Premium Beautiful : The Testimony by Beautiful Nara

As shared by Farah Khair
Tak tersangka.
Melalui entri Luahan Hati Si Dia Kepada Abang Nara dan Part 2 : Premium Beautiful, rupa-rupanya dambaan jiwa Abang Nara juga menggunakan Premium Beautiful.
Apparently, Beautiful Nara's fiance Fadzlin Zulkiflee is a user of the corset! Berdasarkan entri tersebut yang bertarikh November dan Disember 2010,  the fiance has been wearing Premium Beautiful for 6 weeks and her testimonial is that, she lost 4kgs in just 6 weeks and the waist even went from 31 inches to 28 inches! Good on her!

On top of that there were also other testimonials by Beautiful Nara's readers. (Click on the photo to make it bigger)

So ladies, if you think that it is impossible to slim down and shape up..fret not! coz PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL is here!! :) 

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  1. Hai... Ayu nak tanya.. Ayu ada beli koset premium ni.... Tapi camne nak basuh... Celup2 je boleh ke??

  2. Nor Idayu : ada caranya....Boleh celup2 tapi seeloknya guna Premium Beautiful wash...nak tau saya kat FB ye...

  3. ape fbnye...boleh bg link...xleh nk klik kt tepi ni...xthu nape...

  4. Nor Idayu : fb saya - atau search


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