Ayam Brand™ Educates Children About Healthier Lifestyle with #AyamBersamaMu

Ayam Brand™ Educates Children About Healthier Lifestyle with #AyamBersamaMu | The global pandemic that is Covid-19 places hurdles and obstacles for everyone around the world. In Malaysia we see people comes up with various initiatives to assist those in need, especially the ones surrounding their housing area.

What about those in the charity homes? Who is assisting them? The charity homes see contributions from corporate donors and the public have significantly reduced during these trying times.

Now as the whole world and the country is rising up above the pandemic, Ayam Brand™ comes knocking with the return of the Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign 2021

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With the theme #AyamBersamaMu, the brand that is famed for its quality, no preservatives and no added MSG, promotes healthier lifestyle choice through the 3S concept of the Malaysian Healthy Plate and nurtures livelihoods through the #AyamFutureCreator while contributing two months' supply of Ayam Brand products to participating homes. 

I attended the launch of the campaign virtually, where Ms Rushda Adiba Ismail, an expert dietitian from KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital and Ms Arianna Natasha of Arianna Kitchen/ entrepreneur/ content creator joined and imparted their knowledges to the masses. 

The campaign sees the brand aiding and educating some 1,500 children from 32 charity homes nationwide about the healthier lifestyle choice while providing them with more than 230,000 healthy Ayam Brand meals. Some of the participating homes are Pusat Jagaan Hajjah Fatimah Abdullah, Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Bimbingan At-Taqwa, Persatuan Rumah Sayangan, Persatuan Rumah Kanak-Kanak Di Sayangi dan Lighthouse Children Welfare Home Assoc

Entering its 14th year of the CSR campaign, the brand has contributed to more than 25,000 people from 539 charity homes and NGOs. 

#AyamBersamaMu #AyamFutureCreator, Ayam Brand™, CSR, Suku Suku Separuh, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM
#AyamBersamaMu #AyamFutureCreator, Ayam Brand™, CSR, Suku Suku Separuh, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM

Win RM6,000 in SSPN Saving Plans via #AyamFutureCreator

Ms Chin Lee Foon, the Ayam Brand™ General Manager mentioned "More Malaysians are now focused on healthier lifestyles with many of us enjoy making our own meals. The Ayam Brand team considered this in creating the #AyamBersamaMu campaign so that it is timely, relevant and useful to all participants giving them expert advice on better diets and inspiring them to be future content creators, while providing tangible support of two months’ supply of our products for each participating home. In addition, #AyamFutureCreator participants stand to win a total of RM6,000 in Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) SSPN saving plans.”

The participating homes received an #AyamBersamaMu stater kit of kitchen utensils, lighting and filming accessories as well as Ayam Brand products (including Ayam Brand Tuna Mild and Spicy, Ayam Brand Saba Deli Natural and Ayam Brand Baked Bean Cheese that are high in protein and rich in Omega-3) in their bid to win the title of  #AyamFutureCreator.

During the virtual event, we saw teams from the homes mentioned above assembled and presented their healthy meals based on #SukuSukuSeparuh Guideguides that were explained by Ms Rushda Adiba Ismail during her segment. The winning top 3 teams from each state will receive trophies, certificates and customised lunchboxes. 

#AyamBersamaMu #AyamFutureCreator, Ayam Brand™, CSR, Suku Suku Separuh, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM

The Ayam Brand Show Us Your Healthy Plate competition saw teams from each home, assembling healthy meals based on #SukuSukuSeparuh guides. The top three teams for each state will receive trophies, certificates of participation and customised lunchboxes. 

The competition requires teams of children to create 1 - 3 minute cooking video using Ayam Brand products, using #SukuSukuSeparuh Malaysian Healthy Plate principles. Ms Arianna showed the kids (and us adults too) how to better film/ angle the shooting of cooking a recipe and what application is required to edit the video too. The video made the children will be judged by Ms Arianna, the KPJ Damansara Dietitic team and the Ayam Brand team will decide on the winners to win the SSPN saving plans. 

