request, digest it and see if you can fit that into your schedule. If you decide that taking it on would only interrupt your workflow and productivity, then turn the person down and — this is important — explain why. That way, you give the other person your perspective, and your answer doesn’t come off as a harsh rejection.

Yes, I do need to practise all these more often.

Because I am doing my business as my extra job and only be able to it after work, meaning I have to be more disciplined with my time management.

Alhamdulilah, I am now happy with what I am doing during and after office hour, thus enable me to give my best to my boss during office hour and to perform even better after the office hour to earn that #ExtraIncome.

Learn to love your job so that you will not have to work another day!

Haiqal Rawlins
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