Train To Busan [Movie Review]

I have watched the trailer of Train To Busan and very looking forward to viewing it.
Train to happiness with Gong Yoo
So when it finally hit the cinema, I forced my friends to watch it with me.

What would you do when you see a person get mauled by another person as you were embarking a train?

This is not the latest craze on the runway? 
And when you see a train attendant become twisted (literally she was twisting), that should have been a clear sign that you have boarded a wrong train.

Seok-Woo was a busy man who doesn't have enough time for his daughter, Su-An.
After being pestered by Su-An, reluctantly he took the train ride to Busan, to send off Su-An to her mother.
Not in public please! People will misunderstand our sexuality!
A distressed and very hurt girl managed to board the train as it started to pull away from the station. It turned out that the girl was bitten by a zombie and she started to maul anyone that she could sink her teeth into. And the next person will become a zombie in a matter of seconds.

Seok-Woo together with a few other passengers tried their very best to outdo the zombies but the number keep on multiplying rapidly. And the fact that the train doesn't stop at any other stations (as the stations were outrun by the zombies) worsen the scenarios.
Too much make up for the Halloween?
A great entrance to crash a pary
Trying to save the lives of his daughter and a few other passengers forced Seok-Woo to get help from others. With brain and brawl they fought their way all the way to another carriage at the end of the train, only to be denied entry as they were feared to have been infected.
Look calm and they will think I am a part of this barricade
Who will survive the zombie apocalypse?
This is the aerial view during the last RapidKL breakdown
Plot: 5.0/5.0. Too much? Nope! I really love the plot of the movie - UNEXPECTED! You can never guess how it will all turn out at the end. Be prepared for an emotional (all kind of emotions involved) zombie-filled train ride!

The Act: 5.0/5.0. Am not a fan of K-Pop but I really love the actors in this film. The father, the kid, the husband, the wife, the sisters, the homeless and the arrogant - FLAWLESS performance!

Will I watch it again: YES!

Haiqal Rawlins

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  1. Kannn... Kluar air mata jantan I.. Klau bleh nak jer bagi 6 bntg.

  2. A very nice and adventurous movie! Two hours ain't enough for me! Hope they are coming up with second episode! :)

  3. Hey Rawlins :) Cheers to the review- have been hearing so much about this movie lately. Haven't gone and watched it yet but will certainly check it out now. Thanks for the share!

  4. Yes, I even shed tears at the end of the movie. And I get to know that the 'zombies' took six months to practise their body movement, indeed a great effort I would say.

  5. I watched the movie and I love it too! Especially the big muscular guy!

  6. heard mixed reviews about this movie. guess every has different preference and taste.

  7. Review was good from my sis. But dare not watch..hahaha I am one scary cat woman.

  8. This movie rank no.1 in Malaysia . I going to watch it on this coming weekend.

  9. Scary movie. Not sure if will watch

  10. oh wow, a must watch movie! love the review

  11. Seems like a great movie that I should watch too. Thanks for the review.

  12. Very scary! Also, funny how the father found the daughter's backpack after running trhough so many carriages. Fun fact: Gong Yoo is really from Busan. LOL

  13. Rawlins is back with his funny captions... and yes, I want to watch the Train to Busan too... just have to find the time to do so... huhuhu

  14. I watch this and cry alot TT Definitely a best movie for the year!

  15. I watched this already and man, I love this show. Although it gave me nightmares!

  16. I'm very timid.. I cannot watch horror movie.. :(

  17. Argh, I not yet watch, the visuals seem really attractive :)

  18. mine is 5/5 too! i cried so hard at the end. super nice movie isnt it.

  19. i heard lots of good review also about this movie, will watch it soon !

  20. Yah! this is another must watch movie right.


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