The Revenge of Volkswagen Kuning

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I am one hardcore fan of thriller/ horror movies.
Kinda sick but I have to admit that I love the adrenaline rush whenever horrific scene flashes in front of my eyes and the guessing game of when will the rush stops.

Of all the horror movies origin, the ones from South East Asia such as from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are the ones that really scare me.

Because the ghouls/ bad spirits/ ghosts are the ones that I heard about - whether from some old people telling the scary tales when I was younger or some urban legends that I heard from friends and relatives.
And the tales of the Volkswagen Kuning is just another urban legend that I heard of when I studied in Selangor. Whoever drives along the highway of Karak will always get the chill when they remember the tale of Volkswagen Kuning.

Thanks to MIG Production Sdn Bhd and Bro Framestone for extending the invitation to the premiere, I was able to witness the mysteries of Volkswagen Kuning unraveled. Volkswagen Kuning is the 115 production of MIG Production Sdn Bhd and Shadan Hashim is the director, and this is his first movie.
Mejar (K) David Teo
Shadan Hashim
Fuad (Pekin) and Sara (Atikah) was on their way to meet Fuad's parents in his hometown before their impending wedding. Upon reading a few blogs about Tempoyak Ikan Patin, Fuad decided that they should stop at a famous spot for Tempoyak Ikan Patin before reaching home. Just like any other human being nowadays, they depended on the modern technology to guide their ways. And the technology lets them down when it failed to direct them to the place. After driving around for quite some time, they finally arrived at the place but Fuad was skeptical when he saw the eerie atmosphere and decided not to stop but carry on with their way.
This handphone really helps with the lighting - it makes me look prettier
Angry and hungry, both of them finally gets into a fight over Fuad's decision of not stopping for food. Frustrated, Sara suddenly accused Fuad of not being faithful. In the midst of their argument, a yellow Volkswagen appeared out of nowhere and started honking its horn and flashing its lights from behind their car. Irritated with the act, Fuad started cursing the Volkswagen's driver for not being patience. 
And the Volkswagen gives me better lighting than the handphone
Suddenly the Volkswagen appeared in front of his car which made Fuad dumbfounded. 
When the Volkswagen was finally drove away from them, Sara was so silent that Fuad felt uneasy over the sudden change in her attitude. While consoling Sara, the Volkswagen reappeared out of nowhere which made Fuad lose control of the car and crashed into the roadside. Both of them were hospitalised with Sara was left unscratched at all and Fuad has to be hospitalised for a few days.
I just realised that my lipstick shade is all wrong
From this angle, I will look slimmer
After being dsischarged from the hospital, the traumatic experience left Sara jumpy whenever she saw a Volkswagen Kuning.
And Fuad was about to know the history of the Volkswagen Kuning when he was brought back to his hometown.

What is the back story of Volkswagen Kuning?
What is the connection of Sara and Fuad to the Volkswagen Kuning?

Plot: 3.5/ 5.0. Despite being an almost all new cast, the plot was quite alright. It was a horror movie with a simple plot and the plot will not get you confused. 
The cast
The Act: 3.5/ 5.0. I realised that some of the scripts were conflicted with each other but that was just a minor space for improvement. Kudos to Shadan Hashim for doing the research on the urban legend and put it into this movie. Pekin being the Pelakon Filem Lelaki Terbaik (FFM28) showed a great act whereas the newcomer Atikah Suhaime was not a disappointing act too, despite the scandal revolves around her.The other supporting actors gave a rather good act.
Pekin Ibrahim
Atikah Suhaime
What I expect from the movie? I was expecting more gory scenes and on the road scenes with Volkswagen Kuning as we were told about how the car terrorizes the road and the drivers. And a few twists here and there could heighten the horror level of the movie. 

Will I watch it again: I will buy the DVD to watch it at home with family and friends.

Haiqal Rawlins

The Shaving Routine Made Easy with Gillette Mach3

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On average, a man will spend 60 hours in a year shaving and men over 40 years old will shave at least 6 times in a week.
This doesn't happen a lot
So, how many times do you shave in a week?

Being a hair-challenged male (ie I do not that much hair), I do not have to shave as much but the routine is still the same.

