Guys Wanna Have Fun Too!

Althea Homme Box
Nowadays, homme care is a big industry as guys all over the world are getting more cautious about their looks and appearance.
Hence, when Althea Korea introduces Homme Box, I was among the first to get it! The items inside the decorative Christmas blue box are a must have for all guys!
What is inside it?

Mise en Scene Power Swing Max Hard M9 
  • I am currently head over heels over this amazing hair wax because it does things to my hair, unlike any other hair wax.
  • It is not sticky.
  • Rinses off easily - at the very first wash too! Unlike others which you have to wash the hair half a dozen of times before it is finally off of the hair.
  • Stays throughout the day - even when I accidentally fall asleep, the style stays!
Get rid of that ugly black heads!
Black Kill 3 Step Nose Pack
  • My very first encounter with a blackhead strip that literally opens up and closes the pores! 
  • The strips feel gentle on the nose.
  • It works! There were so many black heads and white heads on my nose! Ewww!
No shaving video - I am hairless like that hahaha
Innisfree Blackberry Energizing Cleanser and Shave
  • I have very sensitive skin and NEED to be choosy of what I use on my face.
  • The cleanser does not feel hard on the skin - it does not dry the skin after usage.
  • It feels gentle on the skin too.
  • After 3 days of using it, I am so glad that nothing bad happens to my face, except that my face is less oily now. Yahoo!

Innisfree Blackberry Energizing Toner
  • I must admit that I am lazy to apply toner to the face but since my age is catching up with me, I need all that extra help to sustain and improve my skin and health.
  • One very big difference that I felt after using it, my skin feels like bubble gum after applying it to the face and the moisturiser spreads on evenly on the face too.
  • Let's pray together for forever youth!

Innisfree Blackberry Lotion
  • My work requires me to stay in the office most of the time and with the air-condition switch on the whole time too.
  • Prolonged stay in an air-conditioned room makes your skin dry and in my case, could be scaly too.
  • Thus, having this lotion helps me to maintain the moisture in my skin during the office hour.
  • The smell is amazing too - refreshing and not strong.
  • It permeates almost instantly and no sticky feeling too, unlike some other lotion that has that stickiness after application.
Do not be afraid of the sun anymore
Secret Key Wolf Guy Perfect Sun Screen
  • Yeay. Now I can enjoy the outdoor activities more.
  • It does not smell and no stickiness too!
Guys, with Homme Box, you do not have to think about any other products to have around. 
And it is travel-friendly too!

Where to get it?
Just visit here  - there is a 60% discount now []

Haiqal Rawlins

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  1. Thank you for proving that it is ok for guys to take care of their skins too...!

  2. never meet guys alert on his skin before..

    1. Maybe not in front of you but guys do take care of their skin too hehehe

  3. cutenya Rawlins demo pakai product!

  4. Waaa now even Althea Korea have guy product! Need to check it out and get some products for my bf XDD

  5. agree that guys will have fun too.
    I need tell my man be more often using skincare :D, its good for skin

  6. A BIG WOW! Althea Korea for Men! I think only Althea Korea can do it right :) Thumbs up for your review. Boyfriends should read this post.

  7. Finally something for the men!!! You have such an interesting review presentation and the last item, the sunscreen looks so different from the usual sunscreen!

  8. No wonder youre looking even more handsome'er. haha. Happy to know that Althea has a box for men too!

  9. You look so cute.. hehe...good demo!!!

  10. How wonderful that Althea is taking care of guys as well. Wonderful beauty box you procured. If I had a special someone, I would get it for him too.

  11. hahaha cute gif! i see that you got the box too :P

  12. looking super confident and good looking with the althea products.... you rock

  13. yes ... finally something for men ^^ smile pls ....

  14. Love the Gifs you made for the products! And oh would love to try the pore strips! My nunber 1 enemy would be my blackheads and so far no strips worked..

  15. Althea is so nice to consider for the guy too. I hope my man use them but he is too lazy lol


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