Anzo Is Spreading Its Wings Bigger

Anzo Is Spreading Its Wings Bigger | It seems that Anzo Holdings Bhd is really moving forward, fast. Just earlier this week I shared about Anzo Holdings Berhad is in the making of history. And now,  it is believed that Anzo Holdings Bhd is in the process of buying a glove manufacturing company in Selangor for about RM50 million. That's another achievement to be added to its accomplishment. 
It is understood, Anzo is buying the company as it owns a factory that is capable to produce over one billion pieces of nitrile gloves or medical gloves a year. From this acquirement, Anzo will derive a revenue of over RM400 million a year from selling the gloves.

As the world demand of good quality gloves are in the rise, with the current global market price of nitrile gloves, and if we take the highest price of USD75 for every 1,000 pieces, Anzo will definitely make a handsome profit. I'm sure at least hundreds of millions in terms of profit is awaiting Anzo if the deal is successful.

This is very good news for the Malaysian market which has been depressed since the beginning of this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Anzo is one of a few companies that is listed on Bursa Malaysia which has been making news for all the right reasons. The timber and property development company have been looking to diversify its income stream to mitigate any shortfall in earnings as the market for property development activities is rather slow currently.
Anzo Holdings Berhads, business, Economy, Rawlins GLAM, Stock Exchange, Trades
Anzo Holdings Berhads, business, Economy, Rawlins GLAM, Stock Exchange, Trades
Last week Anzo announced that CSTME Resources Sdn Bhd, which has an AP (approved permit) license has emerged as a substantial shareholder in the company with an 11.621 percent stake and  that it had secured an RM1.3 billion deal to supply copper scrap to a South Korean group. CSTME, incorporated in 2014, is one of the major importer and exporter of non-ferrous materials in Malaysia which specialized mainly in copper products.

Anzo is expected to have guaranteed payment over 40 months, which is the duration of the contract with the Korean group. This will augur well for the company to perform better. Hopefully, by the time the contract ends within the next three years, Anzo would have secured a new contract or it may also possibly extend the contract with the South Korean group. 

Last week Anzo, its subsidiaries, and CSTME inked an agreement to supply copper scrap to the South Korean group. CSTME agreed to buy birch/cliff copper scrap or berry/candy copper scrap from Anzo over 40 months.

Anzo told the stock exchange it will supply up to 60,000 metric tonnes of copper scrap to CSTME at RM23,000 per metric tonne during the contract period. CSTME said it will buy the products from Anzo and export them to South Korea, effective July 1.

Anzo said this deal is expected to strengthen its trading business for sustainable earnings in a long period. The deal will also create business opportunities in the international export market for Anzo, which has been looking to diversify its income stream as its current business that includes property development has not been doing so well because of weak market conditions.

All this good news should explain why the stock has been active. 

And all these achievements are good indications that the economy and the world is moving forward healthily and hopefully, free of Covid-19 soon so that the world could function as before.

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  1. masa penularan wabak COVID-19 ni memang sangat diperlukan glove medical, satu langkah yang bagus untuk ANZO beli kilang tu..moga lebih sukses pada masa akan datang...

  2. Sarung tangan ni, kalau tak covid19 pun memang diperlukan, lagi kalau dah tgh keadaan sekarang, berlipat ganda laa dia punya permintaan, tak mustahil besar kilang, bursa saham dia pun melambung kann..

  3. thanks for sharing this. sarung tangan ni mmg femes la ritu masa covid. so okay la kan utk ANZO.

  4. Permintaan tinggi memandangkan kita semua pakai sbb covid19 ni kan. Memang femes la anzo gloves ni.. Anyways thanks for sharing this

  5. Glove medical memang selalu diperlukan. Lagi la sekarang tengah covid. Memang banyak permintaan. Selain dapat bantu ekonomi negara, saham pun melonjak. Ramai la yang akan beli saham anzo ni

  6. Memang bagus lah ada Glove medical ni. Lagi-lagi di waktu sekarang ni,
    penularan covid19. Kita masih belum berada dalam keadaan fully zero kan...? Kita jaga kita.


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