I will shave in the bathroom while showering.

Since I was using a disposable razor, the handle has always managed to slip from my grips and land on the bathroom floor, broken and the cartridge is out from the handle.
That is such a nuisance as shaving is supposed to consume very little time as I am not that hairy.
Since the shaver is broken, I have to take a new one from my room and start all over again.
And there goes my time - what supposed to take a few minutes now takes longer.
No more runaway razors, even with wet hands
Another scenario - while shaving, have you ever feel like the blades are literally hurting and slicing your skin? Even after applying the cream, sometimes I still have the razor cuts and rashes. 

As for me, I have to use two sets of shaver just to ensure the shave is clean and the hair is no longer visible ie I have to do double-shaving. I have to put on some force to the shaver to ensure that it cuts all the hair as I do not like having the hair visible on my face. By the time I finish the routine, somehow I will feel exhausted as I have to make sure that I clean-shave everything.

According to the Ultimate Personal Shaver, about 15% of men refuse to shave their faces due to the discomfort they experience from shaving. And most shaving accidents are caused by using dull and/or dirty razors, insufficient preparation of the skin and hair before shaving and using inappropriate equipment and products.
Why accidents occur while shaving
No wonder all of us has been having those accidents.
Not to mention that the accidents might also cause some skin irritation and breakage too.

Guess what?
With Gillette Mach3® one will no longer be afraid to shave as Gillette Mach3® diminishes all the above-mentioned problems with its improved features.

  1. The 3 blades are sharper, so one can shave closer with less cutting force.
  2. Do you know that even the blade has a coating technology that provides great strength to the fine blades and thus reduces the cutting force? This amazing technology is exclusively available for Mach3® Turbo and is called Thin Uniform Telomer Technology (TUT-Technology)
  3. Also, the gel bar is enhanced by 30% wider as to achieve better skin contact and contains more 'cushioning lubricants' to provide better lubrication and glide.
  4. Mach3® Turbo provides closer and longer lasting shaving with its 3 bladed razors, compared to the typical 2-bladed disposable.
  5. Each blade is independently mounted on spring fingers which enable them to automatically move and adjust to the different levels of shaving pressure and skin variation!
  6. The family comes with skin guard that comprises of soft, flexible microfins that smoothen the skin surface to the blades thus improves comfort while shaving.
  7. The front pivot redirects 50% of the force from the hand away from the blades and increases shaving comfort and ensure the cartridge follows the face contour.
  8. The front pivot creates an 'open architecture' to enable easier cartridge rinsing and cleaning.
  9. Remember losing grip of the razor while shaving? With Mach3® family, you will never lose your grip as it has an ergonomic handle with elastomer grip points, even in wet conditions.
  10. And remember the hassle of putting on the blades to the razor? With the single docking systemthe handle will easily connect to the pivoting razor cartridge with a single click.
Now, I can look better after shave with no razor cuts and save a lot of time.
My days of disposable razors are over!

Thank you, Gillette Mach3®!
Some might spend more
Haiqal Rawlins

Wheelchair Ghost

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I am so into a horror movie that when Bro Framestone challenged us bloggers to write a ghost story to win invites to Volkswagen Kuning premiere, I was just stoked!
Am not so sure where I heard about this but the urban legend is somehow famous, especially during examination weeks.

This young man (let us name him Iqbal) was studying for the upcoming final exam. Since it was the study leave week, his roommate decided to return to his hometown and Iqbal was left alone in his room, located at level 4 of the dormitory. And his block was also almost deserted - his friends either went home or went somewhere else.

It was almost 1 am and Iqbal was still studying beside the window. The wind was blowing softly and the night was so silent. It was a perfect ambience for Iqbal to burn the midnight oil.
Then he heard this faint sound of a forced rusted wheel from the road below. Peering over the window pane, he saw an old man pushing his wheelchair on a poorly lit pathway leading to his block.

Thinking nothing about it, Iqbal turned his focus to his notes. But the creaking sound kept getting louder. Annoyed, Iqbal again peeked over the window but somehow, he couldn't see the old man anymore.

