Camwhoring much : Stickman's Version

Thanks to Nuffnang for the invite to their 'open-house' aka Stickman Santa's Christmas Tour

So, iols and Si Budak Jambu menggigihkan diri hadir ke pejabat Nuffnang
Bukan sekali dua dah datang tapi kali ini suasana memang MERIAH

Well...enjoy the pix parade ye
Pintu masuk yang menyambut kedatangan kami di Aras 12A
Cantikkan snowflakes falling dalam office
The tree is so merry with ornaments
Working alongside a gingerbread house
Space-saving christmas tree
Love the "save the world and the environment concept' here
Complete with make-shift fire-place
Nuffnang's wall
How do I apply to become an Alpha too?
I wish....Lovely concept too
A very innovative and creative tree
A little and beautifully lit corner
Yeay! Cookies, sweets and milk!
The winning deco is the gingerbread house! LOVE LOVE LOVE
Both Si Budak Jambu and I had a very lovely time there, knowing all of you at Nuffnang and Churp-Churp
Thanks for the cookies and the warm hospitality
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