Hold The Dark [Movie Review]

Hold The Dark [Movie Review] | I was enticed to watch this movie when I read the review. Another horror movie review coming up guys.

Hold The Dark, Drama, Action, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle


Hold The Dark (2018) Trivia
  • Directed by: Jeremy Saulnier
  • Produced by: Russell Ackerman, Eva Maria Daniels, Neil Kopp, Anish Savjani, John Schoenfelder
  • Production companies: Addictive Pictures, VisionChaos Productions, FilmScience
  • Distributed by: Netflix
  • Release date: September 28, 2018
  • Running time: 125 minutes
  • The film was shot in 61 days in Alberta, Canada
  • A bison was seen in the early part of the movie. But bison has actually been extinct for more than 100 years. 
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Tomatometer: 70%
  • Metascore: 63%
  • IMDb: 5.6/10
Hold The Dark, Drama, Action, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

Russell is being summoned by Medora to the village of Keelut, Alaska when her 6-year-old son, Bailey was believed to have been killed by wolves. It was the fourth case of wolf-killing. Russell was summoned because he is a writer that studies wolf behavior and Medora believes that Russell will be able to find Bailey.

Medora shares all the details of the incident with Russell but Russell thinks that those are not the normal  behavior of wolves. 

Meahwhile, Medora's husband, Vernon who is in Iraq, has to be brought home after he was shot in an ambush. 

Hold The Dark, Drama, Action, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle
Hold The Dark, Drama, Action, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

Meanwhile, while looking for the boy, Russell meets an old woman, Illanaq who tells him that he is looking at wrong way and he should be focusing on Medora. He then returns to Medora's house to find that Medora is missing. When he finds Bailey's frozen and strangled body in the cellar, he cries for help. The villagers tell him that Medora is possessed by a wolf-demon called tournaq that made her killed Bailey.

Vernon arrives at the airport and was brought to the morgue, where he kills the officers and the coroners before taking Bailey's body into the wood where he buries the body in the snow. 

Hold The Dark, Drama, Action, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle

Realising that Vernon might have something to do with the death of his boy, Russell returns to the village only to find Illanaq dead. The police questions Vernon's friend, Cheeon about his whereabouts. Without actually telling them anything, Cheeon starts to open-fire on everyone before he was killed. 

While looking for Medora, Vernon meets John, an elderly hunter who has treated him with wolf-oil when he was a child. He kills John and runs out of the place. An innkeeper fires on him and manages to hurt him.

Will Russell be able to solve the case? 

Hold The Dark, Drama, Action, Thriller, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle


Plot: 4.3/ 5.0 It was eerie in the beginning. And there are gory scenes. It gets more twisted as the movie goes on. 

Cast: 4.0/ 5.0 Great performance from the cast. 

Will I watch it again: I most probably will. 

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  1. When the werewolf game turns to movie. This is what it became 😂

  2. Not my kind of genre, but might watch it as I'm intrigued by the Arctic region. And I think wolves are majestic creatures, although I wouldn't want to encounter one in real life!

  3. interesting to read about your review. since you said you might watch it again, i guess i can muster up my courage and give this horror movie a try!

  4. Macam seramlah cerita ni. Yapi jalan cerita tetap best dan menarik

  5. Mouse mommy cannot watch horror movie alone, must be accompany by my hubby, sure nightmares after watching.

  6. Alamak citer seram! Kak nina ni penakut tapi baca cam best jalan citernya. Krna ajak husband tonton sama laaa nanti

  7. Anak Sis uka le cite kalau ada serigala gini, sebelum ni ada dia tengok satu cite, pun ada serigala juga, Sis lupa tajuknya.. ni pun jejangan dia dah tengok, nanti Sis tanya dia..

  8. Best sangat, ruby dah tengok sabtu lepas. Sebab Rawlins rekemen ni lah. heheehhe. Next cerita apa lagi Rawlins?

  9. Jln cerita mcm best.. Nnt nk cari.. Cerita psal artik2 ni.. Teringat negara yg sekarang tgh bergelap n got no light for 3 or 4 months like dat per year tu...

  10. Baca sinopsis je dah pening. Haha. Maybe kalau tengok terus macam tertanya2. Tapi kalau seram macam ni memang tak tengok sorang. Hehe

  11. the storyline seems interesting. would love to watch this movie someday whenever i had the time. thanks for the recommendation.

  12. Cerita seram memang kurang sikit ni. Takut tau mouse mommy ni!


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