1922 [Movie Review]

1922 [Movie Review] | I watched this movie when it came across the list to watch on my Netflix. And it is based on a novel by one of my favorite authors, Stephen King, I immediately decided to watch it.

But will it translate beautifully into the movie or failed like most novel-to-movie adaptations?

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1922 (2017) Trivia

  • Starring: Thomas Jane, Neal McDonough & Molly Parker
  • Director:  Zak Hilditch
  • Producer: Ross M. Dinerstein
  • Production Companies: Campfire Productions & Mist Entertainment
  • Distributed by: Netflix
  • Release date: October 20, 2017
  • Running time: 101 minutes
  • Rating: TV-MA 
  • Country: United States 
  • Language: English
  • IMDb: 6.2/ 10
  • Tomatometer: 91%
  • Metascore: 70%
  • This is Thomas Jane's third starring role in a film based on works by Stephen King. The other two are The Mist (2007) and Dreamcatcher (2003).
  • The movie is based on '1922', originally published in Stephen's 2010 collecetion of 'Full Dark, No Stars'. And the fourth of Stephen's work to be made into a movie where a corn field is prominent (The Stand, Children of the Corn and The Dark Tower). 

1922, Thriller, Horror, Crime, Netflix, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle, Movie Review by Rawlins

Wilfred lives on his farm with Arlette, his wife and Henry, their 14-year-old son. 

Arlette finds that their lives are becoming rapidly boring and the produce is not as heavy and lucrative as years before. She urges Wilfred to sell the land and move to Omaha, to live a more beautiful and glamorous life.

Arlette is a woman of strong opinions and she is not shy to say her minds out loud, to both her husband and her son.

She does not approve Henry befriending and getting a little too close to Shannon, the daughter of their neighbour's. 

Having enough of Arlette's critiques, Wilfred talks Henry to assist him in killing Arlette. 

After sharing a fake news that he agrees to sale the land, Arlette agrees that the news deserves a celebration. The family feasts and Arlette becomes too drunk that Wilfred has to bring her to her bed. On her bed, Wilfred covers her face with a pillow and Henry reluctantly holds her mother's hands from flailing and trying to push his father. Wilfred cuts Arlette's throat with a knife.

1922, Thriller, Horror, Crime, Netflix, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle, Movie Review by Rawlins

The father and son duo works together to dump the corpse into a dry well and later cleans the house of any blood mark. Wilfred also puts some of Arlette's clothes and jewelries into a luggage and dumps the luggage into the well. In order to cover the stench of the corpse that is now fed upon by rats, they kill a cow by dumping it into the well. Later they cover the well with soil.

Wilfred reports that Arlette has left home, mentioning that she has been dreaming of leaving the farm life and having a grand life in Omaha.

Not long after, Henry starts to regret his action assisting his father is killing his mother. Shannon discovers that she is pregnant with Henry's child and the parents want to put her away from Henry. Henry steals his father's car, takes Shannon and runs away to start their lives away from Omaha and the farm. 

1922, Thriller, Horror, Crime, Netflix, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle, Movie Review by Rawlins

Meanwhile, Wilfred's condition worsens. He is now drinking a lot, leaving the house's conditions worsen too. The house is infested with rats. His hand was bitten by a rat while fixing the house and he neglects to treat the wound.

Somehow, Wilfred keeps on seeing rats everywhere, and he thinks that the rats are the same rats that fed on Arlette and they are back to haunt him. 

One day, Arlette's ghost confronts him and tells him the fate of Henry and Shannon, where they have became criminals known as the 'Sweetheart Bandits'. During one of their heists, Shannon was shot, causing her to miscarry the baby and die of blood loss. Henry kills himself not long after.

What will happen to Wilfred and his dark secrets?

1922, Thriller, Horror, Crime, Netflix, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle, Movie Review by Rawlins


Plot: 4.3/ 5.0 The fact that I have read the book and I know the plot from the start. I pictured the novel differently when I read it and I would say, the movie is about 60 - 70% accurate. 

The movie starts beautifully and then it kinda plateau in the middle of the movie. 

Cast: 4.6/ 5.0 Wonderful cast. 

Will I Watch It Again: Yes, I don't mind watching it again. 

The pictures are taken from multiple sources on the Internet. Thank you.

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  1. belum pernah tengok lagi movie ni..jalan cerita macam menarik..

  2. Ok nak tengok! suka tengok cerita yang tajuk dia nombor2 tahun ni hehe. Baru je tengok 1899 haritu..

  3. im not a fans of these genre of movies.. i nak baca buku dulu if best boleh tengok movie plak hehe

  4. dah tgk movie ni.... tak pahamla perangai bapak dia tu... kenapa bunuh mak dia.. last2 ko juga yang menderita kan ,,, cerita slow... tapi kesian kat jiran dah elok2 jiran juga sengsara

  5. Tak pernah tengok lagi movie ni, tapi kalau bac apada jalan cerita dia macam menarik. Boleh masukkan dalam list ni

  6. Complicated bethol jalan cerita ni kan! But at the same time, it attracted me bah’ mcm kena tgk juga la

  7. I saw this movie too... but skip perhaps i should watch it this weekend

  8. I actually watched the movie for the same reason as you did, because it was written by my fav author.


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