Wheelchair Ghost

I am so into a horror movie that when Bro Framestone challenged us bloggers to write a ghost story to win invites to Volkswagen Kuning premiere, I was just stoked!
Am not so sure where I heard about this but the urban legend is somehow famous, especially during examination weeks.

This young man (let us name him Iqbal) was studying for the upcoming final exam. Since it was the study leave week, his roommate decided to return to his hometown and Iqbal was left alone in his room, located at level 4 of the dormitory. And his block was also almost deserted - his friends either went home or went somewhere else.

It was almost 1 am and Iqbal was still studying beside the window. The wind was blowing softly and the night was so silent. It was a perfect ambience for Iqbal to burn the midnight oil.
Then he heard this faint sound of a forced rusted wheel from the road below. Peering over the window pane, he saw an old man pushing his wheelchair on a poorly lit pathway leading to his block.

Thinking nothing about it, Iqbal turned his focus to his notes. But the creaking sound kept getting louder. Annoyed, Iqbal again peeked over the window but somehow, he couldn't see the old man anymore.

As he was about to sit down and read his notes, he heard the sound again.
This time, it was very near.

It seems that the sound came from behind him ie from the door to his room.
But how is that possible as his room is way up on the 4th floor and the old man was on his wheelchair?
Reluctantly, he peered over his shoulder towards the door and there he was, the old man, dressed in a soiled white cloth sitting in the wheelchair, in front of his now ajar door!

And suddenly his room was filled such foul stench that he almost vomited.
He tried to run but the old man was now blocking the door with the wheelchair.

When the old man wheeled his chair towards him in such a swift movement, Iqbal fell to the floor and lost his consciousness.

When he finally woke up, it was almost noon.

Who was the old man?
Why was he there?

Lesson learnt from the story - do not stay alone in your dorm room whenever it is a long holiday.

So, why do I wanna watch Volkswagen Kuning so much?
Because it is an urban legend in Malaysia.
Atikah Suhaime
Pekin Ibrahim
Here is synopsis of Volkswagen Kuning.

Filem ini mengisahkan sepasang kekasih yang telah bertunang, Fuad dan Sarah, yang dalam perjalanan pulang ke kampung Fuad. Mereka mengalami gangguan apabila tersesat selepas senja semasa mencari kedai makan. Gangguan itu menyebabkan mereka mengalami kemalangan dan Sarah mula berubah. Semuanya gara-gara Volkswagen Kuning.

Fuad ditahan di wad, manakala Sarah langsung tidak mengalami kecederaan. Raudhah, kakak Sarah, datang untuk menjemput Sarah pulang ke bandar, sementara menunggu Fuad pulih dari kecederaan. Tanpa diduga, Sarah membawa pulang 'sesuatu' bersamanya.

To know more, read more on <Volkswagen Kuning @ Bro Framestone>
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Here is the behind the scene for Volkswagen Kuning.
Haiqal Rawlins

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  1. Oh my that is quite a scary storyline Rawlins, lol. But like all good movies, I am pretty sure this one is good as a thriller - would be lovely to hear how the receiving end of this pans out :)

  2. tak seram pun rawlin rasa macam cepat gila habis kan ?

  3. I am into horror movies too. I think the best horrors are Thai movies. Let me see if this VW Kuning is as scary!

  4. Giving me chills! Always love horror stories as they give me adrenaline rush

  5. Huhuhuh..... I am glad I do not have the opportunity to stay in a spooky dorm alone... your story chills me to the bone.... yikes

  6. eeee takut! I'm the worst at horror movies. Half the movie will be watched with my eyes closed :p

  7. nice movie review. I wanna watch it soon

  8. hahaha, My spouse don't allow me to watch horror movie even I like it so much (especially during my young age) :DDD

  9. Hahahah ghost movie? The movie name is too hilarious!

  10. Man... so spooky the movie. Now Malaysia movie has improved a lot.

  11. scary.. but i can't wait to catch it too!

  12. I am already horrified reading your post title haha! Should really support malaysia film

  13. Suka la reading rawlins review horror movie! hahaha Looks interesting to watch je wonder how's the story will end up!

  14. i scare watch horror movie!!!But will share to my friends who love to watch horror movie!!

  15. Wah... seram ghost story, I like hehe :)

  16. Definitely agree to not stay alone in dorm while holiday, especially after soooo many army camp stories... hmmm!

  17. sounds like a really scary show wei..don't think my faint heart can handle the excitement right now lol

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Ooh that story was pretty scary - I'm too scared to watch the trailer now hehe. Hope the movie was good!

  20. eh menakutkan la, i can't sleep later tonite but I guess that's what ghost stories are meant to do


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