Immortal oh Immortal

As usual, ials nie pantang ada peraduan di Nuffnang atau Churp-Churp, mesti gatal nak join
Lagi-lagi lepas Menang TV Sony Bravia 32 Inci

Baru-baru nie, Kakanda Nuffnang buat contest untuk filem Immortal
Ials pun join as usual
Gile tak best kalau tiap kali movie baru mesti dapat pergi screening
To be the selected fews yang dapat tengok before the whole Malaysia adalah perasaan paling best
Tak yah nak berebut beli tiket

Guess what?
I dapat invitation lagi!

Yeay! Thanks Kakanda Nuffnang! Muahs!
Ials sampai agak lambat sebab jalan sesak
Pastu terserempak plak ngan My Teh Tarik Drinker and his beautiful other half
Dijadikan cerita plak kami duduk bersebelahan in the hall
The first row from the screen tau
Sapa suh datang lambat kan Farahnaz?

But, what an experience!
Seumpama watching a 3D movie tau duduk depan2 nie

What did I learned from that movie?

1) Gods of Greek are all extremely beautiful
Isabel Lucas aka Athena
2) They are all good fighters but the bad people are better than them
3) They love to dress up to the nines (not forgetting 'showing as much skin as you could' is also the theme)
The Gods of Greek
4) The Gods have one very complicated family history. If one were to draw a family tree, I think it would look like wild vines! Connected everywhere!
5) The Greeks sure have one hell of a gym/ training center for their bodies are all well-toned and trimmed!
6) I do not know who is following who, but their head-gears are really one of a kind!
Keelan Lutz aka Poseidon 
Daniel Sharman aka Ares

All I can say is....

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  1. bestnyer... ala... ajar la.. x taw la psal dunia blog nie.. ahakzzz

  2. The Bittersweet : boleh...nanti kita wat kelas ek...skali ngan abang awak tu

  3. sy pun dapat invitation jugak..seronok dapat benda free ni.hehehe

  4. HafizRahim : next time kalau jumpa tegur2 ye


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