PDZ Attracts Malaysia's Billionaire Tycoon

PDZ Attracts Malaysia's Billionaire Tycoon | In my previous post about PDZ's current RM600 million contract with top China e-commerce operator has certainly got some attention from my readers. Thanks for your interest - all this information on the stock are tips. Some were very intrigued about the tips and a few even DMed and messaged me to know more about the story. It was all tips guys, so do trade with caution ok.
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Here's another tips/ story about PDZ that I've received and I think worth sharing. Somehow, the market is buzzing that a certain Malaysian prominent businessman and among the richest man in Malaysia has set his eyes on PDZ and even thinking of acquiring a substantial stake in the shipping and logistics company. 

The story came after PDZ's largest shareholder, Pelaburan Mara Bhd had disposed of its entire shareholding of 50.62 million shares (5.71%). The disposal didn't affect the counter much as the investors were unfazed by Mara's decision to exit PDZ. PDZ rose to 23 sen on July 9 in early trade and it was the most actively traded counter across the local bourse. Last month, the stock were trading a low of 5 sen only. 

So, who is the businessman that was said to be eyeing a controlling stake in PDZ? Talk has it that Malaysia's billionaire tycoon, Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary could be interested in PDZ and is looking at a synergistic value between the company and MMC, which could help to widen his business empire.  MMC Corp Bhd is involved in ports, logistics, construction, and engineering.
PDZ Holdings Bhd, Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, Stock Exchange, Amazon, BSKL, Economy, Business, Rawlins Lifestyle, Rawlins GLAM
Some think the substantial stake will pave the way for an asset injection exercise. When Syed Mokhtar takes a substantial stake in a company, asset injection is a strategy the tycoon is well known for.

So when there is news that he is taking a substantial stake in a public-listed company, one should jump into getting the stock.

Again, trade with caution, guys. Acquiring the company is a good move considering PDZ's growing business potential and the company garnering the interest of local and foreign investors. The interest started to snowball when PDZ won an RM600 million logistics contract from an e-commerce platform operator in China. After which, the company also attracted a global fund from the United States, or a US-based e-commerce platform provider (your guess is as good as mine on the platform but some names that come up are Amazon and eBay).

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  1. Takut juga nak trade ni. Takde ilmu. Tapi yang pandai buat trade ni masyukkk

  2. First time knowing PDZ in trading world. And yes always be careful and take necessary precaution when investing as well trading. Read more and try to see the financial record beforehand.

  3. Geng Sis ramai gak cuba main saham gini tau, ada yang memang bawak tuah lerr, naik gile menjual dan membeli...tapi tu le risiko tetap ada, kena yakin...Rawlins dah cuba ke?

  4. I do agree that if anyone would be interested to do some trading (stocks), it has to be done with caution (intelligently)... first thing first, make some research and learn on how to do it from a correct platform or sifu...

  5. ada tengok anak sedara pandai bab trade ni.. memang masyuk je tengok.. dia memang bijak bab-bab camni.. tapi TB tak berani lagi nak mencuba..

  6. The Technical & Fundamental analysis are the most important things to know before buying/selling..whatever it is, trade with caution hehe

  7. Moga yang involve terus sukses sebab dengarnya bukan mudah jugak nak handle. Tapi bila dah ada ilmu .. kejayaan menanti

  8. Hi rawlins. Love your writing.
    May I know how to reach you?

  9. Minat juga trade ni tapi kena banyak belajar dan kumpul ilmu kalau tak membazir je nanti kan


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