Simple Recipes To Try During MCO: #KekMiloViral & #DalgonaCoffee

Simple Recipes To Try During MCO: #KekMiloViral & #DalgonaCoffee | So, how are you dealing with MCO so far? I hope everyone is keeping safe and adhere to #StayAtHome and #KitaJagaKita instructions. 

Everyone's effort is needed if we want to flatten the curve against Covid-19.

So, from the 1st phase of MCO until now, I bet your whatsapp groups has been flooded with lots of recipes to try, suggested by friends near and far. And you'll see new and improved recipes too - some are done by the fathers who took the opportunity to try their creativity in the kitchen. 
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And as I was bored and I keep on seeing these two recipes floating on my timeline, I finally decided to give them a try. Why did I chose to try these two recipes? Because the recipes are simple and does not involve so many ingredients (just the way I like it - simple recipes are much easier to make).

So, the first recipe that I tried was #DalgonaCoffee. I actually tried this recipe out of frustration because I could not spend my time at the nearby coffee shop. You could actually found the recipe floating almost everywhere online but here's mine. I managed to get mine right at the first try hehehe.

For first timers, I would suggest that you try this one as it uses less coffee powder and sugar (we don't want to rush you to the emergency room for some medical conditions due to too much coffee or sugar).

  • 2 tablespoon of coffee powder
  • 2 tablespoon of sugar 
  • 4 tablespoon of hot water to whisk together until it become frothy (I uses hand blender to whisk these ingredients). 
How To
  • Whisk all ingredients together until the froth is very consistent and not runny.
  • Put some ice cubes into a glass of your choice.
  • Pour some milk into the glass (I uses Marigold HL milk)
  • Scoop the froth and put it on top of the milk
  • Enjoy your #DalgonaCoffee
To make it easier, here's a video so that you could follow the steps.
And another recipe that I tried was #KekMiloViral, a recipe that I saw in Nadia Johari's youtube video. Again I chose this one as it requires only 3 ingredients (YES - ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS). And the steps are super easy too.

  • 2 cups of Milo powder
  • 2 cups of evaporated milk
  • 4 eggs
How To
  • Pour everything into a mixing bowl (or a blender just like how Nadia did hers)
  • Mix it well
  • Pour into a container
  • As I do not have a food steamer, I pour 4 cups of water into a pot and brought it to boil. I put up a steamer-leg thingy inside the pot and put the mixture on top of the steamer-leg thingy (the white plastic thing inside the gif below)
  • Close the lid and wait for 30 minutes
  • The cake is done!
Covid-19, Kek Milo Viral, Dalgona Coffee, Resipi Viral, Viral Recipes, resipi mudah ketika Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan, Rawlins Eats, Rawlins GLAM
Super easy right? You could literally whisk the cake in no time, should you have a surprise visit from friends.

So, I hope you'll try these recipes too soon. Both are super easy to make, even your kids could do it. 

Well, perhaps it is great to let them try it as they might be so bored with nothing new to do at home now.

Again guys, be safe during this MCO.
Covid-19, Kek Milo Viral, Dalgona Coffee, Resipi Viral, Viral Recipes, resipi mudah ketika Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan, Rawlins Eats, Rawlins GLAM

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  1. Perghhhh terus kecur nengok Dalgona Coffe ko la Rawlins oiii...Sis baru sekali je rasa, tu pun gi rumah Mak, adik buatkan..
    Eh Kek 3 bahan Nadia tu menjadi kannn, Sis nengok ramai buat kat FB MAHN tu ramai buat tak jadi tau, lawak pun ada nanti boleh cuba resepi Nadia ni laaaa

    1. Menjadi sangat Rawlins buat. First try plak tu hahaha. Walaupun just stim guna kuali je sebab takde steamer

  2. musim PKP ni byk menu viral..yg dalgona coffee dh try..kek milo blum lg...moist gtu..nanti bole cuba

  3. Senangnya buat kek tu Rawlins. Bahan2 ni semua ada sekarang ni. Yahooo leh cuba. Dalgona tu memang tahu resepi viral tapi sebab tak suka kopi tu yang tak buat.

    1. Tu sebabnya Rawlins buat - sebab resipi senang dan bahan tak banyak hahaha

  4. perfect combination dalgona coffee & kek milo tu. macam2 resepi dapat masa pkp ni. haha

  5. ni kes terjebak lah kan. haha. alala sedapnya lah bah dalgona tu disitu. boleh cuba kot lepas ni.

  6. Sapa kata you tak ada bakat memasak. Kerlass ye menjadi. Sis dua2 menu viral tu tak buat pun lagi. Nanti please buat after PKP and bagi i makan tau!

  7. Nice! I not yet try the milo cake, but I've tried Dalgona. It became like my mom will do every 4 day once! ahaha ! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ramai yg share resepi and kak blm cuba lg buatnya..npk sedap2 resepi dlm ni kena cuba gak ni

  9. Kak pun teringat nak cuba buat kek Milo ni. Sedap tak? Kansk2 pasti suka kan?

  10. wow. dalgona tu belum cuba lagi, rawlins. takde fresh milk lah :(
    but but but, kek milo tu aida pernah try tau dulu. nan hado jadik nyer ha ha ha ah ha...
    tak tau mana silap nyer tau. da folo resepi sehabis folo dah.
    nak kena cuba lagi ni.
    rawlins buat boleh jadik cantik sgt tu. i have to try lah.

  11. Peeft memng kombinasi yang menakjubkan.. Air dagona dengan kek. Pergh.. Nad pun tak buat lagi air dalgona ni.. Nak buat jugala walaupun dh terlambat.. Hehehe

  12. Dalgona coffee dan kek milo memang viral sekarang ni. Selalu saja lalu dekat timeline fb. Dalgona tu dah buat juga tapi tukar milo sebab tak minum coffee. Kek milo tu saja belum try lagi. Tapi Rawlins buat memang menjadi la.

  13. amboi rajin betul dia timemco ni hahaha..macam2 dah hasil hidangan yang berjaya dibuat..lepas ni boleh masak utk aku pulak rawlins

  14. Nak cuba buat yang kek milo 3 bahan tu. Nampak senang nak buat hehehe bosan juga duduk rumah. Rawlins rajin betul time pkp ni kan

  15. Thanks for this sharing..Dalgona coffee dan kek milo memang viral sekarang ni...tgh cari resepi nasib jumpa kat sini hehe..


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