Mlabs Ventures Into Healthcare and Glove Manufacturing

Mlabs Ventures Into Healthcare and Glove Manufacturing | It seems that healthcare and glove manufacturing are booming now. And any companies that are related to either one, will certainly booming too. As such, it seems that venturing/ diversifying into new business is rather lucrative to support growth. It has been looking at several things to do like working closely with property developers to offer its solutions.
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A confirmed talk about Mlabs System Berhad that it is following the bandwagon of diversifying its business. When the opportunity knocked on its door to venture into glove manufacturing and have a share in healthcare, the company did not hesitate. The company was approached right after the MCO was implemented in March this year because of the rising Covid-19 cases and in a heartbeat, Mlabs undertook a study to determine how best it could work with the potential collaborator and found the results promising. 

Trivia About Mlabs System Bhd

Mlabs Systems Berhad was founded following the success of a software development project which began in 1992 in University Sains Malaysia. In 1997 Multimedia Research Lab Sdn Bhd (MLABS) was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in Malaysia to carry out on-going research, development and marketing activities for this software. Over the years with recurring success, the company was listed in Malaysian Stock Exchange under MESDAQ counter in August 2005. Multimedia Research Lab Sdn Bhd then became a fully owned subsidiary of Mlabs Systems Berhad.

Today Mlabs is a multi-million dollar entity that is set to become a global technology player. Mlabs has also heavily invested in new technology and solutions, with several upcoming ground-breaking solutions which is set to change the marketplace.

That is the reason why there has been strong interest in the stock. Mlabs has traded actively for over a month now rising from 2 sen to trade around 4.5 sen to 5 sen today. Some 40 million shares traded today. The stock is relatively cheap. The company has no borrowings or debt securities as at March 31, 2020 so this makes it rather interesting to look at.
Mlabs System Berhad, glove manufacturing, healthcare, Covid-19, Stock exchange, BSKL, business, economy, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle
The company has also announced a private placement of up to 267.4 million new ordinary shares, representing 30 per cent of the total number of issued shares in the company, to independent third-party investors to be identified later. In a filing with Bursa recently, Mlabs said that based on an illustrative issue price of RM0.0243 per placement share, the gross proceeds to be raised from the proposed private placement will be utilised for working capital, among others. While Mlabs may not raise much cash from this private placement, it sure has the capacity to do so.

With its glove and healthcare venture, Mlabs can generate additional cash by issuing news shares in the company. Mlabs is developing its business progressively and it could easily raise more money to accelerate growth in the company. 

Need more reasons to trust in Mlabs? 
In April, Mlabs said it had signed a collaboration agreement with Ipharmarecare (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd which will provide the company an opportunity to expand its solution into the pharmaceutical industry throughout Southeast Asia, including Malaysia. With the current partnerships, Mlabs will provide its video-conferencing products to Ipharmacare to complement the latter's online pharmaceutical platform. Ipharmacare in turn will promote Mlab products, including video conferencing systems, messaging systems and network solutions, to its platform users and/or independent pharmacies.
Mlabs System Berhad, glove manufacturing, healthcare, Covid-19, Stock exchange, BSKL, business, economy, Rawlins GLAM, Rawlins Lifestyle
That's a pretty great partnerships going on for Mlabs. And considering that the stock is relatively cheap, don't you think it is the best time to buy the stock? 

Again, trade with caution, guys. 
This is just me sharing some tips about which companies are making great collaborations and showing some great trajectory. 

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