Guides for Healthy Diet and Content Creation

I, for one, was feeling lucky to have attended the session, being able to listen to the guidelines about healthy lifestyle choices from Ms Rushda Adiba Ismail (KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital) and the best angle to capture a cooking video from Ms Arianna Natasha of Arianna Kitchen. 

What's #SukuSukuSeparuh? The concept recommends each daily meal to consist of a quarter protein, a quarter complex carbohydrates and half of fruits and vegetables, in portions based on the individual's palm, fist and cupped palm size. 

#AyamBersamaMu #AyamFutureCreator, Ayam Brand™, CSR, Suku Suku Separuh, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM

"Prevention is better than cure. We are committed to reaching out and sharing vital health knowledge. Teaching the young about living a healthy life helps to create a healthier nation for the future, especially during the pandemic. The concept #SukuSukuSeparuh is easy for the children and adults alike to grasp and to follow for a healthier lifestyle," says Ms Rushda Adiba Ismail.  

#AyamBersamaMu #AyamFutureCreator, Ayam Brand™, CSR, Suku Suku Separuh, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM

“I wish there had been a program like this when I started as a content creator. Content creation is hard work that requires skill, patience, and creativity. It can be a good career and the start of an online business for these kids, providing them with livelihood through the #AyamFutureCreator program,” Arianna shares.

Arianna Natasha, who is 18-year old is the founder of Arianna kitchen and self-taught content creator who has almost 400K IG followers, added that Ayam Brand sandwiches were among the earliest snacks she learned how to prepare for herself as a child. “It is amazing that I’m working with one of my favourite food brands and get to mentor others.” 

“I need to eat more vegetables, fruits, protein and Omega-3 to be healthy and grow tall and strong. I think I can win the #AyamFutureCreator competition, and start my own business like Kak Ary. Thank you Ayam Brand for helping me become a future creator!” says one of the participants to both Ms Rushda Adiba dan Ms Arianna.  

“We have not had events since the pandemic began as we follow SOPs closely. The kids have been so excited by the #AyamBersamaMu virtual event. They enjoyed the #SukuSukuSeparuh workshop, even the adults found it very useful for our own meal planning. They loved the #AyamFutureCreator workshop because all of them would like to be famous content creators. Our thanks to Ayam Brand™ for supporting NGOs for many years. We are glad to be selected because the two months’ supply of products will see us through times like these when donations are scarce. Our thanks to Ayam Brand™ for always being with us and caring for the community,” Mrs Norhayati of Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Bimbingan At Taqwa said to the masses before the event ended.

To find out more about the #AyamBersamaMu CSR campaign and #AyamFutureCreator program visit https://www.ayambrand.com.my or join https://www.facebook.com/ayambrandmalaysia.

#AyamBersamaMu #AyamFutureCreator, Ayam Brand™, CSR, Suku Suku Separuh, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM

#AyamBersamaMu #AyamFutureCreator #AyamBrand #CSR #SukuSukuSeparuh #RawlinsLifestyle #RawlinsGLAM


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  1. whats a great event..at least dapat la membantu mengembirakan hati anak-anak ni kan

  2. Kalau ayam brand ni, yang paling suka mestilah ikan sardin dia, sedap..bagus kerja amal macam ni, membantu yang memerlukan..berkongsi kegembiraan

  3. Great event hosted by Ayam Brand. I also joined for Terengganu and Kelantan session. Really enjoy the virtual event.

  4. kita join hr tu.. bagus dan byk aktiviti yg dianjurkan oleh ayam brand. moga boleh terus sukses

  5. Dulu kalau takde PKP bagai ni, pernah join program CSR ni haaa, seronok tgk adik-adik buat menu mereka guna Ayam Brand...tahniah kepada pemenangnya..

  6. Saya suka ayam brand. Mesti pilih untuk barangan memasak di dapur juga. Ada kualiti

  7. Wow ada program untuk makan secara sihat dan diet dari Ayam Brand satu jenama besar yang kukuh di Malaysia dan saya salah satu pengguna produk ni. Bagus lah mcm ni...


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