Don't Breathe [Movie Review]

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After reading a few reviews online about Don't Breathe, I was so excited to watch the movie myself.
Just Do Not Breathe!
So, here goes - a story about "Crime Always Pay"

Three young delinquents make a living by breaking into houses that were secured using Alex's father's security company and selling off the goods to a trade person. Feeling short-changed, Money told the person his feeling and was given a tip about an army veteran living in an abandoned neighbourhood with a saving of at least USD300,000 in his house - a settlement given to him after a young girl killed his daughter in an accident.
Please do not make a sound. My mum will know that you guys are here.
After staking out, they learnt that the old man was blind - which kind of concluded their resolve to break into the Blind Man's house. Rocky broke into the house via a bathroom window and let the other two in. After ransacking the ground floor and found a locked door, they assumed that the money must be hidden behind the door. Unable to pick the lock, Money shoots the lock and wakes the Blind Man.
Are we going to do this?
The Blind Man masterfully managed to disarm Money and murder him with his own gun. All these happen while Rocky standing nearby, making no sound at all. Alex has left the scene earlier but decided to check the situation when he heard the gunshot.
Ok sir. I will put back your gnome in your garden
Rocky hid in the closet and saw the Blind Man opened the safe in the closet to check the content. Satisfied that the money was untouched, the Blind Man locked the safe and went to the front door to lock the door. All this while, he assumed that Money was alone.
I tried not to look inside the closet - the fashion are terrible!
Alex found Rocky in the closet. Rocky opened the safe and emptied the content of almost USD1 million.

The Blind Man found Rocky's shoes along with Money's when he locked the front door.

Alex and Rocky evaded the Blind Man and ran down the basement where they met a gagged and chained girl. They recognised the girl as Cindy via a newspaper clipping. Cindy was the girl that killed the Blind Man's daughter but found innocent. They freed Cindy and ran towards the storm cellar door.
Is this the right way to open a door?
However, the Blind Man was already there and shot them, mistakenly killing Cindy instead. Alex and Rocky managed to evade the Blind Man who was now enraged by Cindy's death. The Blind Man switched off the light, leaving Alex and Rocky lost in the dark and at the mercy of the Blind Man's hands.
Enlarging my eyes to have that huge eyes effect 
Why is the Blind Man so angry at Cindy's death?
Will Rocky and Alex be able to leave the house safely and enjoy the cash?

Plot: 4.8/ 5.0. I thought I know how the movie ends, but how wrong I was. Expect the unexpected and be ready to be thrilled to the max.

The Act: 4.8/ 5.0. Thumbs up for all the actors! 

Will I watch it again: Yes, I do not mind getting scared again!

Haiqal Rawlins

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27 GLAM People

  1. The movie looks scary but interesting. Will ask my hubby to accompany me instead.

  2. this looks interesting but I am not sure if I will watch it or not as I am not a fan of scary stories... hahahah

  3. I watched this....and i screamed during the last part....i loved this movie!

  4. You watching this alone rawlins???? 😰😰😰 Thumbs up for your bravery!! 💪💪

  5. Definitely will have to check it out! Looks like it could be a good night at the movies!

  6. Wow, great story line, I want to watch as well :)

  7. tak tonton lagi.. mayb soon
    sinopsis mcm menarik..

  8. hmmm....... still laughing my ass off at your captions......

  9. wow another scary movie haha. the movie title so catchy...

  10. I love scary movies haha I think I'll check this out :D

  11. This movie looks great! spoiler ni haha it's okay I'm going to check this movie out myself anyway! Thanks for the great review :D

  12. Hmm..looks like another movie i can watch after the Train to Busan !

  13. I have watch it and I was shocked when the old man suddenly appear in the scene. Only the storyline too short.

  14. Always love thrillers like this! Looking forward to it.

    P.S.: I read halfway to avoid spoilers :p

  15. Your review has made me yearn to watch it! I need to check out the trailers and read more reviews.

  16. I could literally feel the anxiety from your review and my friend's words, still dare not to watch though, haha! thanks for sharing your opinion anyway

  17. i've got to catch this soon! sounds so exciting :).. luckily your review no spoilers.

  18. so good rating , must watch this movie before been take down from cinema .

  19. Wow you definitely watch alot of horror movies! I just manage to watch Train to Busan last week XD

  20. i don't watch horror or scary movie. but my husband watched this, he said this is a nice movie.

  21. I like this kind of story, will catch it with friends over the weekend :)

  22. the movie sounds thrilling and exciting! I gonna watch!

  23. thanks for ur info sharing! great post

  24. Your caption. It tickles me so hard

  25. Usually I dont watch horror movies, it too scary for me.

  26. I love this movie.. Wasn't expecting anything at first but love that good twist towards the end..


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