As he was about to sit down and read his notes, he heard the sound again.
This time, it was very near.

It seems that the sound came from behind him ie from the door to his room.
But how is that possible as his room is way up on the 4th floor and the old man was on his wheelchair?
Reluctantly, he peered over his shoulder towards the door and there he was, the old man, dressed in a soiled white cloth sitting in the wheelchair, in front of his now ajar door!

And suddenly his room was filled such foul stench that he almost vomited.
He tried to run but the old man was now blocking the door with the wheelchair.

When the old man wheeled his chair towards him in such a swift movement, Iqbal fell to the floor and lost his consciousness.

When he finally woke up, it was almost noon.

Who was the old man?
Why was he there?

Lesson learnt from the story - do not stay alone in your dorm room whenever it is a long holiday.

So, why do I wanna watch Volkswagen Kuning so much?
Because it is an urban legend in Malaysia.
Atikah Suhaime
Pekin Ibrahim
Here is synopsis of Volkswagen Kuning.

Filem ini mengisahkan sepasang kekasih yang telah bertunang, Fuad dan Sarah, yang dalam perjalanan pulang ke kampung Fuad. Mereka mengalami gangguan apabila tersesat selepas senja semasa mencari kedai makan. Gangguan itu menyebabkan mereka mengalami kemalangan dan Sarah mula berubah. Semuanya gara-gara Volkswagen Kuning.

Fuad ditahan di wad, manakala Sarah langsung tidak mengalami kecederaan. Raudhah, kakak Sarah, datang untuk menjemput Sarah pulang ke bandar, sementara menunggu Fuad pulih dari kecederaan. Tanpa diduga, Sarah membawa pulang 'sesuatu' bersamanya.

To know more, read more on <Volkswagen Kuning @ Bro Framestone>
Bak kata orang kita, dah alang-alang sampai tu, join la contest tu sekali ye.
You could win yourself a 
Oppo F1S, the selfie expert.
Then you could take a selfie with the Volkswagen Kuning too.
We dare you to take a selfie with Volkswagen Kuning
Here is the behind the scene for Volkswagen Kuning.
Haiqal Rawlins

Train To Busan [Movie Review]

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I have watched the trailer of Train To Busan and very looking forward to viewing it.
Train to happiness with Gong Yoo
So when it finally hit the cinema, I forced my friends to watch it with me.

What would you do when you see a person get mauled by another person as you were embarking a train?

This is not the latest craze on the runway? 
And when you see a train attendant become twisted (literally she was twisting), that should have been a clear sign that you have boarded a wrong train.

Seok-Woo was a busy man who doesn't have enough time for his daughter, Su-An.
After being pestered by Su-An, reluctantly he took the train ride to Busan, to send off Su-An to her mother.
Not in public please! People will misunderstand our sexuality!
A distressed and very hurt girl managed to board the train as it started to pull away from the station. It turned out that the girl was bitten by a zombie and she started to maul anyone that she could sink her teeth into. And the next person will become a zombie in a matter of seconds.

Seok-Woo together with a few other passengers tried their very best to outdo the zombies but the number keep on multiplying rapidly. And the fact that the train doesn't stop at any other stations (as the stations were outrun by the zombies) worsen the scenarios.
Too much make up for the Halloween?
A great entrance to crash a pary
Trying to save the lives of his daughter and a few other passengers forced Seok-Woo to get help from others. With brain and brawl they fought their way all the way to another carriage at the end of the train, only to be denied entry as they were feared to have been infected.
Look calm and they will think I am a part of this barricade
Who will survive the zombie apocalypse?
This is the aerial view during the last RapidKL breakdown
Plot: 5.0/5.0. Too much? Nope! I really love the plot of the movie - UNEXPECTED! You can never guess how it will all turn out at the end. Be prepared for an emotional (all kind of emotions involved) zombie-filled train ride!

The Act: 5.0/5.0. Am not a fan of K-Pop but I really love the actors in this film. The father, the kid, the husband, the wife, the sisters, the homeless and the arrogant - FLAWLESS performance!

Will I watch it again: YES!

