Volkswagen : Das Auto

Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a test-drive session by Volkswagen

Hey!Volkswagen dude!Of course I will accept the invite!

I drove all the way to Desa Park CitySince it is a test drive, might as well choose the best there is, so I chose Passat CC 2.0

Why?Of course because it is the best there is

I am not the one that one should ask about carsI wouldn't know the difference but I know one thing and one thing onlyThat is the performance of the car via driving itThus the test drive

When Jae Hashim and I arrived at Car Park 2, lots of bloggers have already tested the carsI saw  Cik Lily Putih and Mr Big has already tested the cars but apparently, lots were waiting for their turn to drive the ultimate one, ie Passat CC 2.0Farahnaz and Joel of Nuffnang were thereHappy peeps!(Jahat tau Farahnaz, call me Mengada-ngada? I only mengada-ngada with Nuffnang je)I signed and drove Polo while waiting for my turn to drive Passat 2.0Polo suits me as it is a small, compact and comfortable car

Next car was Passat 1.8The lady was kind enough to let me tried out the sporty side of the car along an empty roadMan!Does this car really know how rail the road!The road burns baby and Passat 1.8 did it effortlessly

Then I tried the ultimate Passat CC 2.0Man! I wish I had the cash there and then

I was like driving in total solitudeIf I ever need silence in my life, I will drive these carsThe cars really worth the cashIt drove like an angel, beautifully and silently

Also, the salesperson told me that the car is totally safe, road-safety wise and also on oil-consumption wiseFolks, it is a catchDAS AUTO

To all the other bloggers who were there, Teh Tarik Drinker being one of themHello allSorry for not saying hye to all of youI nie pemalu orangnya!Hhehehehe

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  1. perghhh!!kalau sy mmg tak dpt nak beli..mana mampu.. test drive pun dah ckup hehe

  2. eVa : insyaAllah...jadi milik dalam 2012 nie..heheheh

  3. Sambil berangan kete tu milik kita....heee

  4. msredcheesecake : memang verangan gile la masa bawa tu...hehehehe..doakan dalam 2012 boleh jadi hak milik...


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