Zakat vs Sedekah

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Sedekah or Zakat?
Being a relatively new revert, I am always looking for a chance to learn new things about Islam.
May it be via reading, learning from friends and experts.

The subject of 'Zakat vs Sedekah' has always been a center of argument among my friends and I as some of us thought that it is the same thing - giving to the needy.

I have always thought that it is not the same but since I am new to the religion, I tried to seek the meanings and while researching about it, I stumbled upon this fun video featuring Ustaz Don.

There you go friends.
As explained by Ustaz Don, both Zakat and Sedekah carries different meaning and degrees of importance.

Zakat is a responsibility and will be given to the deserving eight (8) groups of people (among other is to revert to ease their journey of transition).  This eight groups are called 'asnaf'. Whereas sedekah can be considered charity act - it can be given to anyone, anytime and any amount.

Going through the channel, I realized that the videos are evolving - it changes from just a basic video sharing about ilm into a more interactive and engaging conversation, talking about important issues and aspects of a Muslim life and also about disseminating the right information to the public. The videos by PPZTV is fun! It is not your typical seminar or ceramah type of video.

So, nowadays, I will just visit PPZTV to confirm the facts about life as a new revert and if that still isn't enough, I will head on the nearest Pusat Islam for further clarification.

Don't bring your doubts to the social media (especially FB and Twitter) as there are thousands of bogus 'guru agama' and millions more that are just keyboard warriors who love the 5-second fame. You will not get answers - you will become even more confuse afterwards. So, better go straight to the experts about the religion.

Rawlins GLAM

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  1. Td on da way datg kerja dgr radio pon sebut pasal zakat nii..good sharing

  2. thanks for your concerned about zakat and sedekah. good sharing and good info for muslim because people nowadays they cannot differentiate between wajib and sunat.

  3. Zakat dan Sedekah 2 perkara yang berbeza. zakat wajib, sedekah tu sunat. yang ni kalau orang islam tak tahu beza juga tak tahu lah nak kata apa lagi ish...ish...


  4. bstul.. zakat dan sedekah adalah berbeza. ramai masih x faham akan sunat dan wajib..

    goos sharing for everyone bro. masoh ramai keliru..

  5. Bagus lah video ni banyak unsur nasihata dan ilmu serta ada humor dalamnya patut perbanyakan video macam ni dikalangan anak muda bukan buat video viral tak tentu arah tu ehhhhh

  6. wah bagusnya info ni....nice sharing..betul tu kena bezakan antara zakat dan sedekah..

  7. Bagus dah ada PPZTV ni..boleh jadikan sumber rujukan..

  8. pendekatan dengan sedikit kelainan dari pihak zakat. tahniah..!!!

  9. Suka tengok video ceramah ustaz don. Mudah difahami dan memberi manfaat. Seronok dengar topik sedekah dan zakat

  10. Thanks for sharing. Memang ilmu yang bagus untuk kita semua amalkan.

  11. Nice sharing. Pendekatan yang lain dari yg lain. Semoga kita semua sentiasa dalam keberkatanNya

  12. Great sharing! memang tak ramai tahu pasal ni and sgt confuse.

  13. As a non-Muslim, I never gave this much thought and had always thought that they are one and the same. Thanks for explaining.


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