The Shaving Routine Made Easy with Gillette Mach3

On average, a man will spend 60 hours in a year shaving and men over 40 years old will shave at least 6 times in a week.
This doesn't happen a lot
So, how many times do you shave in a week?

Being a hair-challenged male (ie I do not that much hair), I do not have to shave as much but the routine is still the same.

I will shave in the bathroom while showering.

Since I was using a disposable razor, the handle has always managed to slip from my grips and land on the bathroom floor, broken and the cartridge is out from the handle.
That is such a nuisance as shaving is supposed to consume very little time as I am not that hairy.
Since the shaver is broken, I have to take a new one from my room and start all over again.
And there goes my time - what supposed to take a few minutes now takes longer.
No more runaway razors, even with wet hands
Another scenario - while shaving, have you ever feel like the blades are literally hurting and slicing your skin? Even after applying the cream, sometimes I still have the razor cuts and rashes. 

As for me, I have to use two sets of shaver just to ensure the shave is clean and the hair is no longer visible ie I have to do double-shaving. I have to put on some force to the shaver to ensure that it cuts all the hair as I do not like having the hair visible on my face. By the time I finish the routine, somehow I will feel exhausted as I have to make sure that I clean-shave everything.

According to the Ultimate Personal Shaver, about 15% of men refuse to shave their faces due to the discomfort they experience from shaving. And most shaving accidents are caused by using dull and/or dirty razors, insufficient preparation of the skin and hair before shaving and using inappropriate equipment and products.
Why accidents occur while shaving
No wonder all of us has been having those accidents.
Not to mention that the accidents might also cause some skin irritation and breakage too.

Guess what?
With Gillette Mach3® one will no longer be afraid to shave as Gillette Mach3® diminishes all the above-mentioned problems with its improved features.

  1. The 3 blades are sharper, so one can shave closer with less cutting force.
  2. Do you know that even the blade has a coating technology that provides great strength to the fine blades and thus reduces the cutting force? This amazing technology is exclusively available for Mach3® Turbo and is called Thin Uniform Telomer Technology (TUT-Technology)
  3. Also, the gel bar is enhanced by 30% wider as to achieve better skin contact and contains more 'cushioning lubricants' to provide better lubrication and glide.
  4. Mach3® Turbo provides closer and longer lasting shaving with its 3 bladed razors, compared to the typical 2-bladed disposable.
  5. Each blade is independently mounted on spring fingers which enable them to automatically move and adjust to the different levels of shaving pressure and skin variation!
  6. The family comes with skin guard that comprises of soft, flexible microfins that smoothen the skin surface to the blades thus improves comfort while shaving.
  7. The front pivot redirects 50% of the force from the hand away from the blades and increases shaving comfort and ensure the cartridge follows the face contour.
  8. The front pivot creates an 'open architecture' to enable easier cartridge rinsing and cleaning.
  9. Remember losing grip of the razor while shaving? With Mach3® family, you will never lose your grip as it has an ergonomic handle with elastomer grip points, even in wet conditions.
  10. And remember the hassle of putting on the blades to the razor? With the single docking systemthe handle will easily connect to the pivoting razor cartridge with a single click.
Now, I can look better after shave with no razor cuts and save a lot of time.
My days of disposable razors are over!

Thank you, Gillette Mach3®!
Some might spend more
Haiqal Rawlins

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  1. I can't fathom the routine of shaving daily, at least for those who are hairy. I think you're lucky to not have too much hair!

  2. Oh the worry about growth. In a way I am glad that as a woman I don't have to do this daily but kudos to the men who know how to keep themselves well groomed :)

  3. I know the feeling, as a lady, like Shivani said, we also have hair growth and also need to shave 4-5 days once at least.... huhuhu

  4. shave is essential for every men. just like a makeup brush to a lady I guess

  5. Quite a lot of info about shaving. I usually have problem even growing facial hairs! :P

  6. Totally understand the shaving part as women has got to shave as well, just maybe not mustache, but shaving eyebrow, hand & leg hair bla bla bla~~~

  7. I saw my brother using this brand too~ I also used to shave my leg , eyebrow and so on.. i know is monotonous routine but we have make ourselves well groomed~

  8. My dad's fav brand, he has been using Gillette's products for long time already :)

  9. I'm glad that I need not use shaver, I saw my guys friend shave the mustache until bleeding, it's seems scary ..... Perhaps a good shaver will helps :)

  10. Haha always afraid each time i see a shaver, cause i was a naughty girl younger and cut myself. But this sounds like a good shaver :)

  11. wah the first pic of you.. sooo smooth shave la


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