Curve [Movie Review]

Curve [Movie Review] | I came to know about the movie after I viewed Jejakakaula's IGS, reviewing the movie.

So, here goes another movie recommendation.

At times, listen to your heart, there's nothing else you can do. 

Curve, Crime, Horror, Thriller, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle, Netflix


Curve (2015) Trivia
  • Starring: Julianne Hough, Lee Patterson 
  • Directed by: Iain Softley
  • Produced by: Jason Blum, Julie Yorn, Jaume Collet-Serra
  • Production companies: Blumhouse Productions, Ombra Films, LBI Entertainment
  • Distributed by: Universal Pictures
  • Release date: Jan. 19, 2016
  • Running time: 86 minutes
  • Rating: R (for violence, bloody images, language including sexual references and brief graphic nudity)
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Tomatometer: NA
  • Metascore: NA
  • IMDb: 5.5/10
  • Back in 2007 when the project was greenlit, Eva Mendes was set to star as Mallory. 
Curve, Crime, Horror, Thriller, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle, Netflix
Curve, Crime, Horror, Thriller, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle, Netflix

Mallory is driving alone to Denver to attend her wedding rehearsal. While enjoying the scenic view along the way, it seems that her heart is still not set about the marriage. Her sister, Ella knows her well that she hasn't bought her flight ticket yet, just in case she changes her mother. 

Stating her strong will, Mallory tells Ella that she is happy with her decision and will stick to marry Brad, the future husband. 

Rather than driving along the highway, she chooses to take a longer route, just to calm her nerves. Not long after, her car dies on her. And as any other horror movies go, there was no service in that area. 

A man comes up to her aid and assists her to get her car starts again. Out of courtesy and against her better judgement, she offers Christian a ride to the next town. 

What started as small talk turns weird when Christian tells her his sexual fantasy and what he would do to her. When she stops the car to let him off, he pulls a knife and asks Mallory to keep on driving to the next empty motel, where he will do things to her. 

Noticing that he is not wearing his seat belt, Mallory plunges the car down the cliff at a curve. 

When she wakes up, she realises that her leg is pinned in the seat. Whereas Christian seems to be unfazed and unhurt, gets up and walks away, leaving her in the upside-down car. 

Curve, Crime, Horror, Thriller, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle, Netflix

Alone and cold, Mallory manages to brave the night, Christian visits her the next day and mocks her by eating and drinking in front of her, before leaving her again. 

That night Mallory kills and eats a rat and drinks her own urine to survive. 

The next day, Christian visits her again and tells her that he is holding a family hostage in a cabin not far from the crash scene. He then leaves her with a saw, stating that she needs to do what it takes to survive. 

That night, heavy rain pours. Christian visits again and this time around Mallory manages to get him close enough to her. She lashes out at him with a knife and throws away his car key. 

A police car pulls up nearby and when he sees Christian by the roadside, he offers him a ride. Just as they were leaving, he thought he heard Mallory's cry for help but dismisses it as nothing. 

Will Mallory survive the ordeal?

Curve, Crime, Horror, Thriller, Movie Review by Rawlins, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle, Netflix


Plot: 3.6/5.0 Well, it is not the most original plot as I could see many references throughout the movie. But it was quite a good watch that made me stayed until the very end of the movie. 

A point to ponder 'Will you stop your car for the next hitch-hiker ever again?'

Cast: 4.3/ 5.0 They delivered their parts very well - the emotions, the craziness was great. 

Will I watch it again: I don't mind watching it again, but not in the very near future. 

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  1. I was reading your synopsis intently, hoping for a spoiler, but alas there was none. 😆 Looks like I have to go and watch the movie to know the ending.

  2. done tonton :)
    ending dia bagus sgt. padan muka!!!
    tapi, tak boleh nak taip byk2 kat sini, rawlins. karang spoilerrrr plak kat org lain :) ha ha ha ha...

  3. Alaaa kena tengok ni utk tahu ending dia. Tapi Nur rasa Mallory dapat survive kut?

  4. Alaaa kena tengok ni utk tahu ending dia. Tapi Nur rasa Mallory dapat survive kut?

  5. pernah nampak this movie while browsing netflix the other day. seems interesting, but actors tak berapa mantap. tapi storyline menarik. nanti i tengok!

  6. okay tak sempat tengok lagi. macam best je ni. walaupun pelakonnya tak berapa dikenali :)

  7. bikin suspen lah rawlins ni, bagitau ending senang takyah tengok dah cerita ni ahahaha, untuk soalan rawlins tu, nope i will never stop my car for hitch-hiker huhu

  8. Movie lama ni tapi jalan cerita dia bestlah! Orite malam ni kita cari layan citer best

  9. Cerita thriller ye ni. Suka cerite gini. Bolehla layan nanti

  10. Cerita macam ni yang buat me think twice to travel alone or not.. :) Macam my last business trip.. I was suppose to drive alone from KK to Kudat but end up I cancel it sebab takde teman..:P hahaha..

  11. Biasa plot scene macam ni awalnya mesti slow kan Rawlins? Ke okay? Nanti try tengok macam mana.. macam tertanya pulakkk kesudahannyaa tuuu...

  12. I saw this once and was like soooo bengang dgn Mallory! For me, she crashed the car was just so plain stupid ahahaha geram tau, i mean she could’ve just save herself another way adoii

  13. tak pernah perasan pula movie ni dekat netflix. baca review memang best juga lah. nak kena cari juga nanti ni. wajib tengok

  14. Akak terus tengok filem ni lepas Rawlins review. Agak slow eh memula. Sempat akak lipat kain. Tapi bila dah nak tengah sampai habis macam best pula. Aka enjoy juga tengok filem ni.

  15. thanks for your recommendation! I want to catch the movie too coz the 'leng chai leng lui' too good to be missed

  16. Wuiii.. Geram nya.. Apa gigih nau nak drive alone dekat route yg su yi2 jat amerika tu... Aiyoooo

  17. Jalan citer macam not bad sebab seriusly dah lama sangat tak layan movie . Banyak dah Rawlins share. KIta try weekend ni la .. takut takleh stop je nanti bila dah layan. hahahha

  18. Omg.. this kind of horror and survival movie i cant stand to watch coz i scared i will throw up. Will check out your next movie review.

  19. always enjoyed my read of your movie review & then the movie will be my weekend watch :D cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  20. Ok nampkanya akak tak boleh tengok cerita camni dekat rumah. Bahaya sebab ada anak2 remaja. Akak suka baca dan tengok apa yang Rawlins tulis pasal movie sebab ia membantu akak memilih samada sesuai atau tak untuk ditonton. Good Job Rawlins


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