Durian Cheese Pizza is the “Bae” In Pizza Hut Malaysia

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Try to find someone who doesn't love having a pizza and you will find none. People all around the globe just love eating pizzas. A pizza is Italian in its origin but it has now become internationalized. Multinational pizza chains have popularized pizzas even further by offering pizzas with local variations. Now there is some great news for pizza lovers in Malaysia. Pizza Hut, the global pizza store giant, has introduced Durian Cheese Pizza in Malaysia. Right now Durian Cheese Pizza is selling like hotcakes. People are swarming the Pizza Hut stores to have a bite of this ingenious creation. In this article, we will take a look at what exactly makes Durian cheese Pizza so special and why are people so madly in love with it in Malaysia.
Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut Delivery, Pizza with Durian, Rawlins Eats, Rawlins GLAM, Durian and Cheese, Durian Cheese Pizza

The Durian Part:

Durian is also called the king of fruits. And we guess, you can call this pizza - The King of Pizzas. Durian is used in a lot of recipes. People who are strictly vegetarian love eating durian as it gives the texture of having meat-based food. Pizza Hut Malaysia used the king of fruit to cook up one hell of a pizza recipe. To be honest, we simply don't have enough words to explain the awesomeness of this a Durian Cheese Pizza from Pizza Hut. 

As we tried it the Durian flesh was slightly brown from the oven and it tasted heavenly. It tasted sweet and felt warm. It simply doesn't get any better than that sweet and warm feeling in your mouth. If you are a durian lover then it will be like a dream come true. The pizza is stuffed with natural durian pulp and then topped with ample durian flesh on the top. As you open your pizza box you are welcomed by the sweet and pungent smell of ripe durian. This pizza is a treat for the senses.
Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut Delivery, Pizza with Durian, Rawlins Eats, Rawlins GLAM, Durian and Cheese, Durian Cheese Pizza

The Chessy Part:

Durian and Cheese is a tried and tested recipe and it works every time. When you mix it with the herbs and spices from pizza hut, it becomes even better. For a cheese lover, there is simply nothing that can top a durian cheese pizza from Pizza Hut. Now we know that you can get cheese with almost any variation of pizza but trust us this one is different. There is ample cheese on top of the durian flesh. In fact, we haven't had a more cheesy pizza ever. We agree that this is a lot of calories but it's still worth it. 
Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut Delivery, Pizza with Durian, Rawlins Eats, Rawlins GLAM, Durian and Cheese, Durian Cheese Pizza
It's so cheesy and warm and the texture is so smooth that we won't mind hitting the gym every day to burn all those extra calories. One might think that so much durian and so much cheese might become an overload but to our surprise, the taste of the durian pulp and cheese perfectly balanced each other out and made a unique flavor that will stay in your mouth and mind hours after you’ve had it.

From our side, it's a thumbs up for Pizza Hut Malaysia for introducing this fine tasting pizza in Malaysia. You can order a Pizza Hut delivery today with Food Panda delivery service in Malaysia for the quickest delivery to your home, office or friends place. We would suggest that you order a durian cheese pizza with a Pepsi can and a desert. Although if you are not that into deserts then just the Durian Cheese Pizza will be enough as it has a sweet taste in the base. It is also available in some combo options where you get chicken pieces, onion rings, and two Pepsi cans. So now when you know that Durian Cheese Pizza is available at your Pizza Hut store, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and order this heavenly goodness today.

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