Life's Exceptionally Good with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV : LM7600

Hello people!
Did you know that LG has just launched the first largest LED TV?
72 inches!
You don't believe me? Visit 
Last Wednesday, I was so lucky to be invited to the most cool party in the block!Yeay! 

It was 
LG Cinema 3D Smart TV party at the Golden Screen Cinema Signature, Gardens! The Gold Class hall was where the party was!
With Cik Lily Putih!
And whoa!
The who is who in the blogging world was there too!
When I put on the clip-on 3D glass, I just couldn't believe that they have invented such a thing!
(Duh!!! Were you born 70,000 years ago?)
The glass was so light and comfortable that I didn't even realize I was wearing it over my own glass!
And when I viewed the TV from any direction, it still seems 3D. From any direction, except from the back of course!

And goodness me, the 3D is SOOOOOO surreal! Just like in the cinema! 
Just imagine how it feels like if you have a cinema screen in your home!  
LG's upgraded conversion technology is the most advanced around the galaxy with superior depth effect and smoothness!
So, no worries about the quality of the pictures!
Now I wish I have LG LM7600  to watch Transformers in my home!
I love this model in particular for I am movie-freak and this model is known for it being a CINEMA 3D TV
Have I told you that it also has a bezel that’s 0.197 mm thin bezel which is quite thin!
The bezel is so brilliant that is totally disappears when the TV is turned off
The CINEMA SCREEN design that LG has is something out of this world!
Unbelievably GREAT!
With no frame! With no obstruction!
Cinematic view experience right at your own living room!
And of course, I stopped to take a look at the Gaming Zone where they displayed what a normal TV would look like if you are playing a game with another player.
It was always two players sharing the TV view i.e. the TV screen will be divided into two sections, one for each player
But with the technology Dual Play, both could play the game in FULL SCREEN!
No more half screen while playing games!
When I moved to the Smart Zone, I became so attracted to the remote nicknamed
"Magic Remote"
Why is it so magical?
Our normal remote can do the pointing, but can it mimic gesture and wheel up and down on the menu?
Yes, Magic Remote could do all this!
This marvelous feature is so useful when one taps on the TV's Home Dashboard
It is the most simple, easiest and most user-friendly dashboard I have ever seen
Even my phone is not so customizable
And you could custom the Home Dashboard as you like!
my tweet on the dashboard!
And last night was a lucky night for me and my friend, Jae Hashim
We joined the Surprise Group Party where we have to form a group of 3 and perform a dance just like Super Junior's in one of their song, Mr Simple
K-Pap that brought the house down at the party!
And danced we did and guess what!
We won a BP120 Blu-Ray player for each of us!
And also, I won another price while playing the kinec game!
Woot Woot!
What I won!
There were also trivia on LG products and the lucky winners went home with LG home theatre system!
Lucky people!
Of course, I couldn't pass the chance of taking pictures with other bloggers too!

Thank you LG and Nuffnang for having us and showered us with gifts!
Congrats on having the new wonderful and amazing "babies" too!
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