The Revenge of Volkswagen Kuning

I am one hardcore fan of thriller/ horror movies.
Kinda sick but I have to admit that I love the adrenaline rush whenever horrific scene flashes in front of my eyes and the guessing game of when will the rush stops.

Of all the horror movies origin, the ones from South East Asia such as from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are the ones that really scare me.

Because the ghouls/ bad spirits/ ghosts are the ones that I heard about - whether from some old people telling the scary tales when I was younger or some urban legends that I heard from friends and relatives.
And the tales of the Volkswagen Kuning is just another urban legend that I heard of when I studied in Selangor. Whoever drives along the highway of Karak will always get the chill when they remember the tale of Volkswagen Kuning.

Thanks to MIG Production Sdn Bhd and Bro Framestone for extending the invitation to the premiere, I was able to witness the mysteries of Volkswagen Kuning unraveled. Volkswagen Kuning is the 115 production of MIG Production Sdn Bhd and Shadan Hashim is the director, and this is his first movie.
Mejar (K) David Teo
Shadan Hashim
Fuad (Pekin) and Sara (Atikah) was on their way to meet Fuad's parents in his hometown before their impending wedding. Upon reading a few blogs about Tempoyak Ikan Patin, Fuad decided that they should stop at a famous spot for Tempoyak Ikan Patin before reaching home. Just like any other human being nowadays, they depended on the modern technology to guide their ways. And the technology lets them down when it failed to direct them to the place. After driving around for quite some time, they finally arrived at the place but Fuad was skeptical when he saw the eerie atmosphere and decided not to stop but carry on with their way.
This handphone really helps with the lighting - it makes me look prettier
Angry and hungry, both of them finally gets into a fight over Fuad's decision of not stopping for food. Frustrated, Sara suddenly accused Fuad of not being faithful. In the midst of their argument, a yellow Volkswagen appeared out of nowhere and started honking its horn and flashing its lights from behind their car. Irritated with the act, Fuad started cursing the Volkswagen's driver for not being patience. 
And the Volkswagen gives me better lighting than the handphone
Suddenly the Volkswagen appeared in front of his car which made Fuad dumbfounded. 
When the Volkswagen was finally drove away from them, Sara was so silent that Fuad felt uneasy over the sudden change in her attitude. While consoling Sara, the Volkswagen reappeared out of nowhere which made Fuad lose control of the car and crashed into the roadside. Both of them were hospitalised with Sara was left unscratched at all and Fuad has to be hospitalised for a few days.
I just realised that my lipstick shade is all wrong
From this angle, I will look slimmer
After being dsischarged from the hospital, the traumatic experience left Sara jumpy whenever she saw a Volkswagen Kuning.
And Fuad was about to know the history of the Volkswagen Kuning when he was brought back to his hometown.

What is the back story of Volkswagen Kuning?
What is the connection of Sara and Fuad to the Volkswagen Kuning?

Plot: 3.5/ 5.0. Despite being an almost all new cast, the plot was quite alright. It was a horror movie with a simple plot and the plot will not get you confused. 
The cast
The Act: 3.5/ 5.0. I realised that some of the scripts were conflicted with each other but that was just a minor space for improvement. Kudos to Shadan Hashim for doing the research on the urban legend and put it into this movie. Pekin being the Pelakon Filem Lelaki Terbaik (FFM28) showed a great act whereas the newcomer Atikah Suhaime was not a disappointing act too, despite the scandal revolves around her.The other supporting actors gave a rather good act.
Pekin Ibrahim
Atikah Suhaime
What I expect from the movie? I was expecting more gory scenes and on the road scenes with Volkswagen Kuning as we were told about how the car terrorizes the road and the drivers. And a few twists here and there could heighten the horror level of the movie. 

Will I watch it again: I will buy the DVD to watch it at home with family and friends.

Haiqal Rawlins

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  1. looks nice to watch. The night I watched shini gozilla

  2. Woo... hooo..... I tend to shy away from horror movies if I can help it though... my niece on the other hand loves horror movies so I bet she is going to watch this...

  3. At first i didn't know is a movie! I like horror movie but I don't like to watch it at cinema.

  4. Wahhhh macam best! Tapi takut nak tengok cerita macam ni :3 hukhuk

  5. I have heard so much about this horror flick but haven't got the chance to watch it yet. I hope it is still being screened when I am back to base. Am travelling now.

  6. This looks like a great story line but since I am scared of horror films this might not be the best movie to watch at the moment,lol.

  7. Hmm, I'm not watching any horror movie, but from your review, they can do better perhaps!

  8. The story line looks suspense and scary. Looks like a great movie to watch next.

  9. Quite menarik the story line, use Volkswagen as the main concept :)

  10. wah so nice got to watch the film premiere. Atikah Suhaime is so pretty!

  11. Are they trying to promote volkswagen here? Hahhaah

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