My very first time...

8:45 AM

Everybody has had their first time, in everything kan

Same here
My very first time was so...
How should I put it?

It was so

All of us were so content and satisfied
Not all first time should be painful and hurtful

That was how my first time was
It was my first time setting up booth at a carnival

With all my friends, we were so happy to have the opportunity to share the knowledge of what Premium Beautiful has to offer to everybody

And it was a success too

Now, enjoy our pictures manning our booth

Our very first customer,  a GUY. Yes, Premium Beautiful is for all genders and sizes
A happy customer 
Me, working my charm with visitors. And they left the booth happy.
The friends, together for success!
My cute business card

If your face are in the pictures, contact me ASAP
There's a mystery gift waiting for you!

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E-mail :
Mobile : 012-2801977

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6 GLAM People

  1. Congratsss Lins and Crews...

    x sabar nk tengok ur next booth.

  2. congratulations Haiqal! Im proud of you :)

  3. Anonymous : Thanks. Nanti singgah la ye

  4. I ada dlm pic.... Nk mystery gift!!!!! Nk 3 sbb ada 3 pics


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