Haiqal Rawlins

Don't Breathe [Movie Review]

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After reading a few reviews online about Don't Breathe, I was so excited to watch the movie myself.
Just Do Not Breathe!
So, here goes - a story about "Crime Always Pay"

Three young delinquents make a living by breaking into houses that were secured using Alex's father's security company and selling off the goods to a trade person. Feeling short-changed, Money told the person his feeling and was given a tip about an army veteran living in an abandoned neighbourhood with a saving of at least USD300,000 in his house - a settlement given to him after a young girl killed his daughter in an accident.
Please do not make a sound. My mum will know that you guys are here.
After staking out, they learnt that the old man was blind - which kind of concluded their resolve to break into the Blind Man's house. Rocky broke into the house via a bathroom window and let the other two in. After ransacking the ground floor and found a locked door, they assumed that the money must be hidden behind the door. Unable to pick the lock, Money shoots the lock and wakes the Blind Man.
Are we going to do this?
The Blind Man masterfully managed to disarm Money and murder him with his own gun. All these happen while Rocky standing nearby, making no sound at all. Alex has left the scene earlier but decided to check the situation when he heard the gunshot.
Ok sir. I will put back your gnome in your garden
Rocky hid in the closet and saw the Blind Man opened the safe in the closet to check the content. Satisfied that the money was untouched, the Blind Man locked the safe and went to the front door to lock the door. All this while, he assumed that Money was alone.
I tried not to look inside the closet - the fashion are terrible!
Alex found Rocky in the closet. Rocky opened the safe and emptied the content of almost USD1 million.

The Blind Man found Rocky's shoes along with Money's when he locked the front door.

Alex and Rocky evaded the Blind Man and ran down the basement where they met a gagged and chained girl. They recognised the girl as Cindy via a newspaper clipping. Cindy was the girl that killed the Blind Man's daughter but found innocent. They freed Cindy and ran towards the storm cellar door.
Is this the right way to open a door?
However, the Blind Man was already there and shot them, mistakenly killing Cindy instead. Alex and Rocky managed to evade the Blind Man who was now enraged by Cindy's death. The Blind Man switched off the light, leaving Alex and Rocky lost in the dark and at the mercy of the Blind Man's hands.
Enlarging my eyes to have that huge eyes effect 
Why is the Blind Man so angry at Cindy's death?
Will Rocky and Alex be able to leave the house safely and enjoy the cash?

Plot: 4.8/ 5.0. I thought I know how the movie ends, but how wrong I was. Expect the unexpected and be ready to be thrilled to the max.

The Act: 4.8/ 5.0. Thumbs up for all the actors! 

Will I watch it again: Yes, I do not mind getting scared again!

Haiqal Rawlins

Money or Time?

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Nowadays, nobody has enough time anymore.

One gets fat because do not have enough time to exercise.
One gets fat because take-outs are always the easier choice than to cook one's own meals.
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Let us all analyze the picture above.

When you are young, you have all the time and the energy in the world to do everything but you do not have the cash to do everything.

Can you relate to this?
Then, when you are an adult, you have started working and earning some decent cash, you found out that you do not have enough time to do everything and yet, the energy is still high, waiting for you to use it.
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The Salary for Fresh Graduates
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Where do you stand in this list?
When you reach that age and people around you start calling you uncle, auntie or even worse, grandpa or grandma, you feel like spending all your hard-earned cash on the things that you do not have the time to do when you were younger. 

You just do not have the energy to do so.
Your health is on the borderline, so you will spend your wealth to gain that health.
Gaining that health takes all the energy so you just feel contented by just staying put.
So, why not enjoy life while you still have the energy and time ie when you are young?
But it seems that young ones are having cash problems right?

Why don't you enjoy your life while you are younger and have the cash?
How is that possible?

By having two jobs of course.

But I do not have the TIME!
Actually you do.

Just spend at least two hours daily (sacrifice that TV time), after working hours and with guided steps, you will be able to enjoy all the perks that life has to offer while you are still energetic.
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That extra cash gives the extra goodness to life.
With more cash in hand, you will be able to enjoy life better than before.
You could spend it on your loved ones and give more to them too.

Contact me now to know more.

Haiqal Rawlins
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