I Am The Unstoppable Explorer for BEAUTY & HEALTH

Uols tau tak Astro-On-The-Go boleh digunakan di mana-mana?
Tak tau?
Kalau nak tau lanjut, klik banner bawah nie ok!

Now, ASTRO buat plak contest Astro Explorer kan.
Harus la saya join!
Thanks to ASTRO dan Nuffnang sebab jemput join event nie.

Berikut adalah di antara persoalan yang dilontarkan oleh Nuffnang dan ASTRO.

  • Why do call yourself an unstoppable explorer? What are your explorer characteristics?
  • What were the challenges you faced in your most recent adventure? And how did you overcome them?
  • In your opinion, what is the essential gadget you can count on in your adventures? Mobile phone? Tablet? Camera?
  • Let us know how Astro-On-The-Go allows you to explore and watch your favourite programmes and the best of Astro anytime, anywhere.
Sepertimana terpampang pada header blog saya, I am all about BEAUTY, HEALTH and LIFE.

So, I would like to consider myself an 

I keep on promoting beauty and health products in my blog like nobody business.
I also made the products for beauty and health nie as my side business gak.
I love to explore blogs and also journals for latest products and info on beauty and health, not forgetting the business side of it too!
And the gadgets really does help me with this as I could always be online to attend to my customers questions.
Health & Beauty Products on sale by me!
When I first joined the business, I though that this is gonna take most of my time and focus in order to get sales.

Luckily, using my ipad/ android phone, i could just use the magical app to update my blog/ FB/ instagram, anytime, anywhere.
And thank God for internet, my business is as easy as touching the touch screen on my ipad and phone!
Also, I have managed to get strangers to join the business and now we are best friends, even though she is far away in Labuan.
Internet has enable this long-distance business relationship to grow and prosper!

Now GLAM is expanding everywhere, Malaysia and overseas too!
GLAM is our business networking group and we call ourselves, GLAMPRENEURS!
Workout and Fashion-Crazy too!
Wanna be GLAM like me?
Call me!

And to keep myself informed and up-to-dates, Astro-On-The-Go memang membantu sangat-sangat!

Especially berkenaan penemuan terbaru dalam perubatan, cara-cara untuk bersenam ketika di pejabat serta pertandingan ratu cantik!

Tapi semua tu saya lakukan secara rahsia sebab kalau boss tahu, mesti dia nak join sekali! Hehehehehe

Facebook : www.facebook.com/rawlins.ichigo
E-mail : rawlins.una@gmail.com
Mobile : 012-2801977

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