Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice [Movie Review]

Dark poster - representing the movie?
I bet almost all of us have watched Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.
And I know that we have all read about the reviews of the movie - a variety of mixed reviews about the movie.

You might call me out on this as I am an avid worshipper of any superhero/ meta-human movies.
I actually like the movie - not LOVING it but quite enough to LIKE it.
Power outage originated from Zod
To me, the movie shows the human side of all the superheroes  - Batman, Superman, and even Wonder Woman. After all, they are human/ alien living with the human so they have the human instincts inside them that react to incidents. They have fears and dreams too.

What about the dreams and fears? 
We all have our fears and dreams. 
Can aliens not dream?
Are aliens fearless? 

Batman grew older with such immense vengeance and hatred towards Superman as Superman destroyed 'his' town and 'killed' his colleagues (his colleagues' fault for not evacuating the building when there was a huge alien spaceship attacking the town). It is always easier to find a scapegoat.
Will Batman defeat Superman?
Superman succumbed to his human feeling - AFRAID - when his mother was threatened by Lex Luthor. He couldn't afford to lose another parent for being reckless so he begged.
Beautiful Wonder Woman -eh - Powerful Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman tried to run away from the world, as she did 100 years ago, as to not get involved with the world again. It is human nature - if you cannot fight it, run from it. We all know that Wonder Woman is incredibly strong, but that does not mean that she could use her strength to calm the ruckus.
Amazing act but might have overdone it
Lex Luthor is on the verge of becoming Joker - Jesse Eisenberg might have overdone his acting but Lex is very convincing as a villain. And he also gave in into his darker side just to gain power - like some people we all know.
The mutated resurrected Zod
Towards the end of the movie, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman joined forces to kill Zod and ended up killing Superman. 

Superman died????

Plot: 4.5/ 5.0. I like the plot and the twist of the movie. The dreams, and the fears made the plot understandable.

The Act: 4.5/ 5.0. I LOVE Wonder Woman. Superman is very emotional throughout the movie (as he should be as his mother's life is at stake). Batman is very dark (remember: he is full of hatred). Lex Luthor is lunatic! All actors delivered - some might overdo his part but still entertaining.

Will I Watch It Again: I do not mind watching it again, also will buy the DVD. 

Haiqal Rawlins
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  1. I heard lots of nice review for this movie.. Hope can catch it in cinema!

  2. wa looks like best nya! I wanna watch it soon too

  3. I haven't watch it yet. After reading your review, I shld get my ticket now.

  4. i watched it on the very first day it is on cinema. and i like it! Plus, the superheroine is super hot! :P

  5. Arrgghhhh you let the cat out of the bag!!!!! hahaha but yes, the movie is reasonably good...

  6. watched it, felt it lacked something.. kind of disappointed, but overall ok la.

  7. Watched this movie, the front part was a bit boring to me, I prefer the fighting part :)

  8. not yet watch the movie , maybe should go with my mama

  9. I watched it too, I think its below my expectation. However the wonder women is really hot.

  10. i ahve watch this but i feel really confuse at first but later on it turns better...


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