Marvel's The Avengers

Hello world
Please welcome your latest and greatest superhero

Thanks to for the lovely apps.
Iron Man recruited me while he was flying half the world looking for another member to enhance the strength of The Avengers
I was busy saving the people of a village from an angry volcano by shielding them under my force shield when he passed by and helped me to subside the angry volcano

My powers are 
1) Ability to fly as fast as a hawk
2) Ability to shoot my enemies with my concentrated force field, as fas as 30 km away and also able to stretch a force field up to 30 km radius where, everything underneath the field is safe from any harm

How will I save the world with the Avengers?
1) While flying, I could shoot enemies with my force field from afar, without them noticing me for I could fly in a super-speed
2) My field is so impenetrable that anyone could blast me with warheads, lasers etc but will leave no mark on my shield
I could save an entire town by shielding them with my force field
Shielding an entire town must helps a lot : picture by  Google
3) I could also entrap enemies within my field and compress them until they are shattered into tiny bits within my field
Entrapping my enemy and kill him while inside my field : picture by Google
So, am I awesome or what?
Don't you wish you have such powers too?

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  1. wow, what a powerful ability u have..

    nice to meet u, im Muaz faris

  2. Muaz Faris : Thanks...nice meeting you too

  3. Hi, nice blog, blogwalking here.. klick my ads

  4. Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik : See you there! Good luck to you